15 Sep 2017


Many of you will have read about my friend Carol by now. (See diaries 25/7/17 and 11/5/2017)

To summarise, Carol is a stunning (natural) red-head, in her early 50’s although she looks easily 10 years younger, and we gym together.

Quite a while ago, after she found out that I was bi-sexual, she wanted to experiment, so we made love. She enjoyed it, and we often played around when we met. Her husband, Mark, did not know about this.

She also knew about my swinging lifestyle, although she had not really ever done it.

When Mark found out about Carol and me, and about my swinging, he was intrigued.

To cut a long story short, they wanted to try swopping, so Simon and I played with them.

The next item was a huge surprise - Carol wanted to try a gang-bang! I was blown away - I never expected that! We arranged it, and she seemed to like the once-off experience, but I don’t think it is something she would do again - it was just fulfilling a fantasy.

I also have not pushed her to try swinging in general- it’s up to her (them) what they want to do - I am not ‘’selling ‘’ it to anyone.

Last week after gym, Carol said that they had met a couple who was also into swopping, but who had never done more than just one other couple, and who wanted to try a small swinging party. Would Simon and I join them?

I spoke to Simon, and we agreed a date for last weekend.

I didn’t know anything about the other couple, and when I gymed with Carol during the week I asked her who they are and where they met.

She told me that the couple was quite a lot younger than Carol and Mark, more my sort of age (30) and that’s why she thought I might be interested. They met at a friend’s house where a group of them were watching rugby. After the rugby, the guys, who had by then had a fair amount to drink, wanted to watch porn! Amidst much laughter and some background ‘’sexual tension’’ everyone agreed, and about 10 of them sat down, beers and shooters in hand, to watch whatever porn the host had.

Carol was sitting next to a younger woman, who seemed to be enjoying the porn. During the movie, there was a scene involving wife-swopping. The woman said, slightly tipsy, that she and her boyfriend had done that once. So, Carol said, "so have she and Mark’’.

"But’’, said the woman ‘’we always wanted to try with maybe a few couples, but we have no idea where or how to arrange it.’’

Carol though about this a while, and then, after speaking to Mark during a drinks-refresh break in the movie, suggested to the woman that maybe she and her boyfriend wanted to join Carol and Mark and Simon and me for some playing one night.

At the end of the evening, after the woman had spoken to her boyfriend, she said that they would, and Carol said she would arrange it.

And so it was that last weekend Simon and I made our way to Carol's house, not too far from ours.

(Just as an aside, and because these diaries are supposed to be a sort of blog, I want to tell you that our house is now 99% complete. When we got married, Simon bought a house for us. He had a stunning penthouse apartment, but a real man-cave, which wasn’t at all what I wanted to live in. I had an apartment in Rivonia, a small 2-bed ground floor unit, and I put a tiny plunge pool in as well. Very sunny and nice.

So we looked around and found a gorgeous old house in Morningside which suited us. High ceilings, big rooms and on a large enough property. However, what Simon wanted was a fully-"electronic" house, everything wired and automated. Don’t ask me why - he just always wanted it.

Doing that in a new house is fine, you put the wiring in as you build, I suppose. Doing it in a 50-year-old existing house is another matter entirely!

Endless drilling of holes in the wall, cutting big slots in the wall for the cables, etc. etc.

But now everything is to his satisfaction, and one can control just about anything from a single tablet (from putting the kettle on, to the home theatre, to the heating/aircon, security cameras, watering system, curtains, blinds, lighting) - you name it, I can make it happen while sitting in the lounge. Still not sure why I must not open the curtains manually when I am standing in front of them, but must rather go and get the tablet so that the motors can open them, but anyway….!

Heaven help the person who one day buys this house if they are not technically-minded - they are stuffed!)

But I digress!

We arrived at Carol's house at 6 pm. I wore a very sexy halter-neck black knitted top (no bra), a gold choker with a diamond pendant and matching gold/diamond tennis bracelet, and my new Guess black distressed jeans, with quite high heels. I had my hair up-styled and fully away from my face and neck. I decided to wear my new Piaget watch which Simon bought for me on his last trip to France. I don’t often get to wear it because of the risk of mugging/theft, but to a private party it's fine I guess, although I take it off in the car on the way there and back and put it under my seat.

Carol met us in the driveway, and led us inside.

Mark was on the stoep, so we all sat there after we had got drinks, looking over their stunning garden as the sun set.

