Written by wildchildtammy

18 Mar 2014

I was quite surprised after my afternoon at Andre and Sandy- I knew that they had an “open’ marriage, but I had no idea HOW open it was- swopping partners with your brother-in-law can’t be that common! But it was fun, even though I did not really enjoy Paul all that much- I was too worried about getting hurt by his cock.

Like a good girl, I phoned a day later to say thank you for the braai- and the rest! Andre answered, and we chatted a bit about general things. Then he said there was something he wanted to talk to me about, but he was busy and would call back. I thought it was about Paul- maybe he wanted to try again!

A day later Andre phoned while I was in the bath. He chatted a bit, and then said that Sandy had really enjoyed it that I was there.

I said I had also enjoyed the day.

“No”, he said, “you don’t understand- she enjoyed YOU being there”

“Meaning”? I said

“Meaning she is besotted with you! She can’t stop talking about you, your body, what you looked like with Paul, your boobs and so on” he said, “she fantasises about you and her together!”

Wow. I knew Sandy was adventurous, but I had no idea she was into girls as well!

‘Is she bi? ” I asked Andre

‘Not really” he said.” We have played a few times with couples, and she played with the girl each time, but not doing very much. This is the first time I have seen her so excited about a girl”

We chatted some more, and then said goodbye.

I thought about what he had said- Sandy was a nice person, and had a fantastic figure, but I would not have thought of her as bi- she seemed so into guys all the time. I could not remember whether I had talked about my GF Gabi to her or not- Andre knew about her, but I was not sure about Sandy, and he had not said whether he had told her or not.

The next day, last Wednesday, he phone again to ask if I wanted to join them for a light dinner and a movie on Saturday night.

No mention of other people, nor of Sandy. I said I would love to.

Saturday afternoon I went to the Beauty Salon, had a facial and a full wax- legs, arms, Hollywood -pussy, so I was sleek and smooooth all over! I was not sure what was going to happen, or who would be there, but I wanted to be prepared anyway!

I selected a pretty red skirt with gold embroidery, a white blouse and nice red sandals. My Victoria’s Secret lace bra and matching lace thong completed the outfit.

I arrived at 6 pm. No other cars in the driveway. Parked and went to the door.

Sandy opened the door- she looked amazing! She had a VERY short white skirt on, with a floral mans-style shirt, open at the top and tied at the waist. At a glance I could see that she was not wearing a bra, and her nipples were pointing straight at me, her boobs moving under the shirt as she turned. VERY nice indeed. This was going to be an interesting evening it seemed.

I was not sure what Andre had said to her, as I has not committed to anything, or said I was interested in her, when he phoned, and I was therefore not sure what she expected of me. I did not want to make a fool of myself, so I decided to let her make the first move, if at all.

We were sitting in the lounge when the doorbell rang. I half expected to see Paul walk in, but Andre came back with a petite blonde girl, who he introduced as Taylor, a friend of Sandy’s from where she used to work.

Taylor was a knock-out! She is TINY, takes me up to my shoulder! with blonde hair, a doll-like face and the longest natural eyelashes I have ever seen ( I asked- that how I know they are genuine!) She looks much younger me, although it turns out she is actually 25- she could pass for 17 any day of the week!

She was wearing white shorts- very short shorts, and very tight, and a halter-neck sleeveless top. Although she was so tiny, she seemed to have nice boobs, but in proportion to her size.

We sat and talked, and they all had some white wine. (Well, quite a lot of white wine, truth be told!)

The maid came to say that dinner was ready, so we went through to the dining room, had dinner, more wine for them, and then went to Andre’s home theatre to watch the movie- he has a fantastic home theatre- a huge screen, with a projector, surround sound, and the thickest-pile carpeting you can imagine and heavy black-out curtains. Leather Italian recliner couches in a big curve from Chateau d’Ax complete the set-up.

Andre sat at one end of the curved couch, with Taylor next to him, then Sandy, then me on the other end. Andre turned the lights lower, and the movie started. Just as it started he said to us, (to me?) that he hoped I did not mind, but the movie was quite “raunchy”.

Well, call it what you like, but porn is porn, and that’s what it was! Ok it had a story line, but not much of one. It was however a very well-made movie, with beautiful people as actors/actresses, so it was nice, and I like porn anyway if it is good and this was.

I was chilling, watching the movie and getting quite horny to be honest, as I do when I watch porn. I was aware of Sandy next to me, and the choice of film, after Andre’s comment about her, did not go unnoticed!

When I glanced at Sandy, she seemed almost in a trance, watching the porn and looking at Andre every so often.

Taylor had sat quite close to Andre, and when I looked more closely, I could see her moving her hips slightly. He had his hand between her legs, and looked like he had a finger under them, and maybe in her pussy.

I looked again at Sandy- she was certainly aware of where Andre’s hand was, and seemed fine with it. As I watched, Taylor opened her legs a little, and put one hand under her top, playing with her nipples. Her hand had lifted her top, and her boobs were now visible. They were so cute- quite big for a girl her size, very firm looking, and slightly up-turned.

Andre unzipped the front of Taylor’s shorts, and slid his hand down the front, clearly now with his fingers in her!

