Written by wildchildtammy

15 Jan 2015


Over the Xmas and New Year period I was in Italy and Greece for interviews for a new job on a luxury cruise liner.

I spent some time with my girlfriend, Gabi, in Venice in our new apartment, and then went to Athens (Piraeus, the port of Athens, about 10 kms from Athens centre) for the interviews. I stayed there with a friend, because there were several interviews over a few days.

On the last night there, I met up with Jordana, a friend I had met in JHB last year (see diary entry dated 26 July 2014 )

To recap, Jordana is an actress in adult movies, an American based in Europe. She is the cutest thing you can imagine- a real US “girl next door” look- curly blonde hair, blue eyes the best teeth ever! And a body to die for- slim, but nicely rounded with fairly big and very firm natural boobs. (Interestingly, she tell s me that she has ALWAYS slept with a bra on from when her boobs developed- she says that is why they are still so firm)

We have been writing and chatting since we met, as we really get along well. When she heard I was going to be in Italy and Greece over Xmas, she immediately wrote a mail to say she was finishing a movie in Greece on the 23rd Dec, and would be there for a week or so afterwards wrapping up final production (whatever that is), and we should get together!

It worked out that there were 2 days where we would be in Athens at the same time, so we agreed to meet one night for dinner.

The night we decided on arrived, and I finished my interviews around 14h00. I went to have my hair done and my nails and relaxed for the afternoon.

It was very cold, with light rain, so I wore my new blue denims (very tight, with lots of sparkles on the back pockets), knee-length brown boots and a nice blouse, with a warm jacket over, and a scarf.

In typical Italian style, we met for dinner at 21h00- I NEVER get used to that, and I always eat first before I go out- I cannot wait to 9 or 10 to have dinner- I starve by 7!

I arrived at the restaurant at 9, paid the taxi, and went in to the most quaint, old building. The restaurant was REALLY old, as in 100+ years, with all the authentic charm that old buildings have- all the peeling paint and plaster was real, the leaking gutters genuine, and the doors hanging skew because they were old, not designed that way!

Small, dark and intimate- it looked delightful!

Jordana was seated at a table in the corner with 2 guys. She stood and greeted me- looking stunning as usual.

She had on a grey knitted mid-thigh length dress which outlined every curve, and seemed to have been painted on! Sleeveless, bare shoulders with a crew-collar. Only with a 100% perfect figure can you wear such a dress- I would NEVER dare to!

The two guys stood up- and I must admit I stood there with my mouth open. I have NEVER seen two such gorgeous guys- rugged, well built, handsome- you name it! They looked like they had walked off the pages of GQ magazine!

She introduced them as her 2 “co-stars” in the adult movie they had just completed, Jean-Pierre (JP) and Donovan (Donny). (I envied her- I would have done them both free, never mind getting paid for it!)

We sat and dinner arrived- squid, kelftico, dolmades, on a large platter to share, and lots of white wine and ouzo to go round. The dinner was brought by the owner, Nico, an old friend of Jordana‘s- a Greek guy in his 40’s- swarthy, hairy and lovely! Exactly who you would expect to own such a restaurant!

I was curious about how the porn films are made, and about how Jordana got into the industry. Jordana and I chatted a while about this.

She had modelled for a while in the USA, but was not tall enough for ramp work which is where the money is. After a while, an agent asked if she would do topless work, which she did. Next she was asked to do artistic nude work, which she did. One thing led to another, and after some of the nude work involved having a nude male model as well, the offers got more and more raunchy, until one day she was asked to stroke the guys cock, get it hard, and have pics with her and him in sexual poses, her playing with his cock and so on- soft-core porn.

When these pics were published, she got a call from an adult movie agency, who asked to meet with her. They offered her a lot of money to actually fuck a guy for pics. So that was the turning point. She thought about it for a few days, and then decided that the money was too good to refuse, and she was not being asked to do anything she had not done with guys before, except this time she would get well paid, not just dinner and a movie.

The first time she actually fucked a guy on camera was difficult, she said, but he was sweet and gentle, and it was more like a date than a paid fuck. It got easier as time went on, and she got more and more into it, doing group-sex, gang bangs, anal and DP after a while.