Carol had on a sheer white blouse, quite transparent, with a light-weight bra, her nipples poking through in the cooling air, and very tight blue jeans - and her bum and legs in those jeans is something else - like a teenager!

The door-bell chimed, and Mark went to answer.

He came back a few moments later, with the other couple behind him.

The young woman came onto the stoep first. And there was my first surprise...

She looked very young, younger than me (although she is in fact a year older). A very pretty, petite Coloured/Malay woman, beautiful face and a flawless skin, slim, with tiny boobs it seemed, and gorgeous, intense, almond-shaped green eyes, with lustrous long straight black hair.

Mark introduced her as Soraya. Her boyfriend followed. Much taller than Soraya, and very powerfully built, his tight white T shirt battling to contain what was quite clearly a body-builder's well-developed body - huge pecs and biceps, his jeans also tight around a slim waist and bulging thighs.

Mark introduced him as Tyrone. He is a (white) guy from Cape Town, which is where they met, when they were both hired for a modelling shoot (she is a professional model).

His very conservative Afrikaans family was very unaccepting of her, because of her race, so they left Cape Town and moved to JHB. ( I thought to myself "Really?? In 2017 can race still be such an issue? Can’t people just get over it and not always see race? Here was a stunning, successful young woman, who any young man would love to have as a girlfriend, but his family would not hear of it. What a pity - now their son doesn’t talk to them’’)

Simon went and sat next to Soraya, and chatted to her. I could see that he was interested - he loves the exotic, like Carol as a red-head for example, and Soraya with her wonderful olive/brown skin, jet-black hair and green eyes was certainly exotic.

Soraya was wearing a green blouse and a very short white skirt, revealing long shapely legs and a tiny waist.

We sat around a while, enjoying the early evening sounds and smells from the garden. Carol served a light meal from Woolies, and at about half past 7 Mark suggested that we go inside.

We took our drinks and went to the home theatre. They have a very nice one, with burgundy leather recliners and posters of old movies in frameless glass around the walls, and a projector on the ceiling with a 2.5m x 1.5 m screen at one end.

We sat down, everyone (except for Simon and me I guess) a bit self-conscious, and Mark put on a porn DVD. Guys seem to like that, it gets them aroused and horny, and it often facilitates the beginning of playing for them.

Simon, who is totally at ease in situations like that, said:

"Tamz and I are probably more experienced that anyone else here. So, if I may suggest that we find out now if there are any rules or restrictions which anyone has? Of course, anyone can still say "No" at any time to anything, but it often helps to know in advance what we are each comfortable with.

So, who doesn’t want what?

For example, let’s start with me. I don’t like male-on-male play. On very rare occasions I will do some, but not today. Other than that, anything goes, for me.


‘’I don’t mind anything, and I am bi, so I really like playing with girls also. I will do anal, but I will suggest it if I want. I don’t like to be pushed into it if I am not in the mood. Also, I insist on condoms, and a guy may not cum near my pussy or my face unless I initiate it. On my body is fine, or in a condom’’ I said.

Carol, blushing, said "I like anything, but also only with a condom unless I take it off the guy. And I l have found out from Tamz that I love girl-sex!’’

‘’Anything’’ said Mark. ‘’but if it's male-on-male, no penetration either way.’’

‘’Anything ‘’ said Tyrone. ‘’No restrictions - I have done it all. Also, only with a condom though.’’

Soraya was silent for a moment.

‘’I don’t think there is anything restricted. I will say if there is.’’

So, a nice open group it seemed.

Simon was (again) sitting next to Soraya I noticed. We sat and watched the movie, where a very small and young-looking blonde girl was trying to fit a huge black cock into her mouth, and not succeeding very well (where DO they find these guys??).

I was sitting on a three-seater couch with Mark on my left, and Carol was sitting on the other 2-seater with Tyrone.

Tyrone wasn’t shy to start. He turned to face Carol, kissed her on her throat, and cupped his hands over her breasts. She leaned back, her head back, as he unbuttoned her blouse. Her nipples were erect, poking through the light bra, as Tyrone unclipped it in front, her pale boobs with their small pink nipples exposed.

He sucked on her nipples in turn, his hands stroking around her boobs. Carol lifted his T shirt up, and with some difficulty pulled it over his head. I stared at his back. He was REALLY well built, with broad muscular shoulders and back tapering to a small waist, with not an ounce of fat to be seen.

Carol leaned forward and began to suck on his nipples, her hands tracing the outline of his pecs and 6-pack. I couldn’t see his front from where I sat, but she certainly looked happy with the present as it was unwrapped!

