Written by wildchildtammy

11 Dec 2014

As most of my friends here know, I have 2 jobs- in the European summer, I work on private mega motor-yachts based in the Mediterranean, and in the European winter I work in S.A. as an au pair for a very wealthy couple in Johannesburg.

The motor-yachts I crew on are huge, around 60m+, with a crew of between 5 and 25, and 6-12 guests, depending on the yacht size. (They are called yachts, but are in fact small cruise-ships, no sails!)

My role is hostess on the yachts- I see to all entertainment, both on-board and ashore, I arrange functions, dinner parties, sports, shore activities, and see to the general well-being of the guests. At times I have one or two staff reporting to me, other times on the smaller yachts I work alone.

While my job means I get to interact with the guests more than probably any other crew member, I am still an employee, not a guest, so unless I am specifically asked by the owner or the charterer to join him and his guests, I arrange what I need to, and then stay in the background.

I have had lots of interesting times on the yachts- even after all these years, the wealth and spending of the super-rich never ceases to amaze me. Salaried people cannot imagine what it is like to be able to literally buy or do anything, without ever having to think about the cost! This kind of wealth also makes for strange personality types- some are very assertive, some are nice, some are demanding, but ALL want what they want when they want it, no questions, no arguments, and no discussions.

About 5 years ago, I was crewing on a yacht where the owner was on board (which is not all that common!) The owner is an American/Russian- he was born in the USSR, but has lived in the USA for many years. He is a very nice guy, and like most Russians very hospitable and warm, but very macho- it’s a man’s world, and while the Russian men love women, they love them as objects, not as people.

Typically, the very rich Russian men will have a wife somewhere at home, but when they travel for fun, the girl-friend or mistress comes along, not the wife, who stays at home with the children. This is quite normal, to the extent that it is seen by the men as odd to have one’s wife with on a cruise like this, unless she is a “trophy-wife” to be shown off.

On this cruise, we were going from one Greek island to another, with parties and dinners arranged in every port. We had 4 couples on board; the owner and his “mistress”, and 3 other guys each with a woman (although the one guy had a girl (Helena) who could not have been older than 19 at most- and if he was under 50 I would be surprised!)

She was sweet, but the most stupid person I have met in a long time- all her talents were in her figure- huge silicon boobs of 36c at least, a tiny waist, and long legs- I guess if she kept quite she could be fun to have around for a guy!)

One hot day we were at sea, and the guys were doing clay-pigeon shooting on the aft deck. The women were lying at the pool, also on the aft deck, drinking cocktails, and I was supervising the shooting (and the drinks).

Mikhail, Helena’s “guy”, was shooting. He got 4 out of the 5 in his round, and the next shooter was Kristo, the yacht owner. He stood ready, and said, as a joke to Mikhail, “now for 5 out of 5!”

Mikhail laughed, and said “if you get 5 out of 5, Helena will suck your cock right here!”

Helene just looked up and smiled. I guess she was used to be put on offer! Kristo’s mistress, Trina,(short for Ekaterina) glanced at Kristo, and carried on talking to one of the other women.

Kristo called and shot, and got all 5!

I waited to see what would happen.

Without hesitation, Helena got up, walked to Kristo, and sat on a lounger in front of him. She undid her bikini top and let her huge melons out, reached for his swim-trunks and pulled them down. She took his cock in her hands, and stroked it. Once it was hard, she opened her mouth, and took all of it in- a real deep-throat artist!

Kristo held her boobs, playing with her nipples. She sucked his cock for a while, and he moved a little as she did so. Her one hand was on his balls, the other between her legs, stroking her finger along her camel-toe.

After a few minutes, he pulled his cock away and pulled up his trunks, she did up her top, and she went back to sit on the lounger as though it was the most normal thing in the world .Even Trina took no notice, other than giving Kristo a wink and licking her lips!

The day continued in much the same vein, and by evening, all the women were either topless or nude, as were the guys, and at least 2 of the couples had fucked on the deck next to each other on the loungers at one time.

I was horny and jealous- I had been on the yacht for a week, and not had any opportunity for sex, so watching all these people fucking was getting to me! (Also, to be honest, I wanted to play with Helena- I had no idea if she was bi, but she had an amazing body and what looked like the smallest pussy, so I was hot for her!)

