Written by wildchildtammy

13 Jul 2015

At the end of May I was overseas for a few weeks to work on a yacht charter. It’s a nice contract via a company I use a lot, and very lucrative.

I flew from JHB to Paris, and then took a high-speed TGV train to Nice, about 5 hours. If I have the time, I like train travel in Europe - it’s a lot cheaper, and usually clean and neat, and I get to see the country-side. I have often seen places as the train speeds along which I have later gone to visit because they looked interesting.

Arrived in Nice, got a taxi to the yacht basin where the ship was berthed and signed on. I was delighted to find that the Executive Chef was a girl I had worked with twice before, Wendy, a German girl and a super person. (She also cooks a mean mutton curry, which I love! On the last charter, she did a goats-meat curry for a group of North African diplomats – so good that one of them seriously wanted to marry her!)

The motor-yacht is quite new, 65m, and belongs to one of the Saudi royal family, although I have not worked on it when they have been aboard. It is based in Nice, France, which is where the charter started. I have met the owner once, when we were about to leave on a charter in 2013 - he came aboard with the ship's architect to discuss some changes, but they only stayed a short while and then left in his helicopter again. He seemed very nice, polite with beautiful manners. Young also!

The vessel is very opulent - marble, cream leather, genuine Swarovski chandeliers and suite-lights, and Persian rugs over dark wooden floors. The main colour theme is red, gold and cream, which looks stunning. It has 5 guest suites and a master suite, and crew accommodation for 10 in 3 cabins (double-bunk beds in 2, single beds in the other). I am told that the gold on the taps and fittings in the master suite is real gold. No idea if it's true, but I looked at the fittings with longing anyway! It certainly is possible.

It has one interesting feature - because it is not allowed for Saudi men to look at women who are not fully covered (unless it is their wife of course), some of the areas have reverse-windows, so the people on the outside can see in, but not the other way around. That way, when the Saudi women are aboard, they can sit outside with each other, with their veils off, and not be inadvertently seen at by any men inside. The window, from the inside, looks like a large smoked-glass mirror. Quite clever, I thought.

We sailed at dawn to Monte Carlo to pick up the host and his guests where they were staying. They had been to the Cannes film festival and the F1 Grand Prix, and were now at the end of their holiday with their host. The host (and thus the guy who chartered the yacht) was Nicu, a Russian, the son of one of the biggest Arms dealers, and the guests were apparently clients of one sort or another - I didn’t ask (and didn’t want to know!) whether they were on the buying or selling end!

I watched them come aboard, and then saw to their suite arrangements. This is the start of my on-board work, where I am responsible for what is called the "hotel” function. A cruise ship, big or small, is divided into hotel and technical staff. Hotel are those who do pretty much what they would do on a shore hotel - food, drink, rooms, cleaning, lounges, restaurants etc, and technical are the ship's officers and crew - the Captain, his officers, the deck hands, engineers etc.

The hotel staff are under the control of a head, either a purser or other rank, and the technical are under the captain, but he is ultimately in charge of everything - no-one outranks him, and his word is law. When he issues an instruction, there is only ever one answer, and that is "Yes, Captain”. You NEVER question his instructions, or talk back. He has the authority to lock you up if he chooses, and carries the authority of a magistrate when at sea.

I also make sure that his suite is always the first to be cleaned, always has flowers or fruit, and I have a book with the various Captains' favourite meals, drinks, and stuff in the suite etc., and if I don’t know him, I find out. This Captain likes to have a vase of flowers on the bridge at all times. So I make sure at every port that I get flowers, keep them in the fridge if needed, and put them in the fixed vase on the bridge every morning before he gets there, when the First Officer hands over the night-watch to him just after dawn.

I settled the guests into their suites, noted and arranged any specific issues (medical conditions, allergies, preferences, likes, dislikes, preferred routines etc) and saw to the crew cabins.

I then had a meeting with Wendy, the First Officer, the host, (Nicu), and his wife (I think), Sabrina. Nicu is around 40, stocky but well-built, with dark very piercing eyes which reveal nothing. He always has a slight smile, which at first is nice, but I also saw him later really get angry with one of his guests, and he still had the smile. I think he would smile while executing you also! Sabrina is a petite blonde Russian, 28, with gorgeous blue eyes and cheekbones to die for! Typical Russian features, and they have some of the most stunning women in the world.

