12 Aug 2018

A few weeks ago, I returned from our holiday to Scandinavia, followed by a work-cruise for me in the Med for 2 weeks back to back, on two different vessels.

The week after I got back, Simon’s (my hubby's) business partner (in some joint ventures), Lev, wanted to have a party to celebrate the purchase of his new house in Bedfordview.

(you can, and should, read about Lev in my diaries of 19 July 2017 and 27 Oct 2017, as it will make more sense to you if you know a bit about him. This is what I wrote about him in July 2017:

He is one of my favourite men - he is so typically Russian! Firstly, he is huge, maybe 1.9m tall, maybe 150 kgs, and built like a tank! He seems fat when you see him, but he is not - it’s just solid Lev! He is quite good looking, Simon's age (60) with black hair going grey, cropped short, and a hairy huge body! I call him my Russian Bear! He is the friendliest guy to know, certainly for a woman, and when he laughs his whole body shakes, the laughter seeming to come from deep in his tummy! He is hugely wealthy with homes around the world, and is a very powerful figure in the Russian business scene, with all the good and bad that that entails. By wealthy, I mean he has his own private Jet, a big yacht moored in Sochi where his dacha is, and numerous cars - all SUV’s as far as I can tell, parked wherever he has a home. (He also has Vladimir Putin, the Russian head of state, on speed-dial, as he showed me one day!) He usually has body-guards, and I put him in contact with my boss who uses a local company for our security, and Lev hires them when he is here. When he was here originally, he said to Simon that he had done some swinging in Russia and asked if that existed in South Africa. Simon told him, and when Lev bought a house here (at the Vaal) he held a few parties there, which I have been to. For some reason though I have never actually played with him myself - just never worked out that way I guess, or maybe I am not his type. (note to readers - that changed, and as you will see from later diaries we have subsequently fucked). He is always accompanied by a very beautiful Russian woman when he is here, and a different one each time - always very young, very beautiful, and very Russian! I think there is in fact a wife somewhere, but he finds that his English fails him whenever I have asked!

I have never asked, and it seems the best plan NOT to ask, exactly what it is he does, other than his businesses with Simon - Lev is a lovely guy, polite, good-looking in a very masculine and almost aggressive way (in the same way that Vinny Jones or Jason Stratham are good looking), but I wouldn’t want to have him angry with me or want to keep me quiet!

Lev has bought a new house in Bedfordview, and this party was to be a sort of house-warming/swinger party, he told Simon.

Simon was about to fly to Le Mans to join some friends, one of whom has an interest in a car racing at the 24-hour race, and Lev was about to fly to Russia for the soccer, where he would be the guest of President Putin for some of the games. (You know, one always hears such bullshit about who people have on speed-dial - but Lev actually has Putin on speed-dial and I have been in the room when Putin’s office phoned Lev because Putin wanted to ask him to do something !!Impressive, not so? !!).

So, the weekend party was going to be squeezed in between these trips.

I phoned Lev to thank him for the invitation, and to see if he needed anything to be done before the party, which I could help with.

He said there were some things, and could I come to the house on the Wednesday, meet with him, and see what needed to be done (bear in mind that he does not live in South Africa, so he is only here for a few weeks a year at most).

I got the address and went there at 10h00 on the Wednesday before the party.

I found the house high up on the hillside - huge iron gates and a massive wall with CCTV cameras, electric fences and so on. Before I could get out of my car, a pedestrian gate in the wall opened and one of Lev's personal body-guards came out. I know him, a very nice guy, Mikhail, and he greeted me and pressed a remote and the gates swung open.

Mikhail followed in a golf-cart up the long drive to the huge house, set well back in a magnificent garden.

(Mikhail is quite a character himself. He is apparently ex-Russian special forces, and he was with Lev when we were at Lev's Vaal house once. That weekend we went to a farm nearby, and Mikhail did some target shooting while the others sat around the braai for lunch. He put group after group of shots in targets, not more spread than a small plate, at a distance I measured at 500 m. I was impressed! He also shot for a while with his handgun, equally accurately but at closer range of course. Lev saw that I was impressed, so he said to me at lunch ‘’he is very good, but he has other qualities which I don’t need.’’

I asked him what he meant, so he laughed his deep whole-body laugh, and said I would see one day.

That day came some months later when we were swimming at Lev's house. Lev insisted that everyone swim nude (as he usually does) and he made Mikhail strip also - and I saw what he meant! Mikhail has a really huge cock, massively thick and long! So, there was Mikhail, looking very uncomfortable, with his handgun next to him, stark naked, his giant cock dangling between his legs!)

Anyway, back to the party!

Lev greeted me and showed me around his new house. For security reasons he has asked that I do not describe it in too much detail, so let’s just say that it is magnificent, large, opulent and has stunning views and a wonderful garden.

