19 Oct 2016

Test 2

As many of you know, I am an au pair when I am in South Africa, which is 90% of the time these days since I got married in Jan 2016.

I look after 2 small children, who, until last year, went to a playschool most mornings.

From sitting around at the playschool, I became friends with most of the teachers, and with one in particular, a young British girl, Sharon.

She left school quite young in the UK, studied to be a nursery-school teacher, and then came to SA when her then-boyfriend, a South African, returned here. They broke up not long afterwards, but she stayed here as she liked the country, the weather and the people.

She met and then married a British man here last year, and although I have only seen him in passing, picking her up some days, I know her quite well.

She is really sweet- very tall (for a girl) at 1.8m, slender, with shoulder-length blonde hair and peaches and cream complexion. She wears her hair is a style similar to that which Princess Diana wore, so she sort of peeks out from behind this mass of blondeness with big eyes. She also blushes easily- so I tease her to get her to blush! She is very striking because of her height and pale features, by comparison to South African women, and guys find her very attractive.

The man she married is an attorney in Johannesburg, and seems very wealthy. He is huge- quite a bit taller than she is, but not particularly muscular- just a very big guy. He seems nice- he also has the typically English complexion, with fairly pale skin and short dark blonde hair. He has a very nice smile – very warm and friendly, and they seem very happy together.

Sharon was 19 when they got married, and is now 20, and he is, I think, about my age, so 34 roughly, so quite a big age gap (but not like Simon and me- 30 years!!)

Earlier this year Sharon and I met for a drink after work at the Keg near where I live. We chatted for ages, and she had quite a bit to drink- so much so that I drove her home and she left her car at the Keg for her husband to pick up later.

During this chat, we somehow got onto the subject of fantasies. Being just the two of us, we were quite open with each other. She mentioned that she had a friend in the UK who did swinging, and I said, without going into detail, that I had done this, and so had Simon. She was fascinated, and wanted to know all about it, so I gave her a general idea of what went on at such a party.

That was maybe 3 months ago.

Two weeks ago, we were sitting on the bench in the play area. The kids I look after go to ‘’big school’’ now, but sometimes they like to go back for an afternoon to play with their friends at the playschool, so I took them there that afternoon.

After chatting for a while, Sharon said:

‘’there’s something I want to ask you- but I am shy to’’

‘’go on’ ’I said ‘’ask away- I wont be offended or laugh- promise!’’

‘’you remember when we were at the Keg, and we spoke about the swinger parties?’’


‘’I don’t know how to say this. …. Chris (that’s her husband) and I have had a fantasy of him seeing me with another man. Is that very weird?’’

‘’not at all’’ I said ‘’lots of couples have that fantasy’’

‘’so if we wanted to do it, for real, how would we do it? We don’t want to go to a full swinger party- we just want me and a guy, with Chris watching’’

‘’well’’, I said with a smile ‘’ you would need to find a guy you could trust, and whom you liked, and ask him, I guess. You must be very popular, so lots of guys would jump at the chance I am sure!’’

She blushed bright pink.

‘’I don’t know anyone I could ask without it getting back to all our friends. I was hoping you may know of someone from the parties you have been to’’

I laughed, and said I would need more information from her.

‘’first, where would you do this? Second, would Chris also join in or just watch? Third, have you REALLY thought about this?’’

She asked what the last one meant

‘’lots of men have this fantasy of seeing their wife with another man. But the fantasy is one thing, but when they actually see their wife on her back with another man entering her, its very different- particulars is she is enjoying it, and cums, or something.

It can create problems in the marriage later, where he feels entitled to see another woman behind her back because she had sex with this guy. Men get confused about the difference between swinging and having an affair.’’

‘’we have spoken about this’’ she said, still blushing furiously, ‘’ Chris understands what the risks are, and we are still keen to try it. He even suggested maybe more than one guy, but I don’t know about that- I have never done it with more than one man at a time’’

‘’so, if you are serious, you want me to see if I can set this up? Where would you do it, and when?’’

‘’Not at our house’’ she said. “I just couldn’t, not in our bed. And probably a Friday or Saturday night. I can’t believe I am asking you!’’

‘’don’t worry, I have been asked much weirder things, I promise you. I will see who I know. Then I can maybe show you a picture of the guy, so you can see if you like what he looks like. Then we can decide on when and where’’

‘’ is something like this safe, for me? ‘’she asked

‘’very safe’’ I said. ‘’at any time you can say stop, or no, and the guys will stop right there and then, no matter what they are doing or how aroused they or you are. They may then ask what’s wrong, but even if you just feel like stopping for no reason, you can- you don’t owe anyone an explanation.’’