We discussed the trip, the ports and the general itinerary and activities. I should explain that the “work needs” on a private yacht are the same as on a large Cruise Ship, it’s just that the responsibilities are rolled into fewer staff. So whereas on a Royal Caribbean ship the head of hotel would not be involved in shore excursions and activities, on a private yacht it's usually one person - me.

The cruise was pretty normal, and I felt I could arrange what they wanted in the various ports, with one exception - when we got to Ibiza, Nicu has a holiday home there, and would be hosting a party for his guests and local dignitaries, around 100 people. He wanted me to arrange this, and Wendy to do the catering. We discussed what he wanted, and it seemed possible, with a bit of effort. The incentive was that this was clearly over and above our normal contracted jobs, and he would pay us a commercial rate to do it, as though we were local contractors. So, a nice Euro-bonus for yours truly. Wendy and I got hold of our agent, and cleared it with them. We sailed the next day early, and meandered down the South-Eastern coast of Europe via Marseilles, Barcelona, Valencia, and Palma and on to Ibiza, almost two weeks later. We berthed at Ibiza Magna on the South-East coast, a very luxurious and exclusive area, near the city centre and the clubs and casino.

They were five couples, plus Nicu and Sabrina. Two of the couples were Russian, one French, one something East European?!, and one Omani (I think).

The Russians had come aboard in Monte Carlo quite late. I watched them come up the ramp, and thought how strange that the men had brought their daughters with them on the trip. The men were in their late 50’s or early 60’s, the women with them no more than 19 or 20. Once we were at sea, I realised that the girls were not daughters of course!

The girls seemed nice, although they spoke no English. They did speak some German, which we could communicate in as I understand and speak it quite well, although I can’t write it. They also had some French, which I am weaker at, but I can make myself understood. They mostly lay around in the loungers at the pool or in the shade area on the heli-deck on top. (The sun-shades get rolled back and secured when a heli is shuttling. We didn’t carry one with us on this trip, so the deck was clear most of the time).

The first night the guests were on board, they had quite a festive party. Late (or rather early) around 2am I was locking up on deck when I heard laughter coming from the heli-deck. I did not think there was anyone still up there, so I climbed the stairs to see who it was.

I looked out the small window onto the deck. The two Russian guys and the French guy were sitting in deck-chairs in a semi-circle facing a lounger. The two Russian girls were on the lounger lying facing each other. They had their sun-dresses on, but with the tops pulled down, and were kissing each other and playing with each other’s boobs. The guys were laughing and talking to them.

The one girl got up, turned so she was facing the other girl’s feet, and lay down. She lifted the girl's dress to her waist, pulled her panties aside, and began to eat her pussy, while this girl did the same to her. They lay like that in a 69 for a while. Both seemed to enjoy it, as their hips were moving and occasionally they would finger themselves.

After about 5 minutes, the one Russian guy said something to the girls. They both stood up, and let their dresses drop to the floor. Both had stunning bodies - firm boobs and long legs. They walked over to the semi-circle of guys, and squatted in front of them. Each of the guys opened his fly, and took his cock out. The girls moved from one to another giving them a blow-job, in a sort of production line, round and round.

None of the guys came, and eventually the guy said something again, and the girls stood up, put on their dresses, and headed for the stairwell where I was.

I scurried downstairs, and to my cabin. I was quite turned on, although the whole thing seemed a bit tacky. The guys were not really interested in fucking; it seemed more about power and control, than about sex, to be honest. Kind of “look what I can get my girl to do”.

Nevertheless, it turned me on, so I took my dildo and went to the bathroom where I came twice, before going to bed. (I shared the cabin with Wendy)

I had arranged a full day of sightseeing for the guests, while Nicu, Sabrina, Wendy and I went to his villa a few minutes out of town, overlooking the bay, to plan the party.

We did what we needed to, and decided on a theme of "Arabian Nights”, with lots of drapes, incense, candles, Middle-Eastern food to be eaten while reclining on huge cushions and so on.

Wendy went off to the market to get what she needed, and I sourced the things I needed, including the waiters and waitresses. I needed two guys and three girls - guys to do bar and clearing, girls to serve. The girls were all waitresses, and the guys oddly enough were from the local surf-life-saving club - I needed them to look good without a shirt on.

I interviewed a few local and foreign girls and boys from the local restaurants and clubs, and selected my five for the night, all between 18 and 25. I found nice costumes at a store - black harem pants for all, with a black crop-top for the girls, and a red sash for the guys, who would not wear a shirt.

When the costumes arrived, I had them try them on for fit and look, and told them to come onto the pool-deck where I was going over the timing with Sabrina.

