10 Jan 2018

Happy New Year to you all!

Simon (my hubby) and I had a quiet New Year with some friends over for a late braai. One of the couples there was Andre and Sandy, who you may have read about in previous diaries (SEE 19 April 2016 and others prior).

Andre told Simon that he had two friends from the UK staying, who had never done a swinger party, but had been with their wives to a club in Leeds.

They were here alone, and Andre suggested that maybe we could put together a party for them, him and Sandy, Simon and me, and maybe another couple.

As Simon was going overseas with Lev (a business partner) early in Jan, he said it would have to be either very soon, or only in February. Andre suggested that we look at the 5th of Jan, which suited us fine.

I spoke to Sandy on the Thursday to see what I should bring for the dinner, and she said that Andre had invited a couple, Donovan and Karen, who they had met at a party in late 2017. She said we would like them. Andre had also invited a good friend of his who had recently got divorced, Marc.

I was a bit puzzled by the numbers, to be honest. It sounded like we would have 3 couples and three single guys, which is a bit odd. I wasn’t sure how the party would work, but I would wait and see.

So, on the Thursday afternoon I went to the beauty salon to have a bikini wax, mani/pedi and a facial (normally I am fully shaved, but since Nov I have trimmed it into a triangle bikini shape, just for fun. I told Simon that next I was going to stop shaving my legs and underarms, at which he asked what I wanted as a divorce present!).

We were going to braai early and then party later, so I wore a blue and gold low- V-neck dress with a slit up each side to my hips, gold high-heeled sandals and a blue/green floral scarf, with my hair in a high pony-tail.

We arrived at Andre’s house at 17h00, where we were introduced to the two British guys - Michael and Peter. Mike is tall and swarthy, powerfully built with thick black hair and a strong face, and spoke with such a strong accent that I could hardly understand him! He is a stockbroker by profession, and I was dreading him and my hubby getting into a corner and talking about investments all night!

Peter is shorter, maybe just under 1.8m, with a shaved head and a pleasant, round face. Slightly ‘’portly’’, he owns a Land Rover dealership near Leeds.

We sat outside on the stoep overlooking the beautiful garden and had drinks and snacks, while we waited for Donovan and Karen, and Marc, to arrive.

They arrived at 17h30, and were introduced to us all. Sandy knew Karen from her book-club, and told me that Karen and Don had been to three or four swinger parties in Australia where they had been living until mid-2017 when his company relocated him to Johannesburg.

Don is older, maybe mid 50’s, and very suave and well-groomed, with beautifully cut short hair and a lovely smile, while his wife, Karen is younger, not more than mid 30’s, petite, blonde and pretty with a nice figure. Marc arrive almost on their heels - and wow! Is he good looking or what! As he came into the room I saw my hubby glance at me to see my reaction!

Marc is tall, well over 1.8m with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. He has short blonde hair and a nice face with blue eyes. He must be in his late 30’s I guess, and whichever woman let him go needs her head read!

Dinner was served on the stoep and we ate on our laps, enjoying the warm evening.

I was still puzzled by the numbers - while a ratio of lots of guys and few girls may be normal at clubs, at private parties the ratio is usually more balanced, so it felt a bit odd.

I asked Simon what he thought, and he said he had an idea which he would discuss with Andre.

I could see the two British guys eyeing me, and when I leaned forward I noticed Mike looking down my cleavage, where my bra-less boobs were visible to him no doubt! I didn’t let on that I had seen it, and when I leaned forward again I stayed like that, letting him have a good long look.

Andre went inside and closed the curtains and dimmed the lights, and put some music on. There is always a bit of tension at this stage, as everyone knows that the real party will start now, and I could sense the guys looking at the three women, each imagining what it was going to be like to fuck each one (the women do much the same, except maybe more discreetly!).

It was very warm, and Andre suggested that we swim. It was a great idea, and they have a lovely pool.

Andre and Simon just stripped off their clothes and dived in. I took off my dress and saw Mike and Marc looking at me, covertly. I leaned forward and stepped out of my panties, turning to put my dress on the chair and letting them have a good look at my dark triangle of pussy hair above my slit before diving in.

