Written by wildchildtammy

01 Oct 2013

Back to the party.

After our “opening show” I went out to the Jacuzzi area. 2 couples were in the Jacuzzi. One woman was lying back with a guy on top of her; the other guy was sitting on the edge with the woman with his cock in her mouth.

I sat in the Jacuzzi and watched for a while. The woman with the guys cock in her mouth signed at me to come over to sit next to her. I did, and we swopped his cock from her mouth to mine and back again a few times.

She pulled him a bit more forward and started licking under his balls and into his crack, while I licked and sucked his cock. He felt like he was going to cum, so I stopped and held the base of his cock hard, until he relaxed.

I got out and dried myself, put the kimono around my waist and went to the kitchen to see what there was to eat.

Standing at the kitchen counter, I was deciding between dolmades and samoosas, when I felt two hands under my kimono on my bum.

I started to turn around, but the girl whose hands it was said- no, stay facing the counter.

I did, and she lifted the kimono exposing my bum. She pushed my legs apart a little, and I felt first her fingers and then her tongue on my pussy. She made me a bit wet first, and then started putting her tongue deep into my pussy, massaging my clit with her hand. After about 5 minutes of the most exquisite sensations, she took her head away, gently pushed me against the counter so that I stayed there, and I then felt the familiar tingling of a vibrator on my pussy-lips. She slowly moved it around, over my clit and along the lips, and pushed it a little into my pussy.

I was standing there with my eyes closed, enjoying this, when I felt a firmer pair of hands on my boobs. A guy was standing next to me, fondling my nipples while she had the vibrator in me.

I closed my eyes again. She moved the vibrator out, and before I could ask her to keep going, the guy moved behind me, parted my legs a bit more, and I felt a hard and very thick cock pushing into my pussy . I put my hand there to check that he had a condom on, which he did, and I pushed back so he could enter me fully.

He slid it in all the way gently, and then started moving more and more rapidly, his hands still pinching my nipples and rubbing over them.

I felt him start to get to a climax, so I moved forward to get his cock out of me.

I turned around, knelt in front of him and peeled the condom off. I took his cock briefly into my mouth and as he started to squirt I took it out and let him cum on my boobs. He came a lot, and when he was done I stroked his cock till it got softer.

When I stood up, I saw that there were 3 guys and a girl watching us, with all 3 guys fondling the girl, so everyone seemed to be having a good time!

More later this week