His new car (A Bentley Bentayga) was parked in the 6-car garage alongside his equally new Harley (I don’t know what sort it is - they all look much the same - it's not like mine was, a Sportster 1200, it's much bigger).

(incidentally, do you know how to make a Russian speechless? I knew he had bought the Bentley, so when he came to our house one night to show Simon the new Bentley, I came running out, ‘’’ooo ahh - that must be the new Hyundai - it's soooo cool!!’’ I thought he was going to go into cardiac arrest!)

As the house is newly bought, he needed some things bought and didn’t know where to get them, or have the time to go and shop, so that’s what he wanted me to do. He told me what he was looking for, and said ‘’Mikhail will take you, and Irina can join you’’.

I asked who Irina was.

‘’She is my new assistant. She is here in South Africa with her colleague, Tatyana. In fact, both can join you - you can have a pleasant ‘’girls’ day’’ shopping for me!’

I had an idea what ‘’my new assistant’’ meant but kept quiet.

We sat outside and chatted, Lev downing several Vodkas - from a bottle in a small freezer (he brings his own Vodka to South Africa - he is very disparaging about our local Brands - says they taste like cow-piss!) while I had a mineral water.

Soon enough he stood up as two women walked out into the stoep.

To say that they were beautiful is like saying that Charlene Theron is fairly pretty. They were gorgeous, stunning, riveting - you name it. I immediately felt like a 200kg blimp next to them!

Irina, the taller of the two, is white-blonde, high Slavic cheekbones, an ‘’Angelina Jolie’’ mouth, intense blue, slightly Asian-slanted eyes and a slim figure to die for.

Tatyana is slightly shorter, my height, also blonde, but darker, brown eyes, a perfect oval face with a lovely mouth, big boobs and a flat tummy.

Either would stop men in their tracks on any street.Together, they looked like an advert in the making. I could see why Lev wanted to send Mikhail to accompany us! (Well, THEM at any rate. With those two around, I was quite safe - no-one was going to look at me, that’s for sure!).

Lev introduced us. Both of them spoke some English, and Tatyana spoke German, so we could communicate at least. (I don’t speak any Russian, although I speak English fluently, Afrikaans fluently, if not idiomatically, French and German fairly well, and some Italian).

Mikhail brought the car to the front (sadly, not the Bentayga, but a Range Rover), Lev gave me the credit card to use and we left for Sandton and some retail therapy.

(I asked Lev what I could spend on the card, meaning what its daily limit is. He looked at me blankly, then said “well, provided you buy the goods and not the company we should be okay’’, and he left, chuckling to himself at such a question. When I told Simon of this he packed up with laughter - he says he has seen Lev, in Paris, buy a fur coat at E25,000 for a girlfriend with a card and not blink an eye or even notice the price).

I sat in front and Tatyana and Irina sat at the back, chattering away in Russian, while Mikhail drove, his handgun in a shoulder holster under his jacket. I thought that the windows on the car looked odd, and said so - Mikhail says they are armoured, as is the car itself.

We got to Sandton and went to buy the household things Lev wanted. Irina had on a short black skirt, thigh-high boots and a green jersey, and Tatyana had a very tight knitted sheath-like dress, also short, accentuating her boobs and general very fit shape. They looked like the proverbial million dollars, and indeed every single guy they passed turned to look at the two of them.

Later, as we drove back, and now that we knew each other a bit better, I asked if they would be at the party. They both nodded, very seriously. They said that they worked for Lev in Moscow and travelled with him often. I didn’t say that I had seen several different versions of them with Lev over the years, each younger than the last, and that this was unlikely to be pensionable career for them. Irina was 25, Tatyana 23, and they had applied for the job a year ago.

We delivered the things we bought to Lev, who seemed happy with them, and I went home.

Saturday afternoon I went to Sorbet with my friend Sandy, in Benoni. We went to the one at Farrarmere Square, which is the best one I think, to be waxed and pampered, hair, nails, pedicure and a facial - there all day!

So, all smooth and slick I went to Sandy’s house for coffee, where she showed me her secretly-made video of her and two of her estate-agent colleagues at a Franchise seminar over a weekend at the end of last year.

She left her phone camera on, standing on a table unknown to them, when she went back to her room late that night. The video was of the three of them fucking like rabbits, oral, anal, pussy, and then with her on top of the older guy, with him in her pussy, the younger one crouched above her and fucked her arsehole rapidly, till he came in her, where after the other one came in her pussy. The last sequence showed her climbing off the guy, with cum drooling from her arse and pussy!

