Written by wildchildtammy

14 Oct 2013


A week or so ago, I went with 2 guys and a girlfriend to watch the rugby at the Keg near my home.

For what happened to make sense, I need to tell you about the 3 others.

Sean and Tim are guys I have known for ages. In fact, I dated Sean for a few months many years ago, but more about that later.

Tim is Sean’s best friend, they were at school together, and are 2 years older than me.

Lisa is my best friend- we grew up together, went to primary and high school together and we have usually spent holidays together over the years. (If you read the first part of the diary about my sex with my teacher, one of the girls with whom I first discussed the idea was Lisa)

When Lisa and I had finished matric, we were invited by Sean, Tim and 2 other guys to join them on a surfing holiday up the coast from Cape Town. The idea was that they would travel as close to the coast as possible, and find all the unknown surf spots, camping and chilling along the way. Lisa and I knew the guys, although we had not dated any of them- we just knew them from school, parties in Rondebosch and so on.

We (Lisa and I) talked it over- it would be a nice break after school, but we also knew that it may create problems- 4 young horny guys and 2 18-year old girls together for 3 weeks - lots of room for stress.

So we devised a plan- we said we would go, but the guys needed to understand that Lisa and I were gay, and into each other, so no funny stuff from any of them! They agreed, and we went along in Tim’s Kombi.

To make it seem real to them, and to keep them at bay, Lisa and I would kiss and cuddle, and play a little where they could see us- I think that the disappointment of not getting to fuck either of us was made up for by the thrill of watching 2 young girls kiss, play with each other’s boobs and tan topless- not a bad trade-off! We did not go further than that in front of them although we had done so with each other in private in the past.

Anyway, when we got back, we found that we really liked 2 of the guys, Tim and Sean. I dated Sean for about a year, and Lisa dated Tim for a bit less. One of the reasons I stopped dating Sean was his cock! Not because it was too small, but because it was too big. I have always had a fairly tight pussy, and I can’t easily handle a really big cock, unless the guy is very gentle. Sean has a very big cock, long and very thick, and he likes quite rough sex- after a while I just found that I was not looking forward to sex with him, because I kept having to ask him to slow down, not to put it all in, to be more gentle and so on- I could not relax and enjoy fucking. We remained friends, and we saw each other from time to time, but not for sex.

Lisa broke up with Tim for other reasons, but also remained friends.

Back to the rugby at the Keg.

It was a Saturday- Lisa and I were invited, along with others, to a braai at Sean’s house. There must have been about 10 people, girls and guys, most of whom we knew.

We swam, tanned and just chilled. Sean has an outdoor hot-tub, so we sat in that also. Lisa took her top off, and so did, I, and then the other girls did (One in fact took her costume off altogether because it was a very expensive designer one from France, and she did not want the chemicals in the tub to damage it) - so you can imagine it was getting to be quite an erotic braai- 4 girls, all topless, one bottomless- wandering around, swimming, getting drinks and so on- lots of nice erections visible!

Lisa and I were tickling each other, and pretend- playing, but it was getting both of us turned on none the less.

When the braai was done, most of the people left, with just Tim, Lisa, Sean and me left.

Sean suggested that we go to the Keg to watch the rugby, as it is a great atmosphere, so we got dressed and went.

We were both dressed nicely for the braai, Lisa wearing a summer dress and me in a short skirt and blouse, so maybe a bit overdressed for the pub. The guys of course just had on shorts and t-shirts.

The pub was very full, and we found seats right at the back, against the wall in a corner. Since neither Lisa not I are rugby fans, we were happy, although the guys complained.

We sat in a row, Sean, me, Lisa, Tim. Ex-boyfriends and

girlfriends next to each other.

The guys focussed on the game and Lisa and I got bored. We decided to see how long could distract them from the game, so we started making out with each other.

We kissed, and we touched each other’s boobs- neither of us was wearing a bra, as we had our costumes on when we went there, and they were wet. The guys looked, and then went back to the rugby- remember they had seen this for 3 weeks some years ago.

We kissed some more, made sure no-one was watching, and Lisa put her hand under my skirt, touching my pussy. Now the guys looked some more and stayed looking- this they had not seen before! I did the same to her. I had a thong on, but Lisa, I discovered, had nothing on under her dress- juts her little trimmed runway!

After a while, we were both getting wet, and our fingers were inside each other. Because we know each other so well, we know exactly what to do- I rubbed my hand quickly over the top of Lisa’s pussy, over where her clit is, but not touching it- this drives her crazy- it’s like a quick left to right rubbing at the top of her pussy, where the runway ends. She closed her eyes, and stopped moving her finger in me while she concentrated on the feeling.