Karen and Sandy also stripped and dived in - Karen has a stunning petite body, her boobs small but shapely with nice brown nipples and her pussy shaved. Sandy has enhanced boobs, but very well done, and is always shaved.

I watched as Marc got undressed - he has a really nice body, very well-defined muscles, and when he took off his shorts I was not disappointed - his cock is very long and thick, uncut, and he was fully shaved. Karen was also watching him, and winked at me as he stepped into the warm water. No sooner was he in the pool than she swam to him, and without hesitation wrapped her arms around him, and sucked on his nipples. She is so small next to him that she almost had to reach up to do that!

Her hands went below the water, and I saw her fondle his cock and balls, pulling it to her. He played with her boobs, her nipples now hard from the cooler air. Clearly, she was going to have him first!

I was standing watching her when I felt a pair of arms around me. I turned, and saw that it was Karen’s husband, Don. He wrapped his arms around me, and cupped my breasts, pulling lightly on my nipples, and then slid his hand down to between my legs, touching my pussy. I felt his finger slide along my slit, teasing me, and then back to massaging over my pussy below my hair. I could feel his cock, big and hard, pressing against my bum. I put my hands behind me and grasped it, stroking it.

Sandy was sitting on the steps with Simon in front of her, playing with her boobs, and Peter behind her massaging her shoulders.

I could feel Don's fingers on my pussy, wanting to finger me, but I turned towards him to make another plan.

(Although I have (and I am sure, will) fuck in water, it’s not something I like to do if there is an alternative, for two reasons: first, I have to be VERY wet for it not to hurt, as the water washes away the fluids quickly, and if the guy is using a condom it's even worse as the water de-lubricates the condom as well.

But more importantly, when a guy puts his finger or cock in me in the water, it pushes water into my pussy - and that’s a health risk, as there are always germs or bacteria in the water which now get deep inside my pussy, with no lubricant to protect it. That’s a recipe for a vaginal infection! So rather not do it.)

I was happy to play with Don, but I thought the numbers were going to be a problem - if I played with Don, and Karen with Marc, and Sandy with Simon, what were the others going to do? Just watch?

I said to Don that I wanted to have a quick word with Simon, and went to him. He left Sandy, and I told him of my concerns. Call me a mother-hen, but I like to know that everyone is having fun! He went off to talk to Andre, who then suggested that we go inside.

We wrapped our towels around us and went inside.

I sat next to Marc and chatted to him, while Andre and Simon chatted some more, and then Andre asked us all what we thought of their idea:

"If we just play as normal, it may mean that some guys are not all that involved, because of the numbers. Simon has suggested that we do as follows: we have three couples and three guys. But looked at another way, we have six guys and three women. If the guys pair up, then each woman can maybe play with each pair of guys for a while, and then move on to the next pair of guys. That way we all get to play all the time. What do you think?’’

It sounded like a great plan, and we all agreed.

The guys drew straws to team up, while the women just chilled. All very organized, and Karen and I were laughing so hard at the ‘’organized’’ approach that we had to go and wipe our eyes!

Don and Mike were a pair, as were Simon and Andre and then Marc and Peter.

Karen, Sandy and I drew straws to start, and Karen ‘’got’’ Simon and Andre, I ‘’got’’ Don and Mike, and Sandy ‘’got’’ Marc and Peter.

We all got drinks, Andre turned the lights even lower, opened the doors to the stoep and the pool, and the girls went to ‘’their’’ guys amidst much laughter and giggling and comments.

Don and Mike were sitting on a couch in the far corner, looking at a porn DVD which André had playing on the big screen over the bar. They were drinking a Nederburg Rose', which was in an ice-bucket on a table next to Mike. I pulled up a chair, and sat opposite them, facing them. They looked at me with interest, and Don patted the seat between them, but I shook my head. I said to them - ‘’unwrap your towels’’, and they did. Both their cocks were semi-hard, at that delicious stage just between being soft and being hard - standing straight out in front of them. Both men were shaved, and both had nice size cocks - Mike's uncut, Don's circumcised.

"Sit on your hands’’ I said, and they did.