Two days later, we were docked at an island renowned for its party-life. Late that afternoon, the guests were all due to go ashore, and I had arranged transport for them. Kristo came to find me in the galley, where I was having coffee with the chef. He asked if I would like to join his guests that evening, as they were going to dinner and then to a club. I jumped at the opportunity, and ran to get dressed.

I showered, shaved my pussy all over, selected a white and gold mini-skirt and white blouse and gold high heels. With a tiny white thong and no bra, I left my hair loose, and put on light makeup.

By 19hoo I was ready and in the main lounge. Kristo and Trina arrived first. Trina and I get along well, she is friendly and not stuck up at all- a former dancer in the Ukraine she know she is along for the ride, and not a permanent part of Kristo’s life I guess. She is blonde, tall and leggy, with a nice figure and quite big boobs (natural, as I was to find out, but the blonde is not!)

Kristo went off to find the others, and Trina asked me whether Kristo had told me about the club. I said he had not.

“It’s a private club, a naughty club” she said ‘People go there to fuck. You are ok with this”?

I said I thought I would manage! And NOW I was keen!!

W e all got into the taxis, and went to dinner. Much wine, ouzo, whiskey and some dinner later, we left again in the taxis and drove some 20 minutes out of town to a villa overlooking a small bay. There were no other houses around, just this villa. Security seemed tight, and we got out of the taxis to walk up the drive to the main entrance.

Kristo had also come to me during the dinner to ask if I was ok with “that sort of club”. I said I had been to a few like that, and I was fine with it. He seemed excited, and kept putting his arm around me- I think he wanted to see if I would get into the scene, and if he would get lucky!

The door was opened by a huge guy in a dinner jacket- the bouncer I guessed. We went in to a most beautiful house- open, luxurious and elegant. The lighting was low, music playing loudly, and the smell of food outside.

The first thing I noticed was that the age range was immense- 2 girls sitting at the bar to one side were not older than Helena, if that- both very slim, brunette and pretty. At the table near the patio, a group was sitting where the average age must have been 70! And in the pool outside, 2 guys had just got out, and neither was over 20. Something for everyone then!

The room was full, with people dancing, sitting at tables and around the sides of the room, long couches. Outside, a veranda overlooked the small bay below- a magical setting!

There seemed to be other rooms off the main area, with people coming and going all the time.

We found two tables, put them together, and we all sat down.

I must admit I was feeling a little odd- the others all had partners firstly, secondly I was an employee, not a guest, and thirdly, if this really was a ‘naughty club” as Trina had said, I was happy to join in, but I did not know what the reaction of the others would be when they realised that I was happy to swing- would it create problems later in the trip?

As my eyes accustomed to the dim lighting, I noticed that the club was a combination I had not seen before- most swingers clubs are focussed on that- sex. Normal clubs are focussed on dance or food. This was a genuine combination. At some tables, people were having dinner, chatting, drinking.

At the bar, people were standing or sitting, drinking.

But around the room, people were also in various stages of sex! One couple near where we were sitting was fucking, the girl on her back, her legs high in the air, and the guy pumping her hard. She was still dressed, her skirt pulled up over her thighs, panties pulled to one side, and he had just lowered his jeans and taken out his cock to fuck her.

Further back, on a couch, two guys were fucking a girl who was kneeling on all fours. One was fucking her from the back, and one in her mouth, while a third guy stood to one side masturbating and watching them. As I watched, the guy fucking her moved away, and the third guy took his place.

Next to them, a group of 4 was sitting at a table eating dinner as though they were on a sidewalk café in Rome!

I went to the bar with one of the women in our group, Mandy, a very pretty dark-haired German woman in her 30’s, the girlfriend (and the secretary!) of one of the guys, Dieter, also originally German, but lives in Moscow now. I had seen her fucking him earlier that day- nude and in full view of the others- and from what I had seen she was happy to do anal! She was quite petite, small firm boobs and a tight bum, with strong slim legs and a very flat tummy.

Dieter is a big guy, very muscular and powerful, with a very hairy body- like a bear! When he was fucking Mandy, I saw his cock when he stood up, and I certainly would not take a cock that size in my bum! Long and very thick, it was impressive! But it would be nice to fuck in any other way!

We got the drinks and went back to the table.