As they walked out I saw a problem. The girls had decided that they could not wear a bra under the crop-top, as it would show too much and not look sexy. For two of them, that was ok - they had small boobs. But for the British girl, Denise, it was a problem. Denise was very cute, blond curly hair, plump with huge dark eyes. And VERY big boobs. When she walked out onto the pool deck, I thought the guys' eyes would pop out. Her boobs were as much on display under the sheer crop-top as if she was topless. It was just wobble, bounce and swing. Nipples poking out, boobs visible under, through and at the side of the top.

I sent the guys inside for a minute, and said to her that it was VERY revealing.

"I know luv” she said. "Dead sexy!”

"Denise, we are doing Arabian nights, not Arabian strip-show,” I said.

"Come on Tam - there will be lots of guys, and they won’t mind!”

I looked at her pants. Also VERY sheer. I could see right through them.

"Are you wearing panties?” I asked.

"Nah, they show too much.”

"I can see your pubic hair, Denise,” I said.

"Yea - me boyfriend likes it a bit unshaved” she said with a grin.

I told her that her boyfriend’s preferences were not really the issue. We agreed she would either shave her pussy, or wear small panties, and she would tighten the top so that it did not show so much boob between it and her. At night, I figured it would not be as see-through as in the day, anyway.

The boys came back and their outfits seemed ok. I could also see right through their pants, but they would wear underpants, so it would not show too much.

Sabrina was beside herself with laughter. She giggled for ages while we went through the detail. We had been getting along very well the whole cruise. She looked at the one guy, Brian, quite intently when he was showing his costume.

"He is really cute” she said. ”Would not mind him in my bed for a while.”

“Nicu might have something to say about that!” I laughed.

"No", she said ”we have a very open relationship. We are allowed to fuck others, but only if we tell each other, or if the other is there. We believe that men and women are not most happy when they are confined to one person for their whole life.”

I was surprised. Russian guys are notorious for screwing around, but they are normally very possessive of their women. Not the case here, it seemed.

Anyway, the night of the party arrived. Most of the 100 guests arrived, with all the local big-shots and wives in attendance. All went well, the food was excellent, the music good, and everyone danced and ate and drank, with many toasts in Russian, French and Arabic, Spanish and English.

Towards midnight, I went to see how my staff was doing, and that they had eaten. I found all of them except Denise. No-one seemed to know where she was, other than that she was on a break. I was annoyed, as she should have told them where she was, at least.

I went upstairs, on my way to the bathroom, when I heard what sounded like her voice from behind a bedroom door. She should not have been in the bedrooms, so I quietly opened the door to see what was going on.

Denise was indeed in the room. She was standing at the foot of the bed, leaning forward. Her crop-top was on the bed, and her pants were around her ankles. Behind her, a big swarthy guy was fucking her for all he was worth, his pants half off, his cock buried deep in her cunt, slamming into her hard.

In front of her, an elderly man stood, his pants also at his ankles, his cock in her mouth, being sucked hard and deep. It was her moans and mumbles I had heard outside.

She must have heard the door open, because she turned slightly and saw me. She did not miss a beat - just took the cock out of her mouth, and said,

"Won’t be a sec, luv. You almost done, aren’t you Philippe?” This to the guy fucking her.

He nodded, sweat pouring down his face.

She went back to sucking the old guy's cock. Philippe gave a few last hard thrusts, and then came in her cunt. He pumped for a few moments, then stood up and took his dripping cock out of her. He looked at me, and without a word went round to Denise’s face.

The old guy went to her bum, and pushed his cock into her cunt.

The younger guy stood in front of her, and she licked his cum and her juices off his cock, while the old guy fucked. He came in a few minutes, then also stood, pulled up his pants, and walked past me without a word.

The younger guy did the same, but greeted me as he went out, for all the world as though he had just finished a meeting.

Denise sat on the bed - her huge boobs sweaty, her pussy looking slippery and wet.

"Fuck, I thought he would never cum” she said, panting. “Sorry about that. I did tell the others I was on a break.”

"That’s fine” I said. “As long as you all had fun. Do you know them?”

"For sure” she said, ”the old guy is the chief magistrate here on Ibiza. A good bloke to know if you get into trouble drink-driving, drugs or whatever. I have been on Ibiza for two years, been fucking him for the last year whenever the opportunity arises, like at parties or at the restaurant.”

"And the other guy?” I asked.

