Written by wildchildtammy

17 Aug 2014

Quite a few guys have asked how I first came to experience sex with more than one guy at a time, in other words, swinging.

As you will have seen from previous dairies, I decided at quite a young age to not be a virgin any more, and my first actual fuck was with a teacher when I was 14 (my diary says 15, but I was in Grade 8, so I had just turned 14, not 15- I was a bit shy when I wrote that diary, and 14 seemed SO young!).

After that, I had a few boyfriends, all a lot older than me, and a did fuck some, but not all. I had some experience, but not a lot, and only with fairly conventional sex- guy on top or girl on top and oral- that’s about it.

After school, I went to London with a friend for a sort of gap-year. We worked at odd jobs to earn money, and lived in a commune with 2 other girls from France, who were students at a college.

I met an English guy, Michael, age 30, who was a commodities trader, very wealthy already, and VERY good looking. We dated a while, and although we liked each other, we both knew it was not a serious relationship- in fact I think he had a girl-friend somewhere in the background, because he would disappear for weekends every so often! (It occurred to me later that it may have been a wife- who knows?!)

Anyway, we had fun, and the sex was great- he was a caring and imaginative lover, and he often made me cum several times in one night, so I was happy.

One evening, after sex, we were discussing fantasies. He asked if I had ever had people watch me fuck, or fucked more than one person at a time. I said I had not, but it sounded exciting in theory, although I did not know how I would feel at the time in reality.

A few weeks later, he asked whether I wanted to explore that fantasy- I asked how, thinking he wanted to get a friend to join us in a threesome.

He said he was a member at a club where people fucked each other if they wanted, or just watched, or whatever they were comfortable with. I had heard f such clubs, but sort of assumed they were just stories. I said I would be willing to go, but only if I was able to either leave or say no if I felt uncomfortable- he told me about ladies rules, and I agreed. I was 18, with some sexual experience, but that club was to open my eyes to the big world of sexual experimentation.

He arranged to get me a membership, and we decided to go there one Saturday night.

I wasn’t sure what to wear, as I had the idea that people would have their clothes on, and take them off as they got involved. Michael said that most people took off all their clothes once they got comfortable, and that gowns would be provided so that one’s clothes did not get damaged or dirty. It sounded very civilised!

That Saturday, I went with my friends to a beauty salon, and I had a full Hollywood wax (I had not told my friends where I was going), and a full leg wax as well, so all nice a smooth for the night.

It was summer, so I wore a pair of white three-quarter length wide pants, a royal blue sleeveless crop-top, so my tummy would show, and gold high-heel sandals. I had a light bra on, and a white thong. I had my hair up in a chignon, and my nails with French-tips, so I thought I looked quite nice, and maybe a bit older than 18.

Michael fetched me in his new car, a bright red Porsche, and we drove for about an hour. I had imagined that the club would be like the strip clubs I had been to with a boyfriend, dark, dingy and seedy- but the house we arrived at was a mansion in the country-side, long driveway, bright lights and very impressive. I must admit that I was a bit intimidated- I was young, South African and still naïve.

We parked at the side of the house, and instead of going to the main door, we went around the side to a smaller door, where we were let in by a young girl, my age I guessed, who seemed to know Michael.

There was a small entrance hall, and then we were in a large room, with a bar at one end and a table with snacks next to it.

The lighting was dim, but nice, and there was music playing. All around the room were couches and huge pillows, like giant bean-bags. At one end, opposite the bar end, was a small, raised, round stage with a dance pole. We had a drink, chatted to some people, and then went to change. The change room was for everyone, and there were a few nude couples there already getting changed. We took off our clothes and put on light kimono-type gowns which were provided. I noticed that the guys in the change room were very interested in me, looking at my body – I felt excited and sexy- I seemed to be the youngest person there.

We went back into the main room, and I now saw that there were 3 other rooms leading off the main one. Michael explained that these were for people who did not want to fuck in front of everyone, or who wanted to do something in private.

Michael asked if it was ok for him to go and see a few people, and I said sure, so I sat on a couch and looked around.

All around me people were in various stages of fucking- some just playing, some actually fucking, and in most cases it was two or more couples. It looked thrilling- I had never seen people fuck like that, so open and carefree. I was really turned on, but not sure how to get started.