Trina and Kristo were dancing, and Nikki and Boris, the fourth couple, were cuddling on a couch next to the table. Helena was sitting on Mikhail’s lap, his hands under her tank-top, fondling her boobs.

We put the drinks down, and I went to look around the club.

After a tour around, I went back to the bar and got a Coke. As I was standing there, I felt someone put an arm around my waist. I turned to see Helena. She stood next to me, keeping her arm around me. I smiled at her, not sure what she wanted.

She leaned in close, and whispered in my ear: “I saw you looking at me this afternoon- u like my boobs, yes?”

I nodded, smiling at her.‘They are great, nice and big” I said.

“You like girls also?” she asked. “Trina tells me you have a girlfriend in Italy?”

“I do” I said, “I am bi”.

“I also like kissing girls at times” she said “sometimes men are too much. But I have never fucked a girl”.

I was not sure what that meant, but she stayed next to me, her arm around me.

I sipped my coke, and she ordered a shooter, followed by another, which she downed quickly.

I felt her hand slide up my side, feeling the underside of my breast. She let it slide over my boob, and felt for my nipple. I stayed like that, letting her feel me. My nipples were hard under my blouse, poking through the light fabric.

“Mikhail thinks you are SO sexy” she said, still fondling my nipples. ”He would love to fuck you, I can tell.”

“Would you like that?” I asked.

“I would love to see it. I could also play then with both of you. I am getting bored with his fucking- all he wants to do is fuck my ass with that giant cock, and see me suck other guys. It’s boring” she said.

I looked around to see where the others were.

Mandy and Dieter were on the dance floor. She was pressed close to him, his hands under her dress, cupping her bum, with one hand stroking between her legs.

Nikki and Boris were still on the couch. Nikki had taken her top off, and was straddling Boris, facing him, her boobs in his face, his hands between her legs playing along her camel-toe over her shorts. Mikhail was sitting next to them, with Nikki’s on hand between Mikhail’s legs fondling his cock.

Trina and Kristo were nowhere to be seen.

‘It looks like Mikhail is busy already” I said to Helena.

She looked around.

‘THAT slut!” she said, looking at Nikki. ”He has fucked her so many time this trip I am surprised he does not marry her! And anyway, he will fuck you if he gets half a chance rather than her”

(I didn’t think that marriage was on Mikhail’s mind when he fucked Nikki, but anyway!)

I could however see why Helena would be jealous of Nikki. Although Nikki was maybe 10 years older than Helena, she had magnificent boobs- quite big, and firm, with very big puffy nipples- which a lot of guys just love. Helena (or someone) had spent a lot on her boobs, and here was an older woman with boobs just as nice! Unusually these days, Nikki was not clean shaved, with a fairly large triangle of dark pubic hair, but neatly trimmed short.

‘Let’s go get him away there” said Helena.

I was about to turn to go with her, when she put her other arm around me. She started undoing the buttons at the top of my blouse, then took the hem and lifted it over my head. She took off her tank top, faced me, and put her mouth on first one breast, then the other, sucking my nipples hard.

I took her boobs in my hands and rolled her nipples between my fingers and thumbs, feeling the hard silicone of her implants, and stroking their huge size.

Helena took me by the hand and we walked to where Nikki, Boris and Mikhail were sitting.

Nikki had undone her shorts, and Boris had his hand inside her shorts, with what looked like a finger or two inside her. Nikki’s hand was inside Mikhail’s jeans, his fly open and her hand stroking his cock.

Helena stood in front of Mikhail, the two of us topless, our boobs and nipples pointing at him.

“Tammy and I want to play with you” she said to Mikhail.

Mikhail looked up, first at me and then at Helena, and grinned.

“Sure” he said,”let’s play!”

He got up, and Helena led the way to a corner couch to one side of the room.

I sat next to her, with Mikhail to the other side of me. We were both topless. Helena had on a very short flouncy green skirt on, and I had on my white and gold skirt.

Helena leaned towards me without a pause, held my face in her hand, and kissed me. Wow! Was she a good kisser! I felt her tongue in my mouth, probing, sliding, her lips sucking mine.

I put my arms around her waist, drawing her closer to me. She crossed one long leg over mine, almost lying on me. I felt her hand slide down my side, along my skirt, lifting it above my waist. I parted my legs, and her hand slid around to my front, massaging my pussy over my thong.