While his left hand was busy there his right hand was on his cock, moving up and down.

Sandy was now alternating between watching them and the movie, her mouth a little open. She had rested her hand on her leg, and now moved it under her short skirt, where it looked like she was playing with herself a bit. Sitting next to her, I could see her nipples clearly- very hard, and sticking out against the fabric of her blouse.

I figured what the hell,- and put my hand on her leg. She froze for a second, and then parted her legs a bit. I moved her hand out of the way, and ran my hand up her thigh till I felt her panties- the girl was soaking wet! Not only her panties, but her upper thighs were already slippery- she must have been playing with herself for quite a while before I noticed!

I slid my hand under her panties, and felt her very wet and swollen-lipped cunt. She, like me, was fully waxed, and my fingers slid right in, deep into her. She pushed against my hand as I moved my fingers in and out, feeling for her clit.

I leaned forward and opened her shirt. Her boobs were very firm from the boob job, but nicely so. I put first one, then the other nipple in my mouth, sucking and licking. She put her head back, closed her eyes, and put one hand on my thigh, just under my skirt.

I looked up to see what Andre and Taylor were up to. Andre had his shorts off, and Taylor was kneeling between his legs, his cock in her little mouth, her head bobbing up and down. She had taken off all her clothes, and the cutest little bum faced me, with her long blonde hair falling forward as she sucked his cock.

Sandy was moving hard against my hand by now, and she seemed very aroused, moaning quietly, and getting extremely wet! I was very aroused also, although I had not really done anything to myself yet. I guess the sound of the porn, tiny Taylor with Andre’s cock in her mouth, and Sandy’s soaking cunt made me aroused all on their own.

Sandy suddenly, without warning, moved my hand out of her pussy, slid off the couch, kneeled in front of me, opened my legs and put her face against my cunt. She pulled my thighs aside, and before I knew it, her tongue was deep inside me, thrusting and licking frantically. I fell back, and just enjoyed the sensation. She had her whole face pressed hard against my cunt, her whole mouth open against my cunt. My legs were spread wide open, as far as they would go.

Sandy put her hands under my bum, and pulled my bum-cheeks a bit apart. Her finger searched for my hole, found it, and slid into it a little.

With her face and mouth in my cunt, and her finger in my bum, it was not going to take me long to cum!

I looked across at Taylor- she had climbed onto Andre’s lap, slid his cock into her, and was riding him hard, bouncing up and down at a rate! Her boobs were in his face, and his mouth grabbed at a nipple each time they came in range.

I sat up, and pushed Sandy gently backward onto the tick-pile carpet, on her back.

I slid down, opened her legs and licked her pussy- she has also not had kids, and her cunt is a beautiful tight slit, with quite a prominent mound. I heard Taylor start to cry out in little squeals, and I heard Andre grunting repeatedly as he pounded in her.

That was all Sandy needed- she grabbed my head and forced it against her cunt, so my mouth was hard against her lips.

I ground my mouth against her cunt, using my mouth, my chin, my teeth- and she came with a long shudder, with lots of juice flowing out- more and more as I kept going, she was shaking and trembling as she came.

I thought I was going to drown, when she finally stopped!

I sat back, exhausted. Sandy lay there, wetness dripping down her thighs onto the carpet.

After a while of resting, Taylor came over to us. She had a little runway- trimmed pussy, with light brown hair and very swollen pussy-lips.

Andre also came over, his cock still very hard, and a nice size.

Sandy crawled closer to me and whispered “is it ok if Andre fucks you? You can say no if it feels wrong to you”.

(Remember that Andre and I know each other from childhood days, and I have never played with him, or in fact seen his cock properly)

I asked her if she feels ok with it – she said yes, she wanted to see him fuck me.

I sat up, and reached out to Andre’s leg, pulling him to me. He came closer, and I kneeled, taking his cock in my mouth. I could taste Taylor on his cock- a musky, sweet taste, rather nice in fact.

He has a nice cock, quite thick and straight, and very hard and erect.

I took his cock out after a while, and pulled him down to me. I lay on my back, and opened my legs. He lay down on top of me, and I guided his cock into me. It did feel a little odd, fucking Andre, but I was so horny that I did not care too much.

He was good, and found the rhythm I like, grinding his pubic bone into me at each thrust. I got wetter and wetter, my cunt making slurping sounds, and I felt myself starting to cum.

I grabbed at his bum and pulled him hard into me- he fucked faster, thrusting as hard as he could.

I started cumming, pulling at him. As I came, I heard him beginning to cum also.

He almost paused for a second, and then I felt his cum shooting inside my cunt, squirt after squirt as he thrust, feeling like it was filling me.

When he had finished he lay on me, kissing my boobs and my face. Sandy had been sitting next to us, her hand between her spread legs, and fingers deep in her cunt, masturbating furiously. She seemed to have cum around the time I did, because she sat back gasping as Andre rolled off me.

I felt Andre’s cum leaking out of my cunt. I got up, went to the bathroom, and wiped it off. Taylor came in we cleaned up together.

Later we got more or less dressed- well Andre did, and the girls just put bottoms on and stayed topless for fun, to tease Andre into more fucking!

We did not get to see much of the movie, but I guess we can always arrange another night!