For example, when you meet the guy, maybe you just sit and chat and then decide not to go through with it- its fine. No-one will object or make a scene. Also, you can ask the guy to do or not to do whatever you want. Provided that he is happy to do that, he will. If not, he will say so’’

‘’that sounds great’ ’she said. ’One last thing. Would you be able to be there, to see that it is all ok, and that I am safe? I trust Chris 100%, but I would still feel safer if I knew that there was another woman there’’

‘’you want me to watch, or just be in the house?’’

‘’either- it’s up to you. Is it very strange for you to watch?’’

‘’Not at all. We can do it either way- let’s see how it goes at the time’’

‘’if you want to join in you can’’ she said ‘’ maybe with Chris?’’

‘’you are ok with it if I play with Chris?’’ I clarified.

‘’yes, if I am going to play, so can he, if it is with you and I am there’’

I picked up the children and left, a little amazed that Sharon wanted to do this- she seemed such a ‘’virginal’’ English rose! Still, I know that English girls are much freer and easy with sex than South African girls- fucking is much less of a big deal to them.

I thought about this for a while, and asked Simon what he thought.

He had two brilliant suggestions. First, Sharon could use our guest cottage- it’s a one-bedroom, but it’s quite big, very cosy and intimate. The second idea was who to ask. Simon suggested that we ask Patrick. He is a guy we know from the parties. He is VERY good-looking, and works as a model, but he is not gay- very rugged, well-built AND SEXY. He is invited to quite a few of the parties- the older women love him- and he is caring and nice with them.

So that was the plan.

I phoned one of the couples who had invited Patrick to get his number, and I called him. I explained what was wanted, and he agreed at once. Then he had an idea.

‘’if she wants more than one guy, or may want more than one guy, why don’t I ask my boet to come also- he can either just be there if she doesn’t want two guys, or he can join if she decides she does. He will be cool with it either way, if the husband is ok with it. ‘’

I said I would ask, and we agreed a tentative date and time.

Simon would be away that weekend, and he was fine with having the little party at our guest cottage.

I phoned Sharon, and told her what I could arrange. She was giggling so much I could hardly make out what she was saying, but I gathered that she would talk to Chris and let me know.

Last week, mid-week, she phoned and said that she had spoken to Chris. He was keen, but wanted to know more about Patrick. Sharon said she also wanted to know more about his brother, in case he was also there.

Still playing matchmaker, I asked Patrick to mail me some pics of him and his brother, and some info about them. He did so almost immediately, and I asked Sharon for a secure e-mail addy and sent it. The pics Patrick sent were stunning. He was wearing designer clothes, and in some pics not wearing much at all. He looked amazing. His brother looked slightly younger, also very good looking, but more in a surfer-way than GQ model way.

The next day Sharon phoned me to say that she and Chris wanted to do it. Could I ask both guys to be there, but she may only play with one. We agreed a time, and last Saturday night I set up the guest cottage and got things ready.

She said that she and Chris had looked at the pics, and they got so horny that they fucked 4 times in one afternoon, cumming over and over just at the idea that this was all going to happen!

On Saturday afternoon Sharon phoned to ask what she should wear and so on. I said that she should wear something that made her feel sexy, but not an expensive outfit that would get damaged easily if it got a bit creased or so, although the guys would be careful- they always were at parties.

At 7 pm I closed the main house and went to the guest cottage. I put on some music, turned the lights down, put out some snacks and sat outside with a Coke to wait.

At 7h30 pm Patrick and his brother Amon arrived. They looked delicious- tight jeans, Patrick with a very nice white shirt, open quite a lot, and Amon with a tight black t-shirt. Both looked stunning, and very fuckable!

I was tempted to do a road-test first, but figured we did not have enough time!

At 7h45 Sharon and Chris arrived- Sharon looking very nervous. I welcomed them in, offered drinks, and we all sat around chatting. I could see Chris glancing at Pat and Amon every so often- no doubt envisaging them fucking his young wife- wondering what it would be like.

Sharon was wearing a very short green skirt and a white t shirt.- her loooong legs shapely and stunning. She has a wonderful figure from what I could see- a nice firm bum, and nice-size boobs. I could see her nipples poking through the shirt, whether from excitement or cold I didn’t know!