The only thing she does not do is anything with animals (!)(She says that the major studios won’t do this anyway) and not real BDSM.

The two guys with her were guys she had not met before- but she says the movie was a pleasure to do, as they were both nice guys and VERY well endowed- she said Donny “was hung like a horse and knew how to use it” to quote her!

Music played and we danced and ate till late. Around 1 a.m. Nico said he was closing, but we must stay and party as “the night was young”!

I had noticed a couple at a nearby table – the girl had been eyeing the 2 guys all night, practically drooling! Jordana had also seen them, and commented to me earlier on them.

Nico was about to close, when Jordana said to him that maybe that couple also wanted to join us. They seemed about 20 ish, he was cute, curly blonde hair, quite long, and a really sweet face. She was plump, but not fat, with a happy round face, and a very full figure- big bum, legs and very big boobs. I said to Jordana that she looked like she wanted to get to know the guys better, but she said that they were a couple.

“I doubt it”, I said-“ she was dancing with a few guys through the night, and getting quite physical, so either they were not a couple, or he was very tolerant!”

Anyway, I went over with 2 ouzos to say hi. Turns out I was right- they were not a couple, just 2 Dutch students on a tour, Jan and Marianne. The others in their group had gone to a different restaurant that night.

I invited them to join us when Nico closed, and they accepted.

After Nico let the last guests out, we pulled a few tables together and all sat down. Nico put on some nice slow dance music (not the usual Greek stuff) and more food and ouzo arrived!

Marianne was seated next to Donny, and it was clear that she was fascinated by his looks and body. He had on tight jeans and a very tight white t shirt which showed every muscle- and there were lots of them! (The jeans also seemed nicely filled!)

Jordana moved to sit next to Jan, and they chatted a while.

On the dance floor, Donny and Marianne were dancing really close. His hands were around her, on her bum, pulling her to him. As I watched, he pulled her bum-cheeks apart and really ground her pussy against him- I guessed he had a hard-on, and she could feel it. She rubbed against him with enthusiasm, his one hand now almost between her legs from the back, feeling her bum-hole and the back of her pussy.

He was kissing her deeply, and she loved it!

JP got up, and went to them on the dance-floor. He stood behind her, and put his arms around her, so she was a sandwich between them. At first she looked startled, but then relaxed and seemed to enjoy the feeling of a guy on each side of her. JP put his hands first around her waist, and then moved upwards over her big boobs, cupping them.

There was no negative reaction from her, so they both continued arousing her. JP slid his hands under her top, and lifted it, his hands on her bra. She really had impressive boobs- very big, milky white and seemingly quite firm from what I could see.

They danced like that for a while. Then JP felt for her bra-clasp at her back, undid it, and lifted it over her boobs. Donny bent down and took a nipple in his mouth- this was getting interesting! He took her top and lifted it over her head, and took her bra off completely. She was now topless on the dance floor, between the two guys,Donny mouthing her boobs and JP cupping them. They were lovely- she was plump, but young, and her boobs while very big, maybe a 38 C, were quite firm.

She certainly seemed game to carry on, and must by then have realised that they guys were going to go all the way if she let them.

JP, standing behind her, moved his hands down- Donny moved his pelvis back a bit, and JP put his hands over her pussy, stroking the lips from each side.

She reached down, and put her hand between Donny’s legs, feeing his cock. As soon as she did that, he undid his jeans and pulled then down a bit so that his cock was out.

His cock was not fully hard, but it was huge! Very thick and very long, cut, and beautifully shaped from what I could see. Now she was startled- she moved back to look at it, and immediately took it in her hand and stroked its huge length. Her hand barely fitted around it- it looked like a child playing with a dildo!

JP led her from the dance floor to the couches against the back wall. Donny followed, his cock still out, taking his t shirt off as he went.

She was about to sit down, when JP turned her to face him, took her pants and pulled them down slowly, kissing her tummy as he did so. She let him pull them right down, and then stepped out of them, kicking off her shoes as she did so.

She sat on the couch, naked, her eyes half closed, as JP knelt in front of her and took her nipples one by one in his mouth, his hands framing her face, stroking her cheeks and hair.