She is SO naughty - even though her and her husband Andre are into swinging (there are several of my diaries where they feature) he doesn’t always know exactly what she gets up to and to look at her, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, as the saying goes - a real soccer-mom, cute, vivacious, pretty and conservative - PTA, Church women’s group, etc.

And so home to get ready.

Knowing that Lev’s guests will be very upmarket, I chose a very sexy burgundy dress, low in front so showing lots of cleavage, and quite short, with killer black stilettoes, hold-ups and Victoria’s Secret g-string, no bra. I wore my hair in a chignon, and, because security at Lev's house would be very good, I wore my real diamond pendant necklace and bracelet, not the copies, and my good Piaget watch. (I am normally too scared to wear my real jewellery which Simon gave me over the years - so Simon had copies of the more valuable pieces made for me in Amsterdam, but to that party I felt it was safe to do so).

Simon wore a beautiful pair of faded blue jeans which bought for him in a boutique in Venice, with a white shirt with blue stripes he had made in the East somewhere. He looked yummy!

I had an idea of how Lev had planned the party, so I knew it would be lavish and exotic. We arrived at 8, in my car, as I don’t drink so I can drive afterwards, whereas Simon, who does not drink a lot, may have a few whiskeys or so, and no doubt Lev would want everyone to try his Vodka.

Inside, the main lounge was aglow with candelabras, the heavy curtains closed, and music playing. There is a huge fireplace, which had a log fire going, and a bear-skin rug in front of it, head and all! (not my taste, but very Russian I guess!) Adjoining the lounge is a small bar, with a stunning dark-wood bar counter, and those ceramic draught-beer tap things. Opposite the lounge, across the wide stone-paved hallway, is the main dining room, with a huge 22-seater table.

(Lev brought that bear-skin from his dacha in Russia - he told me “that bear has seen more pussy than Hugh Hefner has!’’ I made a mental note not to get naked on it!)

Simon and I left our coats on the rack in the hall and went to the main lounge, where a group of maybe 20 people were gathered. I was amazed at how many there were - I had no idea that Lev knew so many swingers, and I wondered whether they all were in fact swingers, or whether some would leave before the fun started.

The ages seemed to range from a bit younger than me, to at least 60 or more, mostly couples it looked like, although there were a few single women and men, but they may just not have been with their partners at that time I suppose.

Irina was there, standing with a group. She was wearing a sheer white sheath dress, which accentuated every inch of her perfect slim body. The sides had mesh panels, and it was clear that she could not have panties on, and when she turned to say hello, I saw that the front was also mesh, he boobs on show, her small nipples clear under the mesh. In public, she would be arrested in almost any city!

Tatyana was sitting with a couple, and she stood to greet me. She had a full-length evening dress on, with the halter part barely covering her nipples, and slashed in a V down to her waist where it met the skirt part.

I introduced them to Simon, who gazed at them longingly as they went back to their groups.

I saw Mikhail lurking in the corner, ‘’discreet’’ in a black suit - he manages to look like exactly what he is no matter what he wears! The bulge under his arm didn’t help hide his occupation! There was another version of him at the other side of the room, a guy I did not know, but when Lev went out he went with. Lev tends to relax a bit about security when everyone is there, and the doors are closed, and no movement is expected outside the house. Makes sense I guess.

Lev made a short welcoming speech, some of it in Russian, so some of the guests must be Russian, and said that a buffet dinner would be served in the dining room at 9. Then he would open the ‘’party room’’ and we could all ‘’enjoy ourselves happily ‘’ (his words, not mine!).

At 9 we went through to the dining room, where a magnificent array of hot and cold food was laid out - everything you can imagine, from caviar (of course) to meats, fish, game and scrummy deserts.

We ate and chatted, and at around 10, Lev said we could all go to the ‘’party room’’. He led the way along the passage and down a flight of stairs. Opening large doors, he ushered us into a big room, which I think must have been a games room maybe with a billiard table or something like that.

Lev had furnished it with a series of semi-circular couches, some set facing each other to form a circle and some on their own. The ceiling was quite low, with dimmed downlights, soft music playing and thick carpets with Persian overlays. In one corner there was a bar counter, and a huge screen on the other wall with a ceiling projector.

The room was wallpapered along one wall with a red and gold, very opulent highly textured paper, and the other walls were charcoal. It looked very exotic and different.

Part of the one wall was glass, and we could see steam rising from a huge hot-tub in a glass conservatory on the other side, with a door in the glass wall leading to it.

Lev showed us a door at one side which he said led to change rooms. Most of the people got drinks, and some went through to the change rooms, as I did with Simon. The change rooms led, at their other end, to the pool area, but that door was of course closed as it was cold.

The change room was a single room, with toilets and showers at one side, and Lev had installed double-stacked temporary closets on one wall, like they have at gym.

Hanging from each closet was a light-weight gown, and a stack of fluffy white towels stood on a wooden bench at the door.