I undid my towel, still facing them, and sat for a moment, letting them look at my boobs and my pussy, my legs together.

(if you read my latest novel you will see where this idea came from!)

I took the bottle of wine from the ice-bucket, and wiped the neck with a serviette and pushed the cork in hard, still looking at them.

Without breaking eye contact, I took a condom from the table and unwrapped it. Their cocks were getting harder now, almost standing up straight and twitching as the blood engorged them.

I rolled the condom over the long neck of the bottle, and lifted first one and then the other leg, resting my feet on their legs, so my pussy was now wide open to them. I could feel I was very wet already, and they must have seen that.

I placed the neck of the bottle between my legs, with the condom over it, and slowly slid the first few inches of the neck of the bottle into my pussy. It felt weird at first to be honest - ice cold and hard, not at all like a cock or even a dildo, but still not unpleasant. I pushed some more in, and felt the thicker part of the neck of the bottle widen my pussy, creating more sensation.

Bit by bit I pushed more in, and then started to masturbate with the bottle, sliding it in and out of my pussy. I got more and more aroused, just watching the men staring at the bottle going in and out of my cunt, and it was beginning to be a nice feeling also!

They were both masturbating now, jerking their cocks hard, their mouths open, staring at the bottle in my pussy.

I have done this before, as a joke, but it was fascinating to see the guys reaction to it - they were really turned on! I could of course not put a great deal of the bottle in me, as it would hurt, but I guess it’s the idea that counts!

After a while I took the bottle out, took the condom off it, took the cork out and topped up their glasses - again, more the idea than anything real, as the actual glass of the bottle had not touched me, and the condom was off it now. Still, it got their attention.

Don had a nicely-shaped cock, and quite thick with a large head. I kneeled on the carpet in front of him and licked his shaft and head, then took it in my mouth. Mike got off the couch and went behind me, and I felt his big fingers rub along my bum, between my cheeks, over my arsehole and to my slit, and then a finger entered my slit gently, probing my outer lips, stroking them lightly.

I took Mike’s cock in my one hand, and boy was it thick! I could barely close my hand around it! I massaged it, feeling the head emerge as it grew fully hard. I jerked him faster, and after a while felt a little bit of pre-cum, as his finger pushed further and further into my cunt. With his other hand he reached in front of me and rubbed my clit.

I was sucking Don hard now, and for a moment I tasted some pre-cum I think, so I took his cock out of my mouth before her could cum in my mouth by accident.

I turned to Mike, and pushed him to lie on his back on the carpet. Taking a condom off the table, I unrolled it onto his cock, straddled him and mounted him facing him, and let his cock enter my cunt. It really was thick, and my pussy-lips were stretched to allow it to go in, but I was wet enough and it did. I lowered myself on his cock, sitting all the way down, my hands on his broad chest to support myself.

Lifting myself up and down I began to fuck him, slowly at first, moving my hips back and forth to increase the pressure on my clit. Don kneeled next to us, and I turned my head to face him, and took his cock again in my mouth. We fucked like that for some time, and then swapped, with Don on the floor and Mike next to us.

No-one wanted to cum yet, so after a while we stopped when Don was close, and I got off.

They sat on the couch again, with me in between them, Don's finger in my pussy, and Mike playing with my nipples while I played with their cocks, one in each hand.

At the other end of the room, Marc and Peter were fucking Sandy, with her on her hands and knees, and Marc behind her, Peter sitting in front of her, his cock in her mouth, her firm boobs swinging as she was being pummeled by Marc from the back in her cunt.

She suddenly took Peter's cock out of her mouth and bent over forward, and gave a series of long groans, louder and louder as she came with Marc fucking her hard.

Simon and Andre had finished fucking Karen, but I didn’t see what they had been doing. They were sitting much as we were, with Simon's hand between her legs, stroking her cunt.

I stood and walked over to Simon and Andre, just as Karen stood and went to Marc and Peter - I guess if she couldn’t have Marc first she could be second!

It's always a bit strange playing with Simon at a party - we don’t do it often, but we have done it - I just don’t think of him as my hubby, but just as another guy when we play. Andre loves playing with me - he has suggested on more than one occasion that he and I should get together to play on our own, but he does it in such a nice way that one can’t take offense, and I just say ‘’no thanks!’’