Donny had by now taken off his pants also, and the g-string which he had on under, and was standing behind JP. His cock was still not fully hard, but very big anyway, and his body was stunning- not an ounce of fat, and ripped.

Mariane reached over JP’s head and took Donny’s cock in both her hands, stroking it and fondling his balls, oblivious to the other people in the room.

Donny climbed onto the couch over JP’s head, straddling him, his cock now dangling in front of Marianne’s face. JP looked up, from under Donny. He took Donny’s cock and raised it to Marianne’s mouth. Normally, guys do not like another guy touching their cock, even in sex-play, but I guess that JP and Donny were so used to fucking girls together that they were comfortable with it- certainly, Donny did not object.

Donny leaned forward holding onto the wall above her head, so that his cock was up against her face. She took it again in her hands, opened her mouth and put the head in. She took as much in as she could, licking and sucking on it.

He got harder and it became more difficult for her to take a lot in- fully hard, it was huge, and she only got the head and a bit of the shaft in her mouth. He started moving slowly as she sucked, not really fucking her face (he was much too big for that- it would have hurt her), but just responding to her oral.

JP parted her big thighs, and put his head between her legs. She had a fully shaved pussy, and he opened her lips with his fingers and licked along her slit.

I was fascinated to see how these to pros worked- Marianne was in heaven, being slowly fucked by 2 gorgeous guys and feeling fantastic- no pressure, just love and attention!

I looked at Jordana to see her reaction to this- but she was busy! She had been talking to Jan, and clearly they had been turned on by this. They were locked in a passionate kiss, sitting next to each other. She had her legs parted as much as she could in that dress, and as I looked, she opened her eyes, winked at me, and took his hand. She held it, put it on her thigh, and moved it under her dress. He did not need a second invitation! His hand disappeared under her skirt, and within a second I could see that he was touching her pussy. Jordana motioned with her head for me to come closer. I slid over to sit next to Jan. Jordana was still kissing him , his hand moving under her skirt. I put my hand on his upper thigh. He gave a start, and then carried on, not quite sure what was happening.

I smiled to myself- what was happening was that he was going to get fucked by a pro- an experience he would not forget in a hurry!

I felt for his jeans button, undid it and pulled the zip down. I was not going to go through the whole slow seduction thing, so I pulled on his legs to get him to lift his bum. He did, and I slid his jeans down, taking his jocks with as I did so.

His cock was rock-hard: nice size and surprisingly he was clean shaven.

Jordana saw that his cock was hard, and stood up. I took his cock in one hand, and pulled at his t- shirt to lift it. He glanced at me, looked across at Marianne and the two guys, then took his t shirt off, kicked off his shoes and pulled his feet out of his jeans.

Jordana stood in front of him, crossed her hands at the hem of her dress, and lifted it over her head. The effect was almost comical. This youngster was now sitting naked in a restaurant, and in front of him, inches from him, was probably the most stunning body he would ever see in real life!

Jordana‘s boobs are out of this world- full and firm with puffy nipples. She is toned and strong, and looks fantastic- innocent face and porn-star body.

I massaged his cock as Jordana put her hand between her legs, stroking her cunt, looking at him. She slid one finger into her pussy, closing her eyes a bit.

Then she took his hand and put it on her pussy. He rubbed along her slit- she opened her legs, and he let a finger slide inside her, all the while I was stroking his cock. I was turned on by both the guys and Marianne, as well as by looking at Jordana, so I opened my jeans, pulled them down a bit, and ran my fingers over my pussy – I was quite wet already.

Jordana climbed onto the couch, straddled Jan, and lowered herself onto him, taking his cock from me and letting it slide into her cunt. She rode him for a while, grinding back and forward so his cock touched her g-spot.

I didn’t think he would last long, and sure enough he started to thrust and groan. Jordana lifted herself off him, stood in front of him and took his cock in her hand, jerking it quickly. He came soon, spurting over her legs a bit. She jerked him till he was done, then took a serviette and wiped his cock gently.

