Written by wildchildtammy

12 Nov 2013


I went to the bar to get a coke, and found S there with a woman of about 60. She was quite trim, with biggish boobs and lovely legs. She was wearing a towel around her waist, her boobs and full nipples on view.

When I arrived S introduced me to her. She said that she wanted to ask a favour of me- her husband, whom I had seen when I arrived, had been watching me all night, and really wanted to play, but he was not sure if I would agree to as he was quite a bit older.

I laughed and asked S what he thought about it- after all, he is only a year or two younger ! I said I would like to play, it was no problem. She asked that I don’t tell her husband that she had asked, as he may feel strange about it.

I got my coke and went to look for the husband. I found him standing with a group near the Jacuzzi. Before I approached him , I wandered off to find what I needed ! after some searching, I had all the bits and pieces I wanted, and I went back to him. I walked up behind him, put my hands over his eyes, and told him to relax and come with me. With my boobs pressed into his back, he did not resist !

I took a serviette from my bundle of toys, and tied it around his head and over his eyes. Then I led him by the hand slowly to the mirrored bedroom, and sat him down on the bed facing me. I took his hands and put them on my boobs, and let him feel my nipples. Then I took one hand and put it under my towel between my legs against my pussy. When he wanted to put a finger in my pussy, I took his hand out and gave it a soft smack.

Then I pushed him gently backwards on the bed so that he was lying on his back. I took 2 curtain tie-backs and tied each hand to a corner of the bed-frame, and I tied his feet to each corner with 2 lengths of cord I had found in the kitchen. So now he was spread-eagled on the bed, tied loosely to each corner.

I undid his towel so that he was naked, his semi-hard cock getting harder as I watched.

I knelt between his legs and ran my tongue up each thigh, stopping before I got to his balls. As my tongue licked his thighs, I put one hand between his legs and tickled under his balls towards his bum. His cock was now fully hard, and quite impressive.

I moved up a bit, and kissed him on his throat, neck and nipples, sliding my tongue down his tummy, but missing his cock. I licked all the way around his cock without touching it, and under his balls. As he started to lift his hips, I leaned forward and brushed my boobs on either side of his face, with the nipples just touching his mouth- he tried to get them into his mouth, but I moved them just out of reach each time.

Now I went back to his cock, and very gently ran my tongue along the top of it, from his balls to the tip and back, just touching it. He again moved his hips, and I pushd harder with my tongue, licking it quite firmly along the shaft. I sensed that he was getting quite excited, so I lifted myself off him altogether- nothing touching him. The sudden loss of any contact made him freeze- he did not know where I had gone !

I turned around so that my legs were astride his head, and lowered my head onto his cock, taking it suddenly and firmly into my mouth, and sucking hard. As I did so , I lowered my cunt onto his face so that his mouth was in contact with my pussy-lips. He realised the position I was in, and stuck his tongue into my pussy with a hard thrust I held his balls in one hand and sucked his cock hard, licking and tickling every so often and he licked up, and down my pussy.

I was aware of someone standing near me, and looking up saw his wife, with nothing on, her legs apart and her fingers deep in her pussy. Her large breasts were tipped by dark, hard nipples, and she had a big smile on her face.

I did not want him to cum yet, so I took his cock out of my mouth, and moved down and truned around, facing him , astride him. I took his cock in one hand and felt the pre-cum on the tip. I positioned my cunt above his cock, and slid it into my cunt.

Once it was in, and before I moved, I leaned towards his head and undid the blindfold. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he gasped as he saw that it was me, and he saw his wife behind me, fingering her almost violently.

I lifted myself rapidly up and down on his cock, ramming it into my cunt again and again, rotating my hips and grinding his hard cock inside me.

He lasted about a minute and then with a groan I felt his hot cum spurt into my cunt, squirt after squirt. I waited till he had finished, and then lifted my cunt off him- I squeezed my muscles, and let the cum run out me and onto his cock. As it coated his cock I put my slit over it, and slid it up and down him, sliding on his own cum.

It got too sensitive for him, and I stopped, gave him a big kiss on his lips and got off.

His wife was still there, her hand at her pussy . I thought about it for a sec, and then walked over to her. Facing her, I took her face in my hands and started kissing her on her mouth. She pulled away a bit and said she was not bi. I put my finger over her lips, and kissed her again. This time she did not resist- as we kissed, I pulled her against me, my boobs touching hers, my pussy pushing against hers.

Before she could object, I turned her around and pushed her down on the bed on her back, next to where her husband was still lying. I quickly grabbed her legs, spread them, and put my hand between her thighs. She started to say something again, but when my fingers found her cunt, opened her pussy-lips and played with her clit, she kept quiet.

I rubbed her big clit and drove my fingers into her, looking for the g-spot, while pinching her nipples. She began to whine, louder and louder, as her pussy ran wet with juice. I kept up the pressure of my fingers and she came with a cry- grabbing my head and holding it tight against her boobs.

I gave them both another big kiss and left them there, happy and relaxed!

It was now about 2am, so I had a shower, got dressed and went home.