After everyone had had a few drinks, I said to Chris

‘’why don’t I show you around the property- you will be interested to see what we have done with it.’’

He stood, looked at Sharon, and came outside with me to the garden.

I showed him around the garden and the koi pond, and after about 15 mins we went back inside.

I think that he knew that I wanted to get him out of the room so that Sharon and Pat could get comfortable with each other on their own.

When we got back, there was no-one in the lounge. I went along the short corridor to the bedroom, and went in with Chris right behind me.

Sharon was sitting on the bed, Pat next to her. Amon was sitting on a chair in the corner, just watching them.

The music was not loud, but not too soft, and I motioned to Chris to sit next to me on a little couch near Amon. Sharon’s long legs were curled under her- her short skirt had ridden up, and sitting at the foot of the bed I could see her small white panties, her pussy a nice mound inside them.

Pat had opened his shirt to the waist, and Sharon was running her nails up and down his pecs and abs. she had her head turned to him, and he was kissing her deeply, holding the back of her head and stroking her face tenderly.

Chris was sitting forward on the couch, his mouth slightly open, staring at his wife and Patrick, an excited look on his face.

After kissing Sharon for a while, he lifted her t shirt and ran his hands under it up her back, then around to the front, holding her boobs, and playing with her nipples through her bra.

She arched her back, pushing her boobs towards him, and he lifted her t shirt up exposing her bra. He sucked at her nipples through her bra, and then pulled the bra-cups down.

He body was pale and creamy, her firm breasts bigger than I had expected, maybe a 34B or so, with small pink nipples, erect and quite long.

Patrick mouthed her nipples, drawing them with his lips, licking them. Sharon had her eyes closed, her head back, and there was a pink flush on her throat and neck, extending down her chest.

Patrick lifted the t shirt over Sharon’s head, and placed it carefully on the bedside table, and then unclipped her light bra and put it on the t shirt. Sharon’s cute, full boobs looked so sexy- all pale and virginal. Not a trace of a tan at all.

Next to her I look like a different race!

Pat leaned forward and kissed her breasts, fondling them, pulling gently on her nipples.

I looked at Chris. He was entranced by the sight of his pretty wife, topless, having her naked breasts kissed and sucked. Patrick got off the bed and stood next to it, facing her on the bed, took his shirt off and unzipped his jeans and stepped out of them, still looking at her. He had a small pair of briefs on, and I could see his cock getting harder underneath it.

He has a gorgeous body- firm, well-muscled, tanned and ‘’ripped’’, with an amazing six-pack. He has very little body-hair, and looks like the swim-suit model he is.

Kneeling on the bed he sat astride her legs. I could see her eyes flicking back and forth between his face and the growing bulge in his jocks as he faced her.

He reached for her skirt zip on the side, unzipped it, and pulled at it. She lifted her bum, and he pulled it down her legs. Her slim, firm body was a sight for sore eyes- she has beautiful curves but is still slim. She goes to gym a lot, and it shows in her toned muscles. Her height, even lying down, makes her quite spectacular- her legs are so long and shapely.

Sharon glanced at her husband sitting next to me. He smiled at her, and she smiled back with a very nervous smile, and then lay back on the bed.

This was the moment of truth-would she get naked or not?

Patrick knows how fast or slowly to go. I have seen him take an hour to get a woman comfortable enough to bet nude, and I have also seen him lift a very horny girls skirt, pull her panties aside, and fuck her standing at the bar at a party while she ordered a drink.

He was still astride Sharon, and he moved backwards to the foot of the bed. Taking his jocks off, he kneeled between her legs, opened them, and began to lick up and down her thighs. She couldn’t see his cock because she was lying back, but I could, and it was rock hard already, and big.

Sharon still had her small white panties on, and after a while, when he got to the top of her thigh, he pulled the panties aside a little bit, and licked along the side of her pussy.

Next to me, Chris shifted to one side so he could see this better. He stared at Pats tongue licking his wife’s pussy, and I saw one hand go to his crotch and touch the bulge there.

In the corner, Amon was also watching his brother, his hand in the open fly of his jeans touching his cock unselfconsciously.

Pat licked first one side of Sharon’s pussy, then the other.

Then gently, he pulled on her panties. She hesitated for just a second, and then lifted her bum and he slid them down her long legs and dropped them on the floor. Because I was sitting neat the floor of the bed, I could see the panties clearly, and I saw a large wet patch in the centre- this girl was getting turned on good and proper!