"That’s Philippe, his son-in-law. He is a big deal here in construction. “

"Do you know him also?”

"I should say so. I baby-sit for him and his wife at least once a month. We fuck every time he takes me back to my place after I baby-sit.”

I told her to get cleaned up, and get back to work when she was done.

Youngsters today!!

The party ended around 3 am.

It was still very warm in Ibiza that night. We had all worked very hard, and were tired and sweaty. I paid my staff and saw them off in the taxi, with the exception of Brian, who lived on the other side of the island. The taxi would not go there that late, so I had arranged that he could stay at the villa and Nicu’s driver would drive him home the next day on his way to town. Wendy and I also stayed over - I was not going to trek all the way back to the ship at 3 am, and there were plenty of bedrooms.

I was standing outside getting some fresh air, when Sabrina came out. We spoke a while about the party, and she said she wanted to swim to cool off, and I should join her.

It sounded like a great idea - the rim-flow pool overlooks the bay, and it was a quiet, warm night. We went inside to get changed, and I arrived back at the pool just as Sabrina was putting her drink down on a side-table.

She walked to the deep end of the pool, and took off her towelling gown

"I hope you don’t mind” she said, ”I never swim here in a costume - it’s just so much nicer in the nude,” and she dived in.

She really had a cute figure!

I wasn’t sure if I should also swim nude - keeping my bikini on would look like I was not comfortable with nudity, but if I took it off and Nicu or Brian came out, they might either not like it, or get the wrong idea.

I went to the lounger while I thought about it, as Sabrina swam a few lengths. I decided I would take my top off only - a kind of compromise.

I had just taken it off, when Brian did indeed come out onto the pool deck, looking for me. So, there I was, topless, with my employee staring at me! I am not the kind that would now put my hands across my boobs - I think it is stupid, so I stood and chatted to him.

He was having a hard time focussing - he kept glancing at Sabrina swimming nude in the pool, then there was me topless in front of him, and he had to try and listen to what I was saying and reply!

Sabrina saw him, and called to him to come and swim. He immediately said he would go and get his swim-trunks, when she said:

"We don’t use costumes here - just jump in”!

This was a (new) variation on "I don’t use a costume”, now it was “we don’t use costumes!”

He paused for a second, unsure, and maybe shy. Then I guess being a man got the better of him, and he turned away from me, took off his harem pants and sash, and then his underpants, and dived in. He swam a length under water, and surfaced near Sabrina. She started chatting to him right away, keeping him there. I had an idea what was coming next, so I sat on the edge of the pool with my legs in the water and watched.

Sure enough, after a few minutes of chatting, Sabrina made some remark that required her to touch his shoulder. Her hand stayed there. She was very close to him now. She stroked his shoulder letting her nails draw lines on the water on his (very nice) chest. He stood dead still. Her other hand mussed up his hair.

Sabrina must have decided to just get on with it, as he was not going to take any chances, it seemed.

She drew his face to her, and kissed him on the lips, her mouth open. With her other hand, she pulled him against her.

Within seconds she started to move her hips from side to side. I guess she could feel his cock getting hard, as it must have done! Now he responded, clasping her around the waist, pushing his hips at her. She took his hands and put them on her boobs. Her nipples were erect, dark against her tan. Brian bent forward and took first one, then the other nipple into his mouth, sucking. Sabrina reached between his legs, fondling his cock.

They kissed and played like that for a while. I was getting very turned on, but left them to it. I put one hand sort of casually on my lap, and slid a finger under the bikini bottom to stroke my pussy a bit.

Sabrina lifted herself by hanging around Brian’s neck, and with one hand felt for his cock, guiding it to her cunt. She wriggled around a bit, and then she must have got it in, because she wrapped her legs around him, her arms around his neck, and began to move up and down. Brian was leaning against the side of the pool, supporting her under her bum, her face buried on his shoulder.

She bounced up and down, giving little gasps each time his cock went into her.

They had been fucking like that for a few minutes, when Nicu wandered out onto the deck. I thought to myself - now we will see exactly how open the marriage is!

He looked at his wife getting fucked by Brian for a second, winked at her, and sat on a chair with his drink. Brian had not seen him, as his back was to the door Nicu had come out of. When he heard the chair move, he looked around. I thought he was going to have a heart attack! He just froze, staring at Nicu, not sure what to do.

Sabrina felt him stop, and when she lifted her head to see why, she saw him looking at Nicu. She moved her face to start deep-kissing him again, and bounced even harder on his cock.