As soon as Andre saw me approach, he stood and took my hand. He clasped me to him, pressing me close, and began to kiss me long and deep, his hands running up and down my side, and over my boobs, playing with my nipples.

I felt his cock, rigid and slightly damp pressing onto my body just above my pussy. I reached for it, and stroked it, feeling that it was still wet from Karen’s mouth or cunt.

Simon stood and went behind me, pressing his familiar cock between my bum cheeks, then feeling with his hand for my arsehole, and inserting a finger a little bit.

I parted my legs a bit more, and Simon pushed his index finger into my arse, while Andre opened my pussy with his fingers, and then knelt in front of me, held my pussy lips open with his fingers, found my clit with his tongue and licked it hard. I jerked as he did so, an almost electric thrill running through my cunt, as his tongue circled my clit first one way and then the other, then sucking on it. He had a finger deep in my pussy while he mouthed my clit, and I felt hugely aroused. Simon realized this, and drove deeper with his finger into my arsehole making me squirm with pleasure.

I was very horny by now, having fucked the other two and that made my pussy tender.

Andre lay on a cushion on the floor, and pulled me on top of him. I felt his fingers probe my cunt, wetting the outer lips even more, and then his cock slid in, all the way in one go - I was THAT wet!

I immediately started to fuck him, riding him hard. But as I did so, I felt Simon behind me. He parted my bum cheeks, and massaged my arsehole. I felt something slippery and wet being rubbed into it, then he crouched over me from behind, and slowly pushed his cock into my arse. Andre waited, panting, as Simon positioned his cock, and once more of Simon's cock was in my arse, I began to move again, letting Andre also move in and out. DP is not as easy as it sounds (or looks in the movies). The girl can’t move much, and nor can the guys, unless she is very used to anal and has a big arsehole widened by regular use, which I don’t have.

But the sensation is intense, maybe more from being sandwiched between two thrusting male bodies than from the actual feeling in my cunt. Both men clasped me, pressing their bodies into me, their cocks thrusting in unison deep into me.

Simon knows that I will cum very quickly when I do DP, and in maybe a minute I started to cum, my body quivering and spasming as they kept fucking me while the orgasm washed through me. I couldn’t move, my legs were like jelly, my breath coming in gasps and pants as I came and came, and still they didn’t stop.

Only when I pushed up from Andre did Simon slowly withdraw his cock from my arsehole, and sit back on his legs. I was covered in sweat - theirs and mine, my juices running out of my cunt over my thighs and onto Andre. I rolled off Andre and lay next to him. Simon lay next to me, cuddling me close. I almost fell asleep! It felt like ages, but was really probably only a few minutes and I ‘’woke’’, sat up, and gave them both a big kiss, then I went to the bathroom to freshen up. As I walked there, I saw Marc and Karen looking at me - they must have been watching the DP, and Marc’s intent look told me what he was thinking!

This was turning out to be a better arrangement than I had expected. While the ‘’rotation’’ of the three women from one pair of guys to another seemed a bit artificial (no, VERY artificial!), it worked quite well in practice. Everyone got to play, and later on we would see how it turned out - some may want to play more with others again.

I returned from the bathroom having had a quick shower.

(note to readers: in these diaries there will always be big gaps where I don’t describe what others are doing - I can’t be everywhere at once, and I can only describe what I see going on around me at the time. If someone is doing something in another room for example, I can’t write about it as I haven’t seen it. In the novel I can make up events for everyone!)

Marc and Peter had gone onto the stoep, and were sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi, with a drink in hand. I had my towel around my waist, and I went up behind Marc and put my arms around him, pressing my boobs against his back.

"Those boobs can only be Tammy's!’’ he said with a smile in his voice, and turned around.

I smiled at him, gave him and Peter a kiss, dropped my towel and got into the jacuzzi.

I looked at the two guys sitting there. Marc’s cock was really big, but not hard, hanging long and thick between his legs. Peter’s cock was surprisingly big - even though he did not have a wonderful body, being a bit plump, his cock was nothing to complain about.