Simon and I got undressed, and I hung my clothes and put on the gown. I noticed a few of the men looking at me as I stripped off, and I got that familiar warm and tingly feeling of excitement, knowing what they were thinking.

Across the room was a young couple getting changed. He was quite a hunk, and I made sure that he was facing my way when I bent over to take off my shoes, my bum and pussy visible to him although I still had my thong on. When I turned back, I saw that his cock was slightly hard already!

I put a gown on, and followed Simon out, back to the ‘’play-room”.

Most of the guests had changed, although a few had not, preferring to stay (and presumably play) in their normal clothes. Simon made a bee-line for Tatyana, who already had a group of people around her. She had a gown on, but very loosely tied, so that, every time she moved, her big boobs were on display, much to the obvious interest of the guys.

I went to the bar and got a Coke and was greeted by a middle-aged man who introduced himself as Stephan (I late found out it is Stefan), a friend of Lev's from Holland. We chatted a while, and he suggested that we go sit on a couch, which we did. As we sat, another guy who it seemed knew Stefan arrived and sat with us. The music was turned a bit louder, and Stefan asked me if I wanted to dance, so we went to the side between the couches where a few couples were already dancing. Stefan is a big man, tall and well-built with a shaved head, and a big moustache. He danced well, and when it was a slower song he held me close. His hands were on my lower back, and as we danced he slid one hand onto my bum, cupping it gently. I pulled against him and felt his cock pressing into me, already hard it seemed. I let it press harder and moved my pussy so that it rubbed his cock.

I looked across at where Simon was standing. His arm was around Tatyana, her face lifted towards him, smiling, her gown open in front. Simon was laughing, telling her something.

And now a confession: lately, at swinger parties, I have noticed that I feel the occasional twinge of jealousy when I see Simon with another woman, particularly if that woman is younger than I am. I never felt this before, maybe because I was usually one of the youngest women at a party, or maybe because we were not married, but I notice that I do feel it these days. Maybe I am getting too old for swinging, but the feeling is definitely there!

Stefan put both hands onto my bum and pulled me really close, so that his cock pressed right into the top of my pussy. We danced like that for a while, and I felt his cock getting harder and harder, and I felt him getting aroused. He leaned forward and kissed me on the side of my neck, his hand sliding into the front of my gown and onto my boob, feeling for my nipple, which was erect. Fondling it, he cupped my boob, opened my gown and kissed my nipple, sucking on it deliciously. I reached down, opened his gown a bit, and felt for his cock. It was fully erect, and big, uncut, his balls tight against his body with excitement. I stroked his cock up and down, feeling its length, and the head inside the foreskin. I masturbated him a little like that, as he opened my gown fully, and sucked first one and then the other nipple in turn.

I was very turned on, and I wanted Simon to see me with other guys before he got into Tatyana (back to the jealousy thing!). I kissed Stefan deeply, my tongue probing his mouth, and he responded with enthusiasm.

‘’Where is your friend?’’ I asked him.

“Arno? He is there, on the couch’.’

I looked over at Arno and waved at him to come to us.

He did so, and I turned away from Stefan and gave Arno a big hug and a kiss, grinding my pussy against him.

He laughed and hugged me back.

Turning back to Stefan, I embraced him, and pulled Arno so that he stood behind me. I danced with the two of them like that, with me sandwiched in the middle. I felt Arno press hard against my bum, his cock between my bum cheeks, getting bigger and harder. I felt behind me, opened his gown and grasped his cock. It felt very thick and very hard, so with one hand behind me I massaged his cock, and with my other hand I masturbated Stefan in front of me.

Arno's hands came around my waist, under my gown, and onto my pussy. His fingers stoked the sides of my pussy, then along my slit. Already wet, his one finger parted my lips and stroked lightly inside me, up and down. Stefan had gone back to nuzzling and sucking my nipples, holding my boobs, my gown now wide open.

Stefan moved back a bit.

‘’Come, let's go sit on a couch’’ he said, holding my hand.

We went over to the nearest circle of couches. I sat, with Arno on one side and Stefan on the other.

They wasted no time, slipping my gown off me, and taking theirs off as well.

Arno was shorter than Stefan, and stocky, with a big chest covered with hair, and powerful arms and legs. He was shaved around his cock, whereas Stefan was fully shaved with much less body-hair.

I was naked now, and Arno put his hand over my pussy, fingering me a little, then slid off the couch, knelt between my legs and licked at my slit. I parted my legs more, and his tongue slid deeper into my wet lips. Stefan fondled my boobs, and I played with his impressive cock. Some pre-cum appeared on the tip, and I massaged him with it. His cock was quite long and thick, the head starting to emerge. Arno, licking my clit now, was playing with his cock, thick and circumcised, very straight and erect.