I guess at that point Brian realised he was not going to get shot that night, and he also started fucking again, but kept looking at Nicu every so often.

I had a finger deep in my pussy now, although no-one could see it.

Nicu kept looking at my boobs when he thought I was not looking. He stood, stepped out of his pants and underpants, took off his shirt, and walked to the shallow end and stepped into the pool. I had not seen him naked before, just in a costume of course.

He had a nice body, very rugged and muscular. His cock, which was not hard, was very thick from what I saw as he walked past me, and quite long. Maybe it was a bit hard, I guess. It just wasn’t erect.

He slipped under the water, and swam around. As he surfaced near his wife, he said to Brian

"Put a finger in her bum - she loves it!”

Brian looked at him, and moved one hand from under her bum to her bum-hole. He moved it around a bit till he found it, then, as she stopped bouncing for a second, he slid it into her bum. She gave a sort of shudder, and started fucking again, faster and faster

I stood, took off my bikini bottom, and dived in. I was so turned on by now I would have fucked the pool hose-pipe! I swam around a bit, enjoying the water and the relaxing feeling of it against by nude body. When I shook the water out of my eyes, I saw that Nicu was sitting on the poolside where I had been, watching Sabrina and Brian fuck each other’s brains out. She was really going for it now. She had climbed off him, and was standing in the shallow end, only up to her waist in the water, bent forward and holding onto the pool-side. Brian was standing behind her, fucking her from the rear. The water was splashing everywhere as he pumped into her, making a wet slapping sound as his body hit her bum with each stroke.

Nicu had his legs apart, dangling in the water, as I had been. He had his hand on his cock, stroking it. It was now fully erect, hard and thick. Much thicker than normal, and a nice length. He was masturbating, his mouth slightly open, eyes fixed on his wife and Brian.

I waded over to him, stood directly in front of him, and took his hand off his cock. I held his cock in my hands, and rubbed it, feeling its thickness, the head large and hard. I began to pump it faster. He leaned back, his hands behind him, and looked at me. I smiled at him, licked my lips, and lowered my mouth over his cock.

I put as much as I could into my mouth, sucking and licking at it, tasting the pool water on it. I tried to deep-throat him as much as I could, held it there until I felt I would gag, then went back to sucking up and down while playing with his balls all the time.

Sabrina started yelling out loud, something in Russian, and Brian drove into her as hard as he could. She came, wriggling and shaking, Brian still fucking her fast. She seemed to cum for a long time, till eventually she stopped, turned around, and moved Brian up onto the bottom step of the pool. His cock was long and curved, and twitching - he was ready to cum any minute. Sabrina bent in front of him, took his cock in her mouth, her hands between his legs, feeling his bum-hole I think. She jerked her head up and down, taking all of his cock into her mouth. Within less than a minute he have a long groan, and came in her mouth. She kept sucking, fast, as he came. When he stopped she swallowed, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and hugged him.

I still had Nicu's cock in my mouth, one hand between my legs on my pussy. He reached for my hand, and said ”come here”.

I got out of the pool. He came over to me, and in one movement lifted me up and carried me to one of the day-beds around the pool where I had put my bikini and handbag, where he sat me down on the end of it. I reached for my bag, took out a pack of condoms and gave it to him. He took one, and, facing me, rolled it onto his cock. It really was very thick and quite long!

I was going to lie back, when he put his arms under my legs and lifted me into the air, putting my legs over his shoulders. He put his hands under my bum supporting me, holding me up so I was resting only on my shoulders.

With my legs spread on his shoulders, my pussy was at his face. He bent his head forward and licked the inside of my thighs, not touching my pussy. Up and down his tongue went. I was so horny; I tried to push my pussy toward his tongue so he would get to it!

Eventually, his tongue touched the outer lips of my pussy. He could not use his hands of course, as he as supporting me, so he nuzzled my pussy, opening it with his tongue. He licked the inner lips, which, despite the pool water, were now slick and wet with juices.

He thrust his tongue into my pussy, feeling the lips, circling my clit, which grew hard immediately. Once he felt it was hard, he licked at it, flicking it, nibbling on it. I felt I could come just like that if he kept it up. Just as I as working on cumming like that, he lowered me a little, so I was more lying on the bed, my legs still around his neck, but lower.

My pussy was now at his waist height. He took one hand from under me, and put the head of his cock at my outer pussy-lips. Gently, he pushed, till it went in. It felt amazing - rock hard and thick. He pushed slowly till it was all in.