She ran her fingers along the edge of my thong, lifting the soft fabric, feeling for my cunt. She traced her fingers along my slit as I wriggled a bit, enjoying the feeling of intimacy. Her huge boobs were in my face. I reached up, cupped them and licked her rock-hard nipples, sucking, and biting lightly.

I felt her open her legs, lying on top of me. Mikhail was standing behind her, his hands between her legs, feeling her cunt. He undid her skirt and pulled it off her, followed by her panties.

Now nude, she mashed her boobs into my face, drowning me between them. I put my hand on her tummy, and slid it down to her hairless cunt. She was soaking wet already, the juices making her thighs slick.

I found her slit, and as I was about to put a finger into her, I felt Mikhail’s fingers between her legs from the back. His finger was in her bum, driving in and out slowly. I found her slit, and slid a finger into her. She gasped, and I curved it, looking for the g spot. I slid my finger out, up to her clit, and rotated it around her clit.

To my surprise, she gave a serried of short gasps, and as I felt her clit, she squeezed her legs together and cried out, giving small shudders.

She must have cum!

‘Did u cum?” I asked, amazed.

‘Yes” she whispered. “I cum over and over when I fuck, all the time. I have cum for 30 minutes at a time!”

I was enthralled. I have a friend who can cum repeatedly when she fucks, 10 to 15 times but not THAT quickly!

I stood up, rolling her off me, took off my skirt and thong, and stood in front of her. She really had a magnificent figure lying down. Her huge boobs were erect even like that; her long legs stuck straight out in front of her, her hairless and tight cunt just a line between her legs, no sign of hair or shaving.

I knelt in front of her.

“Close your eyes” I said. She did so

I tickled the inside of her thighs, under her knees, up her thighs to her bum.

I stroked the very inside of her thighs alongside her pussy. Then I took my hands away, paused for a

second, and without touching her with my hands, licked my tongue along the length of her cunt, from her ass to her clit. Going back, I pushed deeper, parting her lips. On the way back up I parted her lips more, pushing my tongue deeper between her slick and slippery lips.

I parted her lips with my fingers, and let 2 fingers into her cunt. She was so tight, I could not get more in without hurting her, I thought.

As I licked her cunt, I slid my two fingers deeper in her. Again she gave some small gasps, and I felt her cum, juice running down my chin.

I was so horny now, with her cumming. I took one hand and put it between my legs, feeling for my cunt.

I drove my fingers harder into Helena, twisting them slightly. She rocked from side to side, gripping my fingers with her cunt. Her head was thrown back, her boobs pointing up ward, her big brown nipples like to beacons sticking up to the ceiling.

As she rocked and gripped my hand, I felt hands between my legs from behind me.

I took my face away from Helena’s cunt, and looked around. Mikhail stood behind me, naked, with a very large erection. He was very nicely built, not an ounce of fat on him, clean shaven everywhere. His cock was bigger that I had imagined, very thick, with a large head and veins. He was stroking it with one hand, his other hand on my bum, feeling for my bum-hole.

I knew from Helena that anal was his favourite, but I did not feel that aroused yet, and besides his cock looked like it would be too big for me.

I took a condom out of the bowl, gave it to him. After he had put it on, I took his cock in one hand, lifted my hips, and pulled him towards me. I positioned his cock at my cunt, and slid the large head along my slit, parting my lips. Once he was a bit inside, I left him, and just pushed back.

He held my hips, and pushed forwards. I felt my cunt stretch and stretch as his cock parted my lips.

Then he was in, his balls against me, his cock deep inside me.

“Is he in you?” Helena asked.

I nodded.

“Fuck him hard, as you suck me” she said.

I buried my face in her cunt, licking sucking, probing with my tongue, thrusting my fingers deep into her. I felt my thumb hit her clit hard as I forced my fingers in, and I massaged it as it did so.

I fingered her hard as Mikhail fucked me, his cock slamming into my cunt, his balls hitting my perineum as he pushed in. He was very big, bigger than I had thought, and my cunt was filled to bursting with his thickness.

I had my knees open as far as I could, and still he was stretching my pussy. I could not imagine how Helena took him in her ass- she must have had lots of practice!

Helena started cumming again, jerking her hips up to meet my face and fingers. I had 4 fingers in her now, twisting them as I fucked her, rubbing her clit with my thumb.