The two men played with me for a long time, making me more and more aroused. My pussy was very wet now, my inner thighs wet, my nipples rock hard and sensitive.

Arno stood up between my legs and moved closer. I pointed at the packet of condoms on the table near the couches, and he went to get one. Putting it on, facing me, his cock twitching and hard.

I turned and lay on the couch. He climbed on top of me and moved his cock to my pussy. I lifted my legs so that my heels were on the couch almost under me.

Bending, he pushed his cock at the opening of my cunt. I felt for it, wriggled it into my lips, and felt him slide it in, deeper and deeper, until he was fully in me.

He started to fuck me nicely, with a quite rapid stroke, deep and hard. I pulled Stefan to me, and he crouched above me, his cock in my face, his back to Arno. I took his hard cock in my hand and slid it into my mouth, sucking him deeply, as far as I could. He moved backwards and forward as I sucked him, gently fucking my mouth as Arno fucked my pussy.

I felt Arno feel between my legs, and his finger found my arsehole. Using my wetness, he slid a finger into my arse as he fucked me, pushing it deep into me.

Stefan was getting very aroused, his cock pumping into my mouth rapidly, with my hands on his balls, pulling on them.

I realised that he did not have a condom on, so I took my head away, and said ‘’don’t cum in my mouth’’.

He nodded, and I went back to sucking him.

After ages, the two men swapped, Stefan fucking my pussy after he put a condom on, Arno in my mouth, his cock tasting of my juices and sweat.

Stefan also put a finger into my arsehole, and I felt an orgasm start. I jerked and twisted as he fucked me, just masturbating Arno now with my hands, my head back, panting. Stefan realised that I was going to cum, and fucked me very hard and fast, and I came, a huge orgasm flowing through me, my whole body jerking and lifting as I came. Stefan kept fucking until he was sure I was done, and then stopped.

The two men got off me, and sat next to me again, my head on Arno’s shoulder, my body heaving with exertion, covered in my sweat and theirs, my thighs slick with my juices.

Both were still very hard, their cocks glistening, their torso’s sweaty and masculine.

I asked if either of them wanted to cum, but they both said that they would do so later.

I looked around the room, behind them. I saw Simon, and he smiled at me. I was glad that he had seen me getting fucked by the two men, before anyone else had really started!

I lay on the couch, panting, as Arno left to go and get cleaned up, while Stefan stayed with me.

Simon and Tatyana were on the floor in a corner, with her on top of him, his cock in her cunt, riding him. Behind her a naked elderly man was playing with his cock and fondling her boobs as she bounced up and down.

After a while I put my gown on and went to sit near the jacuzzi. I had no sooner sat down than a middle-aged woman came and sat next to me. She introduced herself as Amelia. She was at the party with her boss, an Austrian based in Europe who has a business in Johannesburg as well as in Austria. She is married (not to her boss!) and she runs the South African office, I found out. She was wearing a towel around her waist - slim, with auburn hair and small boobs with cute brown nipples.

She asked if I wanted to join her and her boss in the jacuzzi, so I went with her. I took off my gown, and she took off her towel, and we got into the hot bubbling water where she introduced me to her boss, Armien. He was about Simon's age I guess, fat, with a bald head and intense blue eyes.

I noticed him eying my body as I got into the water, his one hand on his cock under the water.

Amelia wasted no time - sitting next to me she put a hand on my thigh, and stroked up and down, almost to my pussy. I did the same to her but put my hand onto her slit and felt for her lips. Opening them, I slid a finger into her, feeling that she was wet already, I let my finger go all the way in, sliding it in and out as she parted her legs more.

We fingered each other, then she leaned over and sucked on my nipples, pulling on them with her mouth and licking them with her tongue. Armien came and sat next to me. He put his hand onto my pussy, and as I opened my legs he thrust a finger deep into me, starting to masturbate me vigorously. I could see that his cock was hard under the water as he played with it.

Amelia stood, then lay on top of me, hugging me and kissing me deeply, while Armien’s finger continued to fuck my cunt, his thumb now locating my clit and pressing on it.

Amelia and I lay like that, her on top of me, and kissed and hugged for ages, rubbing our bodies together, pressing our boobs and cunts to each other. Armien’s hand was now pressing on her cunt also I think, as she squirmed and pushed against it as he fingered me.

I wriggled out from under her, and kneeled on the step of the jacuzzi, very aroused and very wet. Armien stood behind me, his cock sticking out from under his big tummy. He rubbed his cock, put a condom on, and, pushing it against the swollen lips of my pussy, he slid it into me, deeply, fucking me with an intense rhythm, deeper and then shallower, then deeper again, his tummy making a slapping sound against my wet bum.