Standing on the floor at the foot of the bed, Patrick opened Sharon’s legs and put his face at her pussy. He started to lick her slit, his face buried between her legs. She fondled her boobs, tugging at her nipples as he licked her.

Chris was leaning forward to see around Pats head. His hand was still on his crotch, and I could see a big bulge underneath. I looked back at where Pat was licking his wife’s pussy, and then put my hand on his leg.

He glanced at me briefly, and then went back to looking at the couple on the bed.

I slid my hand up his thigh, until I got to his crotch. Sure enough, there was a nice hard cock under there. I ran my nails over his cock, pushing his hand aside. He didn’t stop looking at his wife, but parted his legs a bit.

Sharon was moving her hips as Patrick mouthed her pussy, her breath coming in little gasps. She had bent her knees so as to give him better access to her pussy, and his head bobbed up and down as he drove his tongue into her.

I was rubbing Chris’s cock under his jeans- it felt like it was going to burst through the zip!

I felt for the zip, and with some difficulty pulled it down, and opened the top button. His cock was hard and very big inside his jocks- it seemed to go all the way to one side, filling his jocks.

I felt for the head, and was surprised to find how big his cock was- even constrained by his jocks it felt very big indeed- long and thick it seemed.

I glanced at Amon. He was looking at my hand, and had taken his cock out of his jocks and was masturbating himself. He had a nice cock- nice length and thickness, and seemed to be shaved from what I could see.

On the bed, Patrick took his head away from Sharon’s pussy, and stood up straight.

She immediately put her own hand on her pussy, and slid a finger into her slit, replacing his tongue. I couldn’t see his face, but he said something to her, and then climbed onto the bed, kneeling over her chest, his cock near her face.

She still had one hand on her pussy, and with the other pulled him closer to her, taking the head of his large cock into her mouth. Her mouth was stretched wide to accommodate his cock, and I could now for the first time see her pussy clearly. She was fully shaved. Her pussy was beautiful, a neat slit in quite a prominent mound, her lips puffy and wet, her sheath clearly visible with the clit just peeking out.

Patricks cock was now deeper in Sharon’s mouth- her head tilted back as he moved it slowly in and out. With one hand she rubbed up and down its length, every so often feeling his balls.

I was getting very turned on by this. I opened Chris’s jeans some more, and pulled his jocks down as best I could. His cock ‘’jumped’’ out- and it was a nice surprise! As he is a very big guy, I guess his cock matched his size—I couldn’t see all of it, but what I saw was fine- very thick, much more than usual, and it seemed long also. I stroked it, impressed by the size of the head and shaft.

He looked at me briefly, smiled, and pulled his jeans and jocks down.

Now I was really impressed- his cock was VERY big. Long and very thick and he was shaved. I ran my hand up and down his cock, and he lay back a bit, spreading his legs a bit more.

Amon was now masturbating a lot, getting quite excited.

On the bed, Patrick moved away from Sharon’s mouth, slid off the bed, and stood again at the foot of the bed.

He pulled her towards him, until her pussy was at the edge of the bed. He lifted her legs up so that they rested on his shoulders. Her pussy was clearly visible to Chris, Amon and me, sitting at the foot of the bed. She was dripping wet from Pats mouth and her juices, her lips swollen and puffy.

Pat moved forward, and positioned his big cock at the entrance to her waiting pussy. He pushed it in a bit, maybe to see that she wanted to go ahead- this was the point at which a woman will sometimes say no, and stop , of just revert to soft swinging.

But Sharon was ready and willing. She pushed her hips forward, making his cock go in a bit more, and he got the message, sliding more and more of it in with short strokes. He didn’t try to get it all in at first, although if he had seen Chris’s cock he could have gone for it- if she could take Chris, she could take Pat!.

I was now jerking Chris faster, and he was fully erect- his cock had grown even bigger, and my hand only just fitted around it. I was using two hands on him, up and down, and he was thrusting a little as I did so.

Patrick started fucking Sharon faster and harder, the gentleness gone, and his balls hitting her perineum as he drove into her. She was yelping with each thrust as she was pushed onto the bed. He grabbed at her legs, and lifted them even higher so that her legs were almost around his neck, her pussy lifted off the bed.

Pat fucked her like that for a long time, sometimes slower, then faster, but she didn’t slow down or try to get him to stop.