Mark, next to me, had his arm around me, his hand resting on my boob. I lifted the knitted top off and turned to face him. He immediately started to fondle my boobs, pulling lightly at my nipples. I know that he loves big boobs, and mine are a lot bigger than Carol's. It was a nice feeling, erotic and sensual. I put my hand on his crotch, and felt his cock getting hard. I undid his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled down his jocks. His cock was almost fully hard, so I cupped my hand around it and began to masturbate him while he played with my boobs.

I glanced across at my hubby - Soraya had just stood up, and was taking off her blouse, bra and skirt. She was very slim, with an almost boyish figure from the back, but with enough curves to show that she was not a boy! Her bum was firm and her long black hair cascaded down her back. She turned, and I saw that she had tiny boobs, like two very small firm cones, her nipples dark and aroused. She was really small - maybe a 32 A, not even a B, but they were cute and very firm.

She stepped out of her minute thong, revealing a lovely naked pussy, with very little mound, just a neat slit with some lips showing. Her skin colour was amazing - an even, light brown with no sign of tanning lines. My skin, when I am tanned, is a lot darker than hers, in fact.

She opened Simon's fly, took his cock out and, squatting in front of him, began to suck him. Her hips, even squatting, were slim, her head bobbing up and down as she took his length deeply into her mouth.

Mark and I both stood up. He led me by the hand to the far end of the room, pulled some cushions off the couch and put them on the floor.

We both undressed, his cock hard and twitching. I pulled him down onto the cushions and sat astride his legs, massaging his cock, feeling his balls tighten as he got aroused. He tried to reach for my pussy, so I moved around to sit next to him, and I felt his fingers probe my pussy, opening my lips and sliding a finger into me.

We played like that for a while, then he pulled my hips around so that I was kneeling over him, facing his feet. I took his cock in my mouth as his tongue flicked at my pussy above him. I sucked him hard, feeling him tense as he got aroused.

I was very wet already, and he alternated licking me with using his fingers to stimulate me, rubbing my clit as he did so.

When I tasted some pre-cum, I stopped, and climbed off him. Letting him relax a bit, I tickled his tummy, and up and down his legs, but without touching his cock. I then tried something I have learned a lot of guys really like - I showed him to roll onto his tummy, then lifted his hips, and, sitting behind him, reached between his legs and pulled his cock gently downward, as far as it could comfortably go, and then masturbated him like that, ‘’milking’’ him as it were. I have never found out why that is so stimulating, or whether all guys like it, but many do it seems. Mark certainly did, his hips jerking in time to my pulling on his cock.

I didn’t want him to cum yet, as I know that he can’t fuck for a while after he does (he is not a youngster). I looked around to see what else was going on.

Simon, now also without his clothes, was sitting on the couch with a naked Soraya on his lap, riding his cock up and down. Her slim back arched as she leaned back with him in her, her hands around his neck.

As Mark jerked and moaned while I pulled on his rock-hard cock, I looked to see what Carol was doing. She was naked on the couch, sprawled back, with Tyrone sort of hovering above her, supported on his hands and feet only. She was masturbating him above her. From what I could see he had a very big and long cock, much bigger than her two hands, as she rubbed it every so often against her slit with the slim triangle of pale red hair.

He lowered himself a little bit, and she positioned the big cock at the entrance to her slit. I had seen her take a very, very big cock at the gang-bang recently, so I knew she could manage it.

He slid the head in, and once in, thrust deep into her in one go. She shrieked, dug her nails into his bum and pulled him hard into her. He obliged by fucking her deep and hard from the outset. Her nails were leaving visible marks on his bum, red weals showing as she clutched at him, encouraging him to ram his cock even harder into her. It was almost violent in a way, but she was fully into it, driving him on.

Mark turned when he heard his wife yell out, and kept looking at her getting fucked really hard by Tyrone’s huge cock as I jerked him. I felt some pre-cum on him as he looked, and I figured he wanted to cum now.

I took a condom and, with him now on his back, rolled it onto him. He said to me ‘’on your back?’’, so I lay down, legs apart, waiting for him. He climbed above me, and drove his cock into me also hard, as Tyrone had done to Carol. The effect was not quite the same, as Mark’s cock is a nice size, but nothing like Tyrone’s.

Mark fucked fast, and I wrapped my legs around him forcing him to go deep every time. He began to grunt and pant, and then, pulling his cock out of me, he pulled the condom off, and pointed his cock at my tummy. I grabbed at it, and jerked him a few times. He shuddered a little and began to squirt his cum all over my tummy and boobs, long white streams again and again, more than I remember him having the last time.