I pushed back as he fucked me, wanting to feel more of his cock. Amelia sat next to me, and reached under me, feeling for my cunt. Finding my clit, she rubbed it as her boss’s cock rammed into me, making me squirm with delight as she made my clit go hard and sensitive.

His cock wasn’t all that big, and his tummy made it hard for him to really make it feel big in me, but Amelia’s stimulation of my clit was great. I felt that I would cum if she continued, so I pressed her hand against my pussy, and she rubbed across and around my clit hard, almost pinching it, and I came in a rush, the wave sweeping through me, making my legs tremble as I clenched my cunt around Armien’s cock.

He felt me cumming and gave a long shuddering gasp as he came inside me, jerking his cock again and again into me as he squirted until he was done.

Amelia was rubbing her cunt as she saw us both cum, but before I could masturbate her, a young guy, very well built with longish dark hair approached her.

She seemed to know him, and he had been watching us from across the jacuzzi, and now came to Amelia, his very nice large cock rigid, uncut, and shaved. She took his cock in her hand without hesitation, massaged it a few times and then lay on her back on a cushion at the side of the jacuzzi. The young guy mounted her, her legs lifted over his broad shoulders, and plunged his cock into her waiting cunt. She squealed as he slammed into her, pounding her cunt hard. He fucked her for a long time, and then, turning her over onto her hands and knees, thrust his fist into her cunt from the back, his other hand probing her arsehole.

Wiping her juices onto her arsehole, her inserted a finger into her arse. She kneeled with her knees wide apart, and he started to enter her arse with his big cock. It took a while, but eventually he was more or less in her arse, and he began to fuck her, deeper and deeper.

I lay in the water and put my hand under her pussy, sliding my finger into her cunt. I could feel the young man's cock ramming into her arsehole, so I fingered her with three fingers as he fucked her.

The young guy fucked her for ages, and eventually, just when I thought he was going to stop, he gripped her bum with his hands, paused and then grunted as he squirted his load into her arsehole. He thrust over and over, squirting, and then slowly pulled his cock out, and sat back.

Amelia stayed like that, on her hands and knees, her legs apart for a while, then sat down, grinning. Her inner thighs were coated with juices, and some cum leaked out of her arsehole onto the tiles at the side of the jacuzzi.

The young man sat next to Amelia, his cock still rock-hard. Armien sat next to him, and put his hand on the young man’s cock, stroking it with one hand, his other hand on his own cock. The young guy lay back, as Armien played with his cock, slick with his mistress’s juices and the man’s cum.

I sat in the warm water, watching Armien masturbate the young guy. After a while he leaned over and took the young guy's cock in his mouth, and sucked him, then went back to playing with his cock.

I got up, put my gown on and went to get a cooldrink. I saw Lev and Simon with Irina on a couch. Simon had his cock in her mouth, while Lev’s face was in her cunt, her legs over the back of the couch, wide apart.

As soon as Lev saw me he stopped eating her, wiped his mouth and came to me.

‘’There is someone I want you to meet, little Tammy’’ he said in his thick Russian accent.

He was nude, his very big cock semi-erect and very thick, and I followed him across the room to where a guy of about 50 was sitting. Lev introduced me to him and explained that this guy had seen me at a dinner a while ago and asked Lev who I was, so now, seeing me here, he wanted to meet me.

His name was Neil, an investment banker it seems, who lives in Johannesburg near Bedfordview. He was quite good-looking, in a distinguished way, with dark hair flecked with grey, a fairly good body, and a nice open face. He was wearing a gown, so I couldn’t see the important bits! Lev left, and I chatted with Neil for a while.

Then a younger guy arrived, with a very pretty, very voluptuous young dark-haired woman in tow, both wearing gowns, although the woman’s was open at the front and I could see very big plump pale boobs underneath. Neil introduced me to them, Brent and Liana. I thought in my subconscious that there was something odd here, but the thought wouldn’t surface. We all sat down, with our drinks, and Neil said, as though it was the most natural thing in the world ‘’Brent is my son, and Liana his girlfriend’’.

THAT was what had been bothering me - now I saw the facial resemblance between the two!

So, here was an interesting grouping certainly! I wondered who played with whom, and how the son came to join the father at a swinger party, but I figured I would find out in time.

Brent asked whether I would like to dance, so we got up and went to the side where the people were dancing. He held me close, and as we danced I could feel his cock pressing into me. I let him hold me, and pulled his bum close, grinding my pussy against his hardening cock, enjoying the feeling of it with the slick fabric between us.

He opened my gown a bit and felt my boobs, fondling my erect nipples. I relaxed and let him play, enjoying the feeling of his body against mine, and the music. When his hand started to glide down my tummy to my pussy, I said we should go and sit down, so we went back to the couch.