She came for a long time, jerking and moaning all the time, and I just kept going.

I was very wet now, Mikhail’s cock slamming into my cunt with ease. I felt him thrust and stop a few times, pulling my hips to him.

Then he took his cock out suddenly, and stood up next to me. He was jerking his cock violently, pointing it at Helena’s face.

She turned to face it, and opened her mouth wide. He gave a few more hard jerks, and then spurted loads of hot cum at her, in her mouth and on her face. She kept her mouth open, letting the cum shoot down her throat, swallowing as more and more squirted at her open mouth.

When the spurts stopped, he straddled Helena, his cock in her face. She took it in her mouth, licking it clean, all down the shaft, on his balls, and between his legs, swallowing every last drop of his cum.

He swung his leg away from her, and I stopped fingering her also.

She was just licking the last of his cum of her lips, when Dieter and Mandy arrived. Dieter took one look at Helena’s swollen pussy, and touched my shoulder to move me out of the way.

He also straddled Helena as Mikhail had done, and put his cock at her mouth. She opened her mouth and took it in, running her lips around the shaft, and letting as much of it go in as she could. His cock was long and thick, longer than Mikhail’s, and she could not fit all of it in her mouth at once.

She sucked hard on his cock; her head going back and forth as he pumped it in her face. Helena was still lying on her back on the couch, her feet on the floor. Mandy went behind Dieter and fondled his balls as his cock went into Helena’s mouth. She knelt behind him, stroking him, she parted his bum, stroking her hands along his crack, then knelt behind him and put her head between his bum-cheeks, her tongue probing for his hole.

As Helena sucked him, Mandy licked his hole, her face buried in his bum. She had pulled his bum wide open, and I could see her tongue going deep into his hole. Every so often she would take a finger and slide it into his hole, very deep, and then resumed rimming him.

He grabbed Helena’s head and pulled it hard to him, and she gagged as he came in her mouth, her head locked against his cock. She shook her head from side to side as he came, trying to swallow. When he let her head go, she was almost retching, but he kept his cock in her mouth as more and more cum squirted in. She swallowed as he came, some cum running down her chin.

When he finished cumming, he got off her. She lay there panting, cum on her face and in her eyes from Mikhail and on her chin from Dieter.

I was sitting on the floor, naked, looking at Dieters big cock and still feeling very horny.

Around us, couples were dancing, a few at the side of the room were cuddling or fucking, and there was generally a very relaxed and nice vibe to the club. Most of the people were naked or near-naked by now, and seemed very chilled.

Kristo and Trina arrived, with a young guy following. Kristo chatted to Mikhail for a few minutes. Trina asked me whether I wanted to join them in one of the rooms, which she said would be lots of fun.

I got up of the floor, gave Helena a kiss, and followed them.

We went to a room leading off the main area. It had a curtain instead of a door, and when we went in I could see that it was what the kids would call a “play-room”.

Instead of furniture, it had several large round mattresses on the floor, lots of mirrors, and shelves with all sorts of sex-toys. At one end was some sort of BDSM machine with lots of straps and things, and in the corner was a large hot-tub.

There were dozens of very big soft cushions scattered around the mattresses, and Trina, Kristo and the young guy and I went to sit on these.

Once I had sat down, I noticed that along one wall of the room was glass, but not a mirror. I could see people standing behind the glass. I asked Trina what that was. She said that the playroom (she called it a rumpus-room, like the Americans do), was only available to couples and single women, and that single guys could stand outside and watch, but not come in. I looked more closely, and saw a few guys standing there masturbating. I could see them quite clearly. Trina said that, if one saw a guy who one wanted to join, one could go and ask him- so it was like a beauty pageant for girls I guess! Cocks on show!

On the mattress in front of us the two young girls I had seen at the table when we came in were lying. Naked, they looked even younger than before- both very slim, tiny boobs and short hair. They were lying in a 69 position on their sides, their faces locked between each other’s thighs, licking pussy.

Behind the one was a really old guy. He was rubbing her back, stroking it from between her bum up to her neck and back with one hand; his other hand had his cock, not really hard, his eyes closed.

Trina said that the guy was their “protector”, he looked after them, paid for their needs, and in return he could play with either of them if and when he wanted, although this was not often anymore!

To me, that made them sound like whores, but Trina said they were not, they had boyfriends and were students, but the arrangement made financial sense for all three of them. (It still sounded like prostitution to me, but anyway!)