When he finished, he sat back on his haunches, looking at me, and traced a pattern with his cum on me.

‘’I assume you are going to wash me?’’ I said with a smile.

‘’Of course,’’ he said,’’ whenever you are ready.’’

I sat up, his cum running down my boobs and tummy. Then, getting up, I went to find a towel, and wiped myself down.

I went out of the home theatre nude, and wandered over to the kitchen to get a Coke. When I got back, things had changed.

Soraya was on her hands and knees on the floor, with Simon behind her, his hands on her hips. I couldn’t see if he was in her arse or cunt, but he was thrusting hard, so I guessed it was her cunt. Her tiny boobs were so firm that even as he fucked they hardly moved.

Mark was sitting on the floor next to his wife, Tyrone still ramming her hard.

As I got to them, Tyrone pulled his cock out of her, took off the condom, and crouched over her, his cock above her mouth. She pulled it down, and took the head and some of the shaft in, sucking greedily.

Her legs were wide apart, her pussy lips swollen and engorged from the hard fucking she had endured.

I leaned over her, put my face between her thighs, slick with her and Tyrone’s sweat, and probed into her pussy with my tongue. She made a grunting sound of pleasure, Tyrone’s cock deep in her mouth.

I licked her slit, tasting the copper-penny taste of her arousal, and the slight taste of the strawberry condom Tyrone had been using.

Tyrone realised that I was behind him, and turned around over Carol, his cock still above her face but now facing her feet, and me.

She could not pull his cock to her mouth in that position of course, so she reached up between his legs and stroked it from underneath him.

I got my first good look at his cock now, and it was very nice indeed - circumcised, very long and quite thick, with a slight curve.

I got onto the couch sitting over Carol’s feet, leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. It was very hard, the head itself rigid, Carol’s saliva on it. I sucked on it, running my tongue around the head and down the front of the shaft, where it is most sensitive.

He pushed his cock gently in and out of my mouth as I sucked, careful not to hurt me, while Carol stroked it and fondled his balls.

My mouth was getting tired, so I moved back, leaned over and began to eat Carol again. Tyrone got off the couch, and went behind me. I felt his hands on my bum, pulling my cheeks apart, fingering both my arsehole and my pussy.

He was about to put his cock near my pussy, when I realised that he had not put a condom on yet. I turned, and said ‘’condom’’ to him. He jumped up, took one from the bowl, unrolled it on his cock and got back behind me.

I parted my knees a bit more, still bent over Carol’s pussy, and I felt his cock slide slowly into my wet pussy. I was wet enough for him to get in quite easily, despite his size, and I gasped as the whole length of it filled me. Tyrone began to fuck me, withdrawing almost all of it, it felt like, and then gently sliding it all in again.

Faster and faster he went. I stopped eating Carol as I was getting pushed around too much for my mouth to stay in one place. Carol reached up and pulled on my nipples, my boobs hanging over hers. Tyrone fucked really well, he had a great technique and his size was just at the maximum I can comfortably take.

He thrust a bit up now with each stroke and I felt the increased pressure on my clit. I pushed back hard now, meeting his strokes, his balls slapping into my bum, making a wet noise.

Suddenly, without warning, a huge orgasm rushed through me. It was unexpected, and I hadn’t felt the build-up, but the warm tingle feeling washed over me, my pussy and boobs becoming exquisitely tender. Tyrone stopped when I finished cumming, and took his cock out of me. I got off the couch, and he immediately climbed on top of Carol, who pulled him to her hard. His cock went once again into Carol's pussy, and with him pumping her hard she came within minutes, her pale legs in the air, her red hair fanned out around her head.

I sat on the floor, panting, next to Carol as he got off her.

Carol rubbed her mound, the pale red hair above her pussy wet with sweat, her breath also coming in gasps.

Mark was with Soraya and Simon. She was leaning over Simon, who was sitting on the couch, his cock in her mouth. Mark had mounted her from the rear and was fucking her nicely. She turned her head and said something to Mark, who nodded. She stood, went to her bag and got a tube of gel. Going back to where she had been, she gave the tube to Mark, and once again started sucking Simon. Mark put some gel on his hand, and smeared it on the condom on his hard cock, and then between her bum-cheeks. He fingered her arse first with one finger, then put the head of his cock at her arse-hole and started to push it in. She wriggled a bit to assist him, and slowly his cock disappeared into her arse.