Neil was still on the couch with Liana, Brent’s girlfriend. Her gown was now wide open, revealing a very nice, rounded body, huge boobs but quite firm, and big smooth brown nipples. She was shaved, with only a small strip of dark pubic hair above her pussy. Neil’s fingers were deep in her pussy, probing and pushing, her hand on his erect cock.

So that answered that about who would play with who! Brent took no notice of his dad and his girlfriend, pulling some cushions onto the floor, and sitting on them, pulling me down with him.

We lay next to each other, with him kissing me all over, from my mouth, down my boobs, down my tummy, and to my pussy. I parted my legs and his tongue immediately found my waiting slit, delving inside me with the tip of his tongue, then flicking at my clit.

After a while he moved down between my legs. I bent my knees, and he started to eat me properly, his face buried in my cunt, his mouth wide open in my pussy. He licked and sucked, and mouthed my pussy lips, engorging them and making them very sensitive. I played with my nipples, pulling on them hard, my eyes closed and my hips lifting every so often.

I was really wet now, my pussy juices flowing over my swollen lips, covering his face. I wanted his cock in me, and soon!

I pulled on his head, and as he moved away I reached for his cock. Huge and circumcised, he was fully shaved, with a hard body and little body-hair. I bent forward and took his cock’s head in my mouth, sucking on it hard, feeling his balls tight against his body.

I tasted some pre-cum, and knew he was ready for me.

I pointed at the condoms, and he rolled one on, standing in front of me, his cock rearing up from where I lay on the cushions.

He lay back down, and I was going to climb on top of him, but he pulled me onto my side, and lay behind me. I lifted one leg as he fingered me, three fingers driving deep into my gaping wet cunt.

His cock entered me, opening my lips wide, forcing its way in as I moved to accommodate its size and length.

More and more slid in, making me gasp with each thrust. Then he was mostly in I think, and he began to fuck me hard, gripping my bum, my upper leg high in the air. Our bodies made a sucking, wet sound as he thrust into me, slamming his tummy against my bum.

I was very turned on, and almost reached an orgasm.

Then he pulled out of me, and I got on top of him, riding his cock hard, his hands pulling on my nipples, elongating them. I ground my hips back and forth, my clit pressing into his pubic bone.

I felt I was going to cum, and gripped his cock with my cunt, grinding more than lifting now.

He thrust up hard and I came, squirming and gasping as the orgasm rushed through me. More and more it came. I slowed, waited, then started again and let it build once more. Three times I came, each a bit better than the last.

When I couldn’t take it any more I lay on him, forcing him to lie still, my sweaty body pressed against his chest.

Lifting myself off him, I sat up and looked at his cock, still in its condom, rigid, huge and throbbing.

‘’You want to cum?’’ I asked him.

He shook his head. ‘’Not yet. Later. I want to fuck you again’’

I smiled at him. ‘’We will see’’ I said. "That was great. You fuck nicely.’’

Turning, I saw his father, Neil, sitting with Liana on the floor in front of him, kneeling, his cock in Liana’s mouth. Brent got up, went to them, took off the condom and drove his cock hard into Liana’s pussy from the back. She squealed as he rammed it into her, holding her bum for leverage. She battled to keep his dad's cock in her mouth as she was shoved around from him fucking her, but she managed.

Father and son fucked her, taking turns behind her while she sucked the others one's cock.

(I later found out from Simon, who also fucked Liana, that Brett and Neil had met Liana at an escort agency in Bedfordview where she worked. Brett had booked her and fucked her that night, and a few days later Neil had gone there with a friend and both fucked her.

Neil had told Brett about this. Brett however liked her, and asked her out on a date, and had dated her several times. But because of her work, both guys were okay with each of them fucking her (after all, lots of guys did every night!).

So when they went to swinger parties, they often took her along for both of them, or for anyone else at the party).

I sat and watched for a while. I saw Lev standing with a statuesque woman of about 40, quite muscular with very big enhanced boobs and strong legs. He saw that I was not busy and came over with her.

I went with them to the main lounge, where quite a few people were playing.

We joined a group on the floor in front of the fireplace. Two women were fucking a young man, the one riding his cock, the other with her pussy over his face, while the husbands (I assumed) of both of them sat on a couch, naked and hard, and looked on, laughing and drinking wine.

Lev suggested that we sit on a couch to one side while he fetched drinks. The woman who had come with us, Sonja, and I did so, and Lev went to the bar. I spoke a while with her - very Afrikaans accent, turns out she is a Maths teacher in Pretoria at a boy’s school. Her husband, she says, knows about her swinging, but usually doesn’t come along - she says he is too shy. She didn’t say how she got invited or whether she knows Lev.

