Written by wildchildtammy

10 Oct 2013


Lying next to Andrew, I said that I wanted him to show me what guys liked to do when having sex.

He was a bit reluctant at first, as he was still not sure that I was not going to change my mind about this and get him into trouble. I told him that I knew what I wanted, and that he was safe.

He thought about this for a while, all the time playing gently with my nipples.

My boobs were, as a young teen, very firm, with quite big puffy nipples which got very hard when I was turned on, a nice shape, and I was quite proud of them so I liked him playing with them. Then he started kissing them again, and moved down my tummy, licking and kissing.

His mouth got to the top of my pussy, and he opened my legs a bit and bent my knees up.

His tongue flicked at my pussy lips, inside my lips, and onto my clit. I had never experienced such a delicious sensation- my whole body tingled with pleasure.

As his tongue went deeper, he put one finger onto my pussy, and drew a line towards my bum.

I was not sure I liked this, but when his finger got to my bum-hole, and he moved it around a bit while his tongue licked my pussy, I knew I DID like it- a lot!

He licked and sucked faster and faster, one finger on my bum, and one inside my pussy, pushing in and out.

I lifted my hips, pushing against his mouth, and bucking up and down to meet his finger and tongue. I felt a warm rush of pleasure through my tummy and pussy, and with a loud gasp I came and came, for what seemed like minutes, although it was probably only seconds.

My pussy lips were swollen with stimulation, and very sensitive. Even after I came, I put my fingers there and played with the outer lips- the feeling was magical.

He took his mouth away from my pussy, and kissed me- the first time I had tasted myself on someone else.

I lay back panting, watching him. His hand was on his cock, still hard and big. I could see a little bit of what I now know is pre-cum on the tip of his cock. I touched it, and ran my fingers down the shaft. He was circumcised, and I played with the head of his cock, tracing the shape of the head and touching the front of it which made him moan and twitch!

I knew what I wanted to do.

I sat up and pushed him to lie down, so he lay on his back. Now I did the same to him- kissing and licking from his chest down his stomach, to the tip of his cock. I took a breath, and licked the tip of it- he groaned. I licked down the shaft, and back up again. He groaned some more. This was fun- I took his balls in one hand and felt them, and then I put the head of his cock in my mouth, not sure what to do next.

I had seen porn movies of course, but I could not imagine how the girls got the whole cock into their mouth- there was so much of it!

I slid his cock into and out of my mouth, as deep as it would go, all the while fondling his balls.

He pushed his hips up, almost forcing his cock deeper. I let it go in, and started sucking and licking as it went in and out.

Suddenly I felt his balls go tight, and he moved faster and harder. I knew his was going to cum, so I took his cock out of my mouth, wrapped my hand around it and stroked it fast. I pointed it at me, and within a few seconds felt the warm spurt of his cum on my boobs, tummy and over my pussy. In fact the first spurt almost hit my face, had I not moved it away quickly!

I kept stroking it after the cum had stopped, until he took my hand away.

I lay next to him with my head on his chest, and watched his cock get slowly softer.

After about 10 minutes I got up, took a towel from the pile in the storeroom and wiped myself down.

I got into my skirt, without putting my panties on, and put my bra and blouse back on. He got dressed also, and then held me close to him in a nice warm cuddle.

Just before I unlocked the door, I gave him my panties, and told him to keep them to remember me until the next time!

After that first time, we had sex on many occasions, both at school and after a while at his house. He taught me to play without letting the guy cum too quickly, and how to make my orgasm last longer and to cum more often. (My record with him was 6 times in one afternoon- me, not him, but I did get him to cum twice in one afternoon!)

With him I also felt a guy cum inside me, and felt that warm cum flooding through me.

He also taught me to let him cum in my mouth, although for a long time I would not swallow, just spit it out. I only learned to swallow much later when I was older.

I would lie in his arms in the afternoon as the sun went down, sometimes not even having sex, but just cuddling. Then he would drop me off near my parent’s house towards evening.

The sex ended when he got a girl-friend, and he said that he did not want to cheat on her. We had sex one last time one evening, when we went to Clifton beach late. We had a picnic on a blanket between the rocks at First Beach, and then made love.

I saw him one last time about 2 years later, when I was 17. I was at the Spur in Pinelands with a boyfriend, and he walked in with a woman who I think is his wife. They sat 2 tables away, with him facing me, and his wife and my BF with their backs to each other. I saw that he had seen me, but did nothing. When my BF went to the bathroom, I looked at him, took a celery stick from the salad and pushed it in and out of my lips. I am not sure what his explanation was to his wife as to why he suddenly choked and sprayed his mouthful of wine over the table!!

Although I don’t recommend seducing a teacher as the way for a girl to learn about sex, I don’t regret it at all- he was sweet, kind and safe, and I treasure my experiences with him.