I asked how old they were. Trina said the one, Bridgette, was 19, the other, Danni, was 18. Both were second-year students at a university in Greece.

As I was talking to Trina, Kristo moved closer to me. He had a towel around his waist, but I could see a hard-on under it. He leaned over and asked if I wanted to go to the hot-tub. I did, and we got up and walked over. He dropped his towel, and I saw that he had a really big hard-on, his cock standing straight up. He climbed into the tub and sat down.

I was so randy. I got in, stood in front of him with my legs either side of his, and sat down on his lap facing him.

I reached between my legs, and felt his big cock against my cunt.

I rubbed it against my cunt, feeling the length of it against my lips. I lifted myself a bit, moved his cock back against my slit, rubbing it between my lips. As I felt the head enter, I sat down slowly, letting his cock slide into my very wet pussy.

I kept going down, until all of it was in my cunt. He wriggled a bit, and I felt my whole pussy filled with his cock. I started to lift up and down, riding his cock as he thrust up each time. The water was splashing around, making a slapping sound as we fucked. He took my boobs in his hands and guided my nipples to his mouth, taking first one then the other into his mouth, nibbling on them.

We fucked like this for quite a while, enjoying the warm water and the feeling of his cock so deep in me.

I was Trina walk over with the younger guy who had come with us, and the 2 girls who had been on the floor.

Trina came over to where we were in the tub. I motioned to her to come closer, and pulled her leg so she was standing in the water over us, facing me, her pussy at my face level.

It was the first time I had seen her naked up close, and she really had a stunning figure. Very long dancer’s legs, very nice full boobs, and a flat tummy. She had a neat landing strip of dark hair, leading to a cute pussy with full lips.

I pulled her toward me, and parted her pussy with my fingers, running them up and down her lips. As I opened her cunt, I saw that she had a lovely large clit, quite engorged already. I stuck my tongue out and licked her clit, circling it, probing into her cunt.

She pulled the back of my head closer, forcing her cunt onto my face. Kristo pumped into me, getting more and more excited at the sight of Trina’s cunt in my face. I felt his hands between her legs above his head, opening her bum, his fingers probing for her bum-hole. As I licked her cunt, he found her bum-hole and inserted a finger deep into her bum.

He pumped harder and faster into me, water flying everywhere. I drove first one, then two, then three, fingers into Trina- she just opened her legs wider and clenched her cunt against my fingers.

I felt I was going to cum. I left Trina’s pussy, and held onto Kristo‘s legs, ramming myself down onto him with each thrust. He saw I was going to cum, and he thrust up as hard as he could.

I came with a long shuddering orgasm, grinding my cunt into his cock. No sooner was I finished than Trina pulled at my shoulders, and I got off Kristo. Without a pause she impaled herself on his rigid cock, and after a few brief jerks of her hips she climaxed, gripping his shoulders and drawing his head to her boobs.

I got out of the tub, to find Bridgette and Danni at the side of the tub. They were leaning over it, facing the water, with their bums in the air. The young guy was fucking Danni in her bum, while the old guy was fucking Bridgette in her bum. The girls were half-lying over the edge of the tub, their legs wide apart and intertwined, being rammed hard against the tub by the two guys.

Behind the glass wall I could see guys jerking off, some spurts of cum hitting the glass as I watched. Trina had got off Kristo. He stood up, walked through the water to where the two girls were and thrust his cock at Danni’s face. She grabbed it, put it in her mouth, and sucked hard. After a minute, Bridgette took Kristo ‘s cock and also sucked it. They swopped like this a few times, and then Kristo grabbed Danni’s head and held it on his cock.

He thrust a few times, and spurts of cum squirted into her mouth and dribbled down her lips and chin. He kept squirting until he was done, her face now covered in his cum.

The young guy behind Danni also came in her bum, ramming his cock in and holding it there as he did so. The old guy may have cum, but I was not sure.

Danni stood up, cum dripping down her thighs from her bum, and down her face from Kristo. She gave Bridgette a kiss, cum and all, and walked out of the room.

The party continued to early the next morning, when we got a taxi back to the yacht for breakfast.I played with Kristo, Trina and Helena a few times on that trip- one of the exceptions to the rule of not mixing work with pleasure I guess!