We both looked over at where JP and Donny were busy with Marianne. She was sort of lying/sitting on top of JP, with his cock inside her. Donny was behind her, and as we watched, he opened her bum and felt for her hole. She still just moved slowly on JP, as he fingered her bum a bit. He took a bit of olive oil from the table behind him and put it on his cock, then positioned it at her bum-hole.

Holding her fairly large bum cheeks apart, he pushed his cock against her hole. She was still as he did this, and only started moving once the head was in her bum- it was definitely not the first anal fuck for her, she knew exactly what to do and expect. Now, with JP fucking her cunt, and Donny fucking her bum, they all moved slowly. Donny thrust harder in her bum and she seemed to enjoy it more.

She started to buck and wriggle between them, gasping and moaning loudly. They both fucked even harder. All at once she gave a sort of scream, clutched at JP, and shuddered violently as wave after wave of orgasm went through her.

The guys slowed down, stopped, and Donny pulled his still-rigid cock out of her bum, and climbed off the couch.

She lay a while on JP, and then manoeuvred herself off him, sweat and pussy-juice streaming down her thighs.

She collapsed on a chair, naked, sweating and exhausted, her eyes closed, head back- out of it!

JP was still lying there, amazingly with his huge cock fully erect. I said to Jordana that I was impressed he was still hard and that they had not cum.

She said that they could fuck all day and not cum, and mostly stay hard, or get hard- it was almost a form of training, but that they did use sprays and stuff on the film set to help stay hard a long time.

I was dripping wet by now- the sound and smell of the sex, the food, the wine was intoxicating. I just wanted to have a guy- any guy!

Jan was not going to be able to get it up that quickly again I figured- and I did not really want to fuck JP or Donny- in a way I was embarrassed that they would compare me to Jordana, and I think she would be a better fuck than me, she certainly has a better body and face.

Just then the owner, Nico came in from the kitchen where he had been clearing up. He looked at the scene and laughed- just naked people, ouzo and calamari to be seen!

I said “Nico, come over here”. He did not need to be asked twice!

I was fully naked, having peeled off my jeans and thong, and taken off my blouse and bra.

I stood up in front of him, and put my hands between his legs. He is a big, hairy guy, strong and handsome- nice.

He held me around my waist, and I took his hand and put it on my very wet cunt.

He immediately slid 2 fingers in, and began to finger me intently. Jordana got up, equally naked, and came over.

“Can I also play?” she asked

“Sure “I said, ‘let’s both do him”

‘No, you fuck him, I want to just play” she said.

I undid his pants and took them off. He had a big t shirt on, and I took that over his head. His cock was almost hard already, and I took his jocks off. He was indeed hairy all over, but had a beautifully shaved cock and balls!! Joy!

His fingers were in me, pushing quite hard, searching for my clit and g spot.

I took his fingers out, and knelt in front of him to take his cock in my mouth. It was a nice size, thicker than most, with a big head.

I licked and sucked his cock as he stood there. Jordana stood behind him, caressing him and holding him, feeling his balls while I sucked his cock.

He lifted me to me feet, and turned me around so my back was to him, and pushed me slowly towards a table.

He put a condom on, as I leaned forwards, holding the table with my hands, my bum sticking out. He stood behind me, and I felt his hands part my cunt, finger me a bit, and then the head of his cock was at my lips. He slid it in, and right away began to fuck hard and quite fast.

I saw Jordana kneeling behind him, her face between his legs. As he thrust in and out, she licked at his balls, and I felt her hands massaging his cock and tickling my cunt.

I was so horny, I just wanted to cum. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit hard- Jordana saw this, and took my hand away, taking over rubbing my clit. That did it! As she started on my clit I felt a huge orgasm start. I shouted something to Nico, I don’t know what!

He gripped my hips and as I came he started cumming too. We thrust and pushed and fucked as we both came, juice dripping down my legs, Jordana still massaging my clit, until it subsided.

Nico took his cock out of me, took the condom off, and turned me around to face him kissing me and hugging me. It was so warm and genuine- lovely!

After a while we all got dressed. Marianne wanted to fuck more, and I think that she when back to the hotel with the guys. I know when I left, Jordana was hugging Jan, and I think he was also going to get fucked again!