My pussy was spread wide open because of the way my legs were positioned, and he pushed his cock in and out slowly.

Normally, I like it better when a guy goes faster, but for some reason this felt really nice. Each stroke he took his cock almost completely out, and then thrust it all the way in again until his pubic area pushed against my clit area, when he ground a bit from side to side.

He controlled the speed and the feeling totally, I could not move, and just flexed my hips as he pushed in. After a while, I felt that I would cum soon. I let it build and build. Just as I was about to cum, he stopped dead. The feeling subsided.

Then he started again. I let it build again, and again, as I was about to cum, he stopped. With every time he did this, the feeling heightened, but he did not allow me to actually cum. The position I was in, with my legs against his shoulders, meant that his cock was pressing hard against my g-spot, and the feeling was fantastic.

Eventually, after about 3 or 4 “almosts”, I realised that he was able to work out when I was about to cum from my sounds, so the next time I just bit on my lip and stifled the sounds, and came in a huge orgasm before he could stop again.

He laughed, and said

“You cheated!”

I just lay there panting.

He sat next to me, while I recovered for a minute two. His cock was still rock-hard. I stroked it, still with the condom on. Then I pulled him on top of me, and guided his cock into my slightly swollen and still tender pussy. He thrust in harder now, and I let him go faster and faster, clenching my legs around him. It did not take long - he began to slow his thrusts, and came with a long shuddering moan.

I let him stay like that when he was done, then he rolled off me, and I went to shower and go to bed.

I woke up around 7 the next day. The sun was streaming in through the window, and it was another glorious Mediterranean day. I was still in bed when there was a knock on my door.

I answered, and Brian came in. I had asked him the previous day to bring me the receipts and paperwork, and he had them with him. He had been for a swim already, and his hair was damp. He had his Speedo on, and a vest, and looked nice - fit, tanned and “healthy”.

I sat up, and took the files from him, and started going through them quickly. He was still standing there, waiting, when I suddenly realised that I was sitting up without anything on! The sheet had fallen down, so I was now topless! I was about to grab the sheet when I realised that he had probably seen me fucking Nicu last night, so it was a bit late for modesty! I continued to read the invoices.

I looked up at one point suddenly for some reason, and caught him staring at my boobs. I grinned at him, and carried on with the paperwork. When I finished a minute or two later, he averted his eyes, but I saw a big bulge in his swim-shorts.

I put the papers down, and said

“Come here.”

He came and stood next to the bed, unsure.

I reached out with one hand and felt the bulge - he had a very nice hard-on filling his shorts. I was quite horny - I guess the combination of the warm sun in the room, the nice sleep, and the good sex the night before was the cause. I figured - what the hell - he was not on the ship, I would never see him again, and he was well over the age of consent (whatever it is on Ibiza - judging by what one sees at times, it must be very young!).

I stroked his cock over his shorts, then undid the string, and pulled them over his now-erect cock. It was very nice, and VERY ready!

I turned more towards him, and took his cock in my mouth, deep-throating him right away. He stood very still. I pulled the sheets off me, exposing my body to him. He looked at my boobs, and at my pussy. Putting one hand on my pussy, he got onto the bed, straddling my waist.

I kept playing with his cock, sometimes in my mouth, sometimes with my hands, while he stroked lightly over my slit with his hand behind his back.

I got very wet very quickly. I pushed him onto his back, and turned around, over him in a reverse cowgirl position. Taking a condom from my bag, I put it on his cock, put it at the entrance to my pussy, and lowered myself onto him, letting his cock slide all the way in.

I started to ride up and down, and backwards and forwards when it was all in me. He began to raise and lower his hips, driving it in harder. I heard him starting to cum, gasping and jerking. It aroused me to hear him; I tightened my pussy around his cock, and rubbed it back and forth. As I felt the first squirt of his cum, I came too, a nice warm orgasm. I kept going till he stopped, making sure he had finished.

I got off, gave him a slap on his bum, and went to the bathroom.

When I got back, wearing a towel around me, he was dressed again, flushed. He was unsure what to do, I think. I went to him, gave him a big hug and a kiss.

"That as nice,” I said, “thank you.”

“No, thank YOU” he replied.

He left, I got dressed and the last I saw of him was him waving goodbye from the window of Nicu’s car, as the driver took him home.

We were berthed in Ibiza for another day. Then the hotel crew took a ferry to the mainland and flew home, while the Captain and his crew took the ship back to Nice.