Then I had an idea. Sean and Tim were by now watching us more than the rugby-and I could see very nice cocks getting hard in both their pants.

I whispered to Lisa, we took our hand out from under each others pussy, and I sat on Sean’s lap and Lisa sat on Tim’s lap.

We looked around- there were lots of girls sitting on guys laps because it was so full, and being right at the back, no-one payed us any attention.

I started moving in Sean’s lap, feeling his huge cock getting harder and pushing against my bum, and I saw Lisa doing the same to Tim. Lisa took Tim’s hand and put it under her dress- now he realised what I had found out- no panties! I could see that he was starting to touch her pussy from the expression on her face, and I took Sean’s hand and did the same, pulling my thong to one side and letting his fingers touch my wet pussy-lips.

He did not need a second invitation- he kissed the back of my neck (which I love) and slid his finger into my pussy, all the way up to the knuckle. Because of the way I was sitting, he could curl his finger and massage my g-spot - I was getting very turned on!

Soon he had 2 fingers in me, and I could feel that his cock was now very hard and I could move on it between my bum-cheeks, lit a tit-fuck , but with my bum !

Lisa leaned across to me and whispered. She asked whether we should try to actually fuck them right there? I looked around- no-one was noticing us. The only way to do this was sitting on their laps, like a sort of reverse cowboy, but sitting. Then I had a thought- Lisa and I had a rule that we never hit on or fucked each other’s boyfriends- but now we were no longer dating these guys- we could. To my knowledge, Lisa had never fucked Sean, and I had never fucked Tim.

I took Sean’s hand out from under my skirt, and Lisa did the same to Tim. We got up, swopped over, and sat down- me now on Tim’s lap and Lisa on Sean’s. By now I think the rugby was forgotten- they both looked at each other, and I could see they were not sure what to do, and what was ok or not ok, now.

I also had an ulterior motive- I have seen Lisa fuck many guys. She is petite, with small very firm boobs and lovely dark nipples- but as small as she is, she seems to be able to take any size cock- I have seen her fuck really well-hung guys who would have hurt me, and I wanted to see if she could take Sean’s cock into her fully, sitting on him like that ( she knew he was big, because she had seen him, although not erect, and I had often discussed my problems with his size)

Tim wanted to put his hand under my dress, but I took it away and put my hand onto his hard cock. I pulled his shorts zipper down, and took his cock out of his jocks, all the while covering him with my dress.

So now I was sitting with my bare bum and pussy on his cock. I looked around, lifted myself a bit, and took his cock upright in my hand and put it against my, by now, very wet pussy lips. I slowly lowered myself onto him, and felt his cock slide into me until I was sitting again.

Lisa had watched me, and did the same. I looked at her as she felt Sean’s cock for the first time, and she grinned at me- she must have got his cock up against her pussy, because she stopped for a second above him, and then very slowly lowered herself. I was waiting for her to stop and not take him further in, but she kept lowering herself, until she was sitting down completely, and he was fully inside her. She looked at me again a smiled- the cow - to show it was all in her.

We put our feet onto the guy’s feet to give us leverage, and with our hands on the armrests of the chairs we started to move up and down, and the guys moved as much as they could to meet our movements.

I felt Tim’s cock slide in and out- he felt quite thick and nice- and I was very wet by now. I clamped my thighs together, and squeezed his cock, making me even tighter than normal. His one had crept under my blouse, pinching my nipples and stroking my boobs.

As I got more and more wet, I could feel him getting ready to cum- I took a chance and reached down between his legs and pulled lightly on his balls- with a grunt he started cumming inside me, squirt after squirt, till I could feel it running down my pussy. With one more thrust from him I threw caution to the winds and let go his balls and rubbed my clit hard- I came immediately, locking my pussy around him.

As it subsided I saw Lisa looking at me with half-closed eyes- she was clearly enjoying feeling Sean’s big cock- when he gave a hard upward thrust and I could see she was feeling his cum very deep in her. She wriggled from side to side and made her cumming sound, like unhh, unhh, as she came with him.

Now we had to get to the bathrooms before we made a wet patch all over the guys! I stood up a bit, let Tim’s cock out of me, and he put it back in his pants and closed the zip.

Lisa was doing the same with Sean, although she had to stand up higher to get his still-hard cock out of her pussy.

We both stood up and walked, with our legs together, to the bathroom which fortunately was near us.

We waddled into the nearest stalls, and I heard a loud gush as Lisa let Sean’s cum out of her- she gasped as it came out, saying that it felt like his cum was going to come out of her mouth when he came, he was so deep inside her, his cock pushing against her insides and womb.

We cleaned up and went back to the guys, who were sitting there with a slightly glazed look on their faces- I think it is a rugby game they will never forget!