I turned to face them, and, sitting in front of Peter, took his cock in my hand and began to masturbate him. As he grew harder I took him in my mouth, and sucked him until he was fully hard. He leaned back on his arms, his head thrown back, just enjoying the blow-job I guess.

Marc was masturbating himself, his cock getting bigger and bigger. I took Peter's cock out of my mouth, and gave Marc a turn.

"Can I face-fuck you?’’ he asked.

(actually, what he said sounded like “c’n ah fez-fook yu?’’. I had to ask him to repeat it! Scots!)

"Slowly at first, yes.’’ I said, and opened my mouth.

He held the back of my head and began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. I took it as deep as I could, and felt it slam against the back of my throat, but it was okay, so I let him continue. His cock was now fully hard, and it filled my mouth, my lips stretched around its girth.

As he fucked, I tensed my lips and cheeks and made it as tight as could without getting hurt. He groaned as he felt my mouth tighten on his shaft, and kept pumping.

Peter moved next to me, and reached between my legs, feeling for my slit.

I let him touch my slit a bit, then took Marc's cock out of my mouth, and stood up.

"Come, let's sit on a lounger’’ I said, and went to the nearest one.

I sat, and Marc again immediately stood in front of me, wanting more face-fucking.

I obliged, as Peter knelt in front of me and began to lick my wet slit, his warm tongue tickling my clit and making me even wetter.

Marc was getting very turned on now, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth quickly.

"Don’t cum in my mouth’’ I said, taking his cock out of my mouth for a moment.

My mouth was getting sore, so I took his cock out, and lay on the lounger on my back. Peter stood, jerked his cock a few times, put on a condom and climbed onto me, driving his cock deep into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him to me, letting him fuck me as hard as he wanted to. He went at it for a few minutes, and then, exhausted, stood up, to be replaced right away by Marc.

Marc’s cock was not that easy to get in, even though my cunt was wet and ready - he was just that big.

I wriggled around as he slid it in, and eventually he was properly in, and he began to fuck me with long, deep strokes, taking his member almost all the way out each time, and then driving it back in until his pubic bone hit mine. He fucked with a very nice ‘’grinding’ ’motion, rubbing the base of his cock against the top of my cunt against my clit.

I started feeling an orgasm, and clenched my cunt tight, making him push hard. I came in a rush, my pussy on fire, my legs wobbly as he kept thrusting. No sooner was I done than he paused, let me subside, and then began again, lifting me back to an orgasm within a minute.

When that died down, he got off me, and Peter, who had been standing there masturbating, climbed on and began to fuck me again, very hard and fast, bringing me to yet another orgasm, the third in as many minutes.

My cunt was raw and sore, but he kept going, and I felt him start to cum, his torso jerking as he spurted inside the condom in my cunt.

Karen had wandered over, naked, her nipples hard, her pussy red and engorged.

She sat on the lounger next to me, pulled Marc towards her, and pulled the condom off his rigid huge cock.

Taking it in her mouth, she began to suck him hard, choking on the size of it as he thrust it down her throat. She took it out for a second, said ‘’cum’’ and put it back. He didn’t need a second invitation, and I watched as he rammed his cock deep into her petite mouth, her lips stretched wide around it, and then he came in her mouth, holding her head as he squirted. She gulped and spluttered as the cum filled her mouth, a stream of it running out of the corner of her mouth, her throat working as she tried to swallow as much as she could.

He came for a long time, Karen swallowing repeatedly, until he was finished. He took his cock out of her mouth, and she wiped the cum dribbling down her chin and licked it off her fingers. Her husband, Don, was standing nearby, jerking his cock, watching his wife swallow Marc’s huge load.

I was really sore by now, so I went inside. Andre was sitting on a couch watching Simon fuck his wife Sandy, with her on her hands and knees and Simon driving deep into her cunt from the back. They came together just as I arrived there, his back arching as he shot his cum inside her, her head pulled back as he held on her hair in his fist.

I had a swim and sat in my towel talking to Sandy, while Marc and Don fucked Don’s wife Karen again in the pool.

Around 1 am we said good bye and went home.

All in all, a strange but enjoyable start to the new swinging year!


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