Lev returned with a large Vodka for himself, and glass of whiskey for Sonja, and a mineral water for me.

One of the husbands who were watching the women came over to us. He seemed to know Sonja, as they greeted. He was nicely built, dark hair with some grey at the temples, and a nice face. His cock was hard as he stood in front of Sonja. She wasted no time, reached for it and began to stroke him. Lev, sitting next to me, put his arm around me, and played with my boobs, tweaking my nipple lightly. He rested his other hand on my thigh, and I parted my legs, letting his hand slide up to my pussy. He put his drink down, leaned over and nuzzled my pussy with his mouth, licking along my wet slit till he parted the lips.

I put my hand between his legs and felt his very big and thick cock growing harder as I stroked it. He seemed very turned on and grew fully hard quickly.

He has a really large cock, much bigger than normal, and he knows it! He got up and faced me. Sonja, still masturbating the guy in front of her, took Lev's cock in her other hand and jerked both guys at the same time.

Lev let her do so for only a moment, then pulled away, and took my hand.

‘’Come little Tammy’’ he said, ‘’just you and me go to play, yes?’’

I stood, and he led me out of the lounge to a small room next door. It seemed to be an office or sorts, with a desk and chairs, and a small couch and coffee table to one side.

He closed the door and locked it.

Turning to me, he said "I just want to have you to myself for once. Is okay?’’

‘’Sure’’ I said, waiting.

He dimmed the lights and turned on music from somewhere.

‘’I have a favour to ask’’ he said, standing, cock erect, in front of me.

‘’Okay’’ I said, intrigued.

‘’I want to make love to you like a man does to his woman. But may I make a film of it, just for me to keep?’’

I laughed. Normally I would not like that, but I trust Lev, and also, quite frankly if he wanted to film people fucking at his parties, he could do so at any time anyway.

‘’Okay, as long as no-one else gets to see it’’ I said.

‘’You have my word as a Russian soldier’’ he said. (I had no idea that he was in the military, but with Lev anything is possible.)

He went to the desk, took out a small camera, set it on the desk pointing at the couch, and took my hand, leading me to the couch.

We made love for an hour, in every position imaginable, and it was exquisite.

I sat in front of him and sucked him for a long time, playing with his giant cock, licking along his shaft, then around his balls and back up the shaft, sliding the huge head into my mouth and running my tongue around the edge till he squirmed.

I put as much in as I could, held it there, and sucked on it like a lollipop, tasting some pre-cum now and then as he neared a climax.

When my mouth got tired I took his cock out and lay on the carpet. He lay between my open thighs and then he ate my pussy, his tongue deep in me, then between my lips, then around my hard clit. His fingers probed my arsehole as he ate my cunt, ramming deep into me with a finger, his thumb in my cunt as his tongue lapped at my wetness.

I felt an orgasm start and pulled his head closer. He obliged by licking and sucking hard, his fingers also deep in me as he sensed the rush begin. As I came he took his mouth away and rammed several fingers into my gaping cunt, forcing the orgasm to reach a climax as juices flowed out of me and my legs trembled as l came.

When it subsided, I stayed on my back, and he mounted me, slid his rock hard and huge head into my raw cunt, and fucked me very gently, deeply, until I came again. Then on my hands and knees, then with me on top of him riding his cock deep in me, sometimes lifting myself up and down on it, and sometimes backwards and forwards grinding my pussy against him. Then back to him on top of me, and when he could not hold out any longer he clutched me to him, his head buried against my neck as he grunted and jerked when he came eventually inside me, his cock driving its full length deep into me, making me squeal and squirm as he emptied his load in me.

It was wonderful, and I forgot all about the camera to be honest.

When we were done, we lay in each other’s arms and almost slept. After a while we got up, I put my gown around me, and went to shower.

Some while later, as I was sitting at the jacuzzi chatting with Irina, a man who had spoken to me a few times during the evening came up to me. He had his wife with him, and she wanted to experience a woman fucking her - she never had, and Simon had told her I was bi, so I might.

We went to the playroom, and the woman, a petit blonde in her 40’s with tiny, firm boobs and a triangle of dark blond hair above her pussy, lay on a couch with me while I first kissed her, then sucked her boobs, then her pussy till she almost came. Then we swapped, and I showed her what I liked. She was very tentative at first, but after a while got to enjoy my reaction to her tongue in my cunt.

I made her cum with my mouth and my fingers twice, and then her husband, who had been watching with another guy, was so aroused he almost pushed me off her, drove his cock into her cunt and squirted within a minute, the other guy following suit as soon as her husband was done.

The party went on until morning, when I found Simon wrapped in the arms of a young brunette, both fast asleep!

We showered again, got dressed and drove home in the early hours of the morning, just as the sun was rising.