A guy came and sat next to me, and introduced himself as Sven, a Danish guy on assignment in the UK. He was gorgeous, blonde hair, blue eyes and what looked like a great body. As he was chatting, his gown fell open, and I saw his cock, semi-erect and fully shaved. He saw me looking and smiled. He took my hand and put it on his cock. I stroked it, and felt it get really hard and big. He took my hands and led me to the small stage. He said to close my eyes, and I felt him stand behind me. His hands came around me, opened my gown, and cupped my breasts, fondling my nipples. They grew hard, and I got more and more turned on. I opened my eyes a little, and saw quite a few people watching us- it was thrilling. As he fondled my nipples, I could feel his rock-hard cock against my bum, moving slightly.

I closed my eyes again. Suddenly I was aware of other hands opening my gown. I looked down, and another guy was in front of me, kneeling.

He opened my gown, and ran his finger along my slit, which was already quite wet. Sven ran his hands down my sides to my hips. He reached round in front of me, and stroked the sides of my pussy, pulling the lips a bit apart.

As he did so, the guy in front leaned forward and ran his tongue up and down my slit. The more he did this, the more Sven pulled the lips apart- I was ecstatic- the combination of Sven’s hands on my pussy, his cock pressing against my bum, and the other guys tongue licking my slit was overwhelming. I got more and more wet as his tongue probed into my cunt, looking for my clit.

I started moving my hips, pushing forward towards his tongue and back towards Sven’s cock.

Sven sat down on the edge of the little stage, and pulled me down onto his lap. I felt his cock, now with a condom on, against my cunt, and opened my legs as I sat. His cock slid easily into me, and I lowered myself onto it, until it was all inside me. I was crouching over him, not really sitting, so I could move up and down as I wanted. I felt his cock rub against the inside of my cunt near the g-spot. He held my hips as I moved up and down. The guy in front moved closer and straddled Sven’s legs, so that his cock was in front of my face. I took it with one hand, and guided it into my mouth. He had a very big cock, maybe the biggest I had seen up to that stage, and it filled my mouth.

I sucked his cock, putting as much of the head into my mouth as I could, licking and stroking it at the same time. Sven was moving faster now, pumping into me. It felt like he was going to cum. I took one hand and rubbed over my clit, feeling his shaft as it went in and out. He pulled his cock out suddenly, took the condom off, and with a few quick strokes he started to cum, spurting big jets of cum up at my tummy and boobs, covering my front in warm sticky cum.

The guy I was sucking did not have a condom on- he asked could he cum in my mouth- I shook my head.

He took his cock out of my mouth, and was about to jerk off. I took his cock and put it between my boobs, pressing them together. They were slippery with Sven’s cum, and his cock slid up and down. Within seconds he also came, his cum mingling with Sven’s between my boobs, some of it squirting onto the underside of my chin. He seemed to cum forever, and when he was done I was really well covered in cum from chin to cunt.

I was so horny, I did not know what to do with myself. I was about to get off Sven’s lap, when an older woman came over with a towel. She had been sitting near us, and had just finished fucking a young guy half her age- I had heard her yelping and moaning as he fucked her in what looked like anal, although I was not sure.

I was still sitting on Sven’s lap, and she very gently wiped me down with the towel. I lay back against Sven’s chest as she did so. When she got to wipe near my cunt, I felt her fingers probe my very swollen slit. She stopped wiping, and pushed 2 fingers into my cunt. Sven reached around and played with my nipples as she did this.

She lay down facing my cunt, and her fingers were replaced by her tongue. She stuck it her whole tongue into me, licking at my clit, and pushing one finger into my bum at the same time.

She really knew what she was doing, and in a minute I felt I was going to cum.

I held the back of her head and pulled it towards my cunt. She took her other hand and thrust more fingers into me, filling my cunt, at the same time licking at my clit.

I exploded in an orgasm, jerking my hips towards her. She just kept thrusting her tongue in hard, her one finger now fully in my bum.

The first orgasm died down, but instead of stopping she licked harder, using her fingers more than her tongue. With Sven now pinching my nipples quite hard, I felt another orgasm start, and I came again, flooding her with juice. I was soaked, juice running down my thighs and between my bum.

I lay back, my legs shaking a bit, as she took her fingers out and licked the outside of my cunt.

Then she was gone. Sven took me by the hand and showed me where the bathroom was, and I got cleaned up.

I sat in the bathroom, thinking about what I had experienced.

It was by far the best sex I had ever had. The sensation of several people fucking, the stimulation of all those hands, tongues, cocks, was amazing.

After about 10 minutes I was ready. I went back to the main room, determined to see what other experiences were on offer!