I was wearing jeans, and I could feel myself getting very wet. I left Chris’s cock for a moment, stood, and pulled off my jeans and panties. He immediately made a grab for my pussy, but I moved his hand away and kneeled in front of him, taking his huge cock in my mouth, sucking on as much of it as I could get in. I sucked his cock for a while, listening to the sounds of Sharon getting fucked.

I knew that Chris wanted to watch her getting fucked, so I didn’t want to play with him fully as he would then not be able to do so, so I just kept sucking him off.

I heard Patrick moving away from the foot of the bed, and looked around, continuing to jerk Chris.

Pat pulled Sharon more onto the bed and turned her onto her tummy, lifting her onto her hand and knees. Crouching behind her, her pushed his cock into her pussy and resumed fucking her. He motioned to Amon with his head, and he got up, took off his jeans and jocks fully, and went to the bed. Sharon looked up at him, and at his erect cock. He moved so that she could get to it, to see what she wanted to do.

Without hesitation she reached for it with one hand, and pulled him to her mouth. He stood in front of her, and she put his cock in her mouth, sucking him hard.

Chris was trembling with excitement now- Sharon was on all fours, her blonde hair damp with sweat, her knees apart, with Patrick fucking her pussy and Amon fucking her face. She was being rocked back and forth by the fucking, her breath coming in gasps and moans each time Patricks cock moved all the way into her.

She started to sound like she was going to cum, her yelps getting louder and closer together. Patrick pulled his cock out of her, and replaced it with his fingers, ramming them into her very hard and very fast. His hand was a blur as he almost fisted her, she had her knees far apart, and she reached for her clit and rubbed it hard from side to side.

Suddenly she gave a shriek, and then said ohfuckohfuckohfuck over and over. Her legs quivered and her whole body seemed to be in a spasm, as he kept up the relentless fingering.

She came with a loud shout, bucking and writhing. Juices flooded out of her, and I could see Patricks wrist and forearm get wet with her juices. She kept cumming for a while, and then fell forward onto her tummy, her legs still shaking.

I was so horny now. I pulled Chris to his feet, and leaned my hands on the bed. He wasted no time in standing behind me, and I felt his huge cock open my cunt. He pushed it in quite quickly, making me gasp. He was very horny, and started fucking quickly, driving his cock deep into me. It felt great- very big and thick, filling my pussy and pushing all the way into me with each thrust.

Sharon looked up from the bed and saw her husband fucking me. She grinned at me, and mouthed ‘’nice?’’. I nodded.

Amon had moved to Sharon’s feet, and climbed onto the bed. He turned her over onto her tummy, lifted her hips a bit, and slid his cock into her. Holding her hips up, her fucked her with short rapid strokes. She put her head onto the bed, and let him fuck at the speed he wanted.

It didn’t take long and he was ready to cum. He pulled his cock out of her cunt, took the condom off, and jerked himself all over her bum.

Patrick went to her face, and when Amon was done, lifted her head so she could take his cock in her mouth again.

She sucked on him as he moved in and out; face-fucking her a little.

Chris grabbed my hips and gave a series of very hard thrusts, then took his cock out of me, and jerked off over my back and onto the carpet.

He had just finished when Patrick moved away from Sharon, walked over to me, his big cock so hard it didn’t move as he walked. He took my hands and I turned around to face him. He sat me on the bed next to Sharon. I wanted to be on top, so I pulled him down next to me, pushed him onto his back, and climbed onto him. I lowered myself onto his cock, letting it slide all the way into my cunt, which by now was soaking wet and engorged from fucking Chris.

Sharon moved around to see Patricks cock enter me. As I rode him, she fingered herself , watching.

I ground my hips against his pelvis, feeling the hard cock push on my g spot.

As I started to get ready to cum, he gave short thrusts, driving his cock as deep as it would go, and I came with a rush, flicking my hips backwards and forwards as the orgasm engulfed me.

I had no sooner stopped cumming, than Patrick seemed ready to cum. He was going to take his cock out, but I kept sitting on him, riding him, my cunt sensitive and almost sore. I thrust at him, and he came inside me slamming me upward as he did, lifting me off the bed. He pounded into me until he was done, then lay back down again, his torso covered in a sweaty sheen.

I climbed off him, took the condom off him, and lay down next to Sharon.

I turned to her.

‘’nice evening?’’ I asked

‘’mmmm’’ she said. She looked at me lying next to her, and down at my cunt.

‘’next time, can we also fuck, you and me?’’ she asked

‘’only if you let me eat you till you cum’’ I said with a smile.