He fucked her arse for quite a while, and then took his cock out, not able to cum again so soon I guess.

Simon looked over at me. I shrugged my shoulders. He knows I am not that keen on him doing anal with another woman, although he has done it of course over the years I am sure. But I didn’t really mind then. I motioned with my head at Soraya, and Simon stood, put a condom on, and slid his cock into her gaping arsehole, fucking her deeply right away.

He seemed ready to cum, and sure enough after about 5 minutes he stopped dead, fucked a few more strokes, and then grunted as he thrust into her, cumming inside her arse in the condom.

Pulling his cock out carefully, so as not to let the condom come off in her tight hole, he peeled it off and dropped it in the bin, filled with his cum.

Tyrone was standing watching his girlfriend getting her arse reamed out, stroking his big cock as he looked at the three of them.

I really wanted to feel him in me again, so I went to him, took his hand, and took him over to the cushions where I had fucked Mark.

‘’What’s your favourite position to cum in? ‘’ I asked him.

‘’Very conventional’’ he said with a smile, ‘’me on top.’’

I lay on my back on the cushions, and he positioned himself over me. I guided his cock in, thrilling again to the sensation of my cunt being filled to capacity with his head and shaft as he pushed it in my waiting and wet cunt.

He was very good, and didn’t crush me with his weight, but supported himself in a bridge over me.

I lifted my knees and bent my legs to accommodate him, and within a minute he was fucking me hard, deep and fast. We fucked like that for ages, now fast, now slow. Then I felt a change in his tempo - much more deliberate and deep. He lowered his head and nuzzled my neck, and I felt his hot breath panting in my ear.

I tightened my pussy muscles, and gripped his shaft. That did it, and he jerked a few times and then came, his head buried in my neck, grunting. He kept thrusting for ages. He would slow, then go faster, still cumming I suppose.

Eventually he stopped and rested, his cock deep in my cunt. I waited a while, and then he lifted himself off me and lay next to me on the floor.

He took the cum-filled condom off, and dropped it in the nearest bin. His cock was still impressively hard, I noticed.

We took a break then, wrapped some towels around our waists and went to get something to eat and drink - fucking like that is hard work after all!

After a break, Soraya, Carol and I went back to the home theatre together, chatting.

Carol had her arm around Soraya, so I watched to see what would happen. They sat on a couch, and Soraya took Carol’s towel off her, and then her own towel. Running her hand down Carol’s tummy, she played with Carols pussy-hair, her finger sliding lower and lower till it touched Carol's slit.

Carol parted her legs, and Soraya’s finger slid easily into her pussy, her thumb rubbing on Carol's clit.

Carol lay back. Soraya put another finger into Carol, and began to finger her properly.

I sat at Soraya’s feet, opened her legs, and traced a line with one finger over her slit. She was clean-shaven, and her pussy lips were slightly wet. Opening her legs a bit more, I leaned towards her and licked her slit, tasting her warm musky scent. I probed my tongue into her slit, licking inside her pussy. She responded and moved her hips a bit as I licked, obviously enjoying it. She was fingering Carol hard now, thrusting three fingers into her cunt, Carol's legs wide apart, her pussy open and exposed.

Carol started to jerk, and Soraya quickened the thrusting as Carol came hard, jerking and twitching.

I wanted to make Soraya cum, so I fingered her now, my thumb on her hard clit. It didn’t take long until she came, clenching her legs around my hand, juice running out of her over my wrist. The men had returned, and were sitting on the couches, naked and masturbating, watching us intently.

‘’Now your turn’’ said Carol to me with a grin.

She pulled me onto the floor, lay me on my back, and pulled my legs apart. Lying next to me, she stroked my pussy lightly, and then inserted a finger, in and out, more and more rapidly. Soraya lay on the other side of me. She played with my boobs, sucking on my nipples. Then, as Carol got more and more busy with my pussy, Soraya took my face in her hands, and began to kiss me on my mouth, French kissing me deeply, still pulling lightly on my nipples from time to time.

It was a wonderful feeling - Carol's fingers in me, rubbing on my clit, and Soraya kissing and hugging me.

I felt a slow, warm orgasm start, rising through me, from deep in my pussy. I squirmed around as Carol kept up a relentless pace, my pussy becoming very tender. I could hardly breathe as I came, with Soraya kissing me.

The orgasm subsided, and the three of us lay next to each other, holding each other for ages.

We all got dressed, sat around a while longer, and then Simon and I drove home at around 1 a.m.