Written by wildchildtammy

12 Dec 2013

A while ago, in Diary entry dated 16 SEPTMBER 2013 I told about a play-time with a friend of my boss after a poker evening. His name is Craig.

He is a really cute guy, very handsome and a nice guy in general- I know he likes me, not just sexually but as a person, as he often takes the time to come and chat when he is here.

Last week, one morning, I had come back from gym and dropping the children at playschool, and was alone in the house and my boss and his wife were at an Embassy charity breakfast in Pretoria.

I was in the kitchen when the security guard at the gate said that Craig was here to drop off some documents for my boss. I told him to let him in, and opened the front door. He drove up in his Porsche and got out, with another guy getting out the other side. I must admit I was a bit disappointed at that, as I had quite liked the idea of being able to spend some time just chatting to him alone!

Anyway, he said that he had these documents, but as my boss was not there, he would have to sort and label them before leaving them, or else my boss would not be able to follow what they were.

I said we could do that in my boss’s ‘den” downstairs- he has an den with a pub, a huge flat-screen TV, a cigar humidor and some dark leather club-chairs for when he has friends over and they want to be alone and talk guy-things or when they watch rugby or boxing and so on. It’s a real guys-room, like an English gentlemen’s club feel to it- quite nice, very masculine. (There is a proper office upstairs where he works when he is at home, but that’s more formal, with a place for a secretary, filing cabinets and so on)

We went in there and I took the big envelope from him and put all the papers on the table in the den. I started sorting them into piles, while he and his friend stood and watched.

(I was still in my gym clothes, black tights and a sleeveless t shirt. I was hot when I got back, so I had taken my bra and shoes off.)

As I leaned forward over the table, I was suddenly aware that with no bra and a big sleeveless t shirt, it was probably quite easy to see my boobs through the arm-holes as I bent forward. Just as I realised this, I felt him come up behind me. He put his arms around my waist, and said that I looked very sexy this morning.

He was pressing up against my back, and I could feel his hard cock against my bum. I did not pull away. I pushed my bum back a bit and wiggled from side to side, feeling his cock between my bum-cheeks.

He put his hands under my t shirt and cupped my boobs, playing with my nipples which had become rock-hard suddenly. I still faced away, enjoying the feeling of him up against me. I felt one hand slide down, over my tummy and to the top of my tights. Then it moved over my tights, and over my pussy. His fingers traced the camel-toe over my tights, tickling my pussy-lips as they protruded on either side of the seam. It felt lovely and erotic.

I reached behind me and felt his hard cock with one hand, running my hand up and down the shaft.

He moved his hand up again to the top of my tights, and then slid it under the tights, pulling them down a bit as he moved it down. He ran his fingers back down to my pussy, and slid one finger along my slit, which by now as very wet already. I arched my back, and he pushed one finger into my cunt, slowly. His other hand was still one my one boob, playing with the nipple. Now he removed that hand, and used it to pull my tights down to me knees. We still had not said a word to each other.

With one hand in the front of my cunt and a finger in me, he put the other hand between my legs from the back, and ran it gently over my bum-hole, tickling it and probing a little.

Both hands went away, and I felt him fiddling with his jeans. I was leaning forward holding onto the table with my arms outstretched. He took hold of my tights which were around my knees, and pulled them down. I stepped out of them, and stood leaning forward with my legs apart. I felt his cock between my thighs, pushing on my cunt.

I reached down and guided it into me- I was so horny I did not even stop to think about a condom, which is very unusual for me, but I figured he was at least known to me and was a decent and clean guy.

His cock slid easily into my wet cunt. He went in, and then stopped for a second, before starting to thrust quite hard.

When I am that aroused I like sex to be quite hard and fast, so I pushed back hard, and pumped against him as he thrust into me. He got the idea and started going faster and harder, using his hips to drive his cock deep into me- I could hear his balls and his tummy slapping against my bum as he drove in each time.

He fucked very quickly for a long time, his hands holding onto the sides of my bum to control the movement.

I managed to gasp to him not to come inside me. He said- “no, u cum first!”

I took on hand off the table and started rubbing over the top of my clit as he fucked me. He felt what I was doing, and took his one hand off my bum and put it over my clit. I took my hand away, and he began to rub briskly across my clit, fast and quite hard, as he fucked in and out.

I felt myself starting to cum, and felt the wetness running down my thighs. I must have cried out, because he intensified the fucking and the rubbing, and I felt a warm wave of cumming go through me, with lots of wet running down. My knees almost buckled as I came, and it was all I could do to remain standing.

He slowed down after I came, and put his hands again on the sides of my bum. I closed my thighs bit and tensed my pelvic muscles, so it got quite tight for his cock. He pushed more slowly and yet still hard.

He began to make a groaning sound, and I felt him take his cock out. I turned around, went onto my knees, and took his wet and slippery cock in both hands. Before I could do anything else, I felt pre-cum start, and I pumped his cock with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. He froze for a second, and then came with big spurts of warm cum all over my mouth, chin and t shirt. I pumped him till he stopped, and his cock got too sensitive around the head.

I was still on my knees, when I remembered his friend. I looked to see where he was. He was standing to one side of us, watching us, with one hand inside his pants playing with his cock.

I looked at him and said- “come here”

He walked over, looking at Craig who just smiled and nodded.

He came and stood in front of me. I undid his belt and pulled his pants and underpants down. A very nice big and thick cock sprang out. I took it in my hands and stroked it, but it was already fully hard, and I could see that there had been some pre-cum already.

I took his cock in my mouth, and he immediately started thrusting into my mouth. Normally I don’t like a guy to face-fuck me, as it can hurt my mouth, but he was doing it just right, not too hard- so I let him fuck in and out of my mouth while I tensed my mouth around his cock.

I was still kneeling, without tights on, and I saw Craig come and kneel behind me. As his friend fucked my face, Craig put his hands between my legs and began again to rub my cunt, feeling for my clit. It was most erotic and I felt myself start to cum again. As he felt this, he pushed some fingers deep into my cunt, ramming them in and out. I came immediately, again with even more wetness running down my inner thighs, almost squirting I think.

His friend pulled his cock out of my mouth, and I grabbed it with both hands, made a tunnel with my hands, and let him thrust between my hands. He came with a loud shout, and again I got a load of cum over me, but this time I aimed better and it went mostly on my t shirt, only a little on my chin, mouth and throat.

I stood up, and picked up my tights, letting the t shirt cover me.

I smiled at the two of them, and went to the downstairs toilet to clean up. I found a fresh t shirt in the ironing in the laundry and put it on, not bothering with panties of tights or a bra.

When I went back to the den, they were both dressed and sorting the papers as though nothing had happened

When they had finished, I accompanied them to the front door, and they got into his car. Just as they drove away, they turned to wave goodbye. I waved and lifted my t shirt, showing them my bald pussy! I thought Craig was going to drive right through the rose garden, but he managed to steer straight and made it out the gate safely!