01 Nov 2016

I get asked quite often about various sexual practices - often it is asked as "do you/would you do …."

I think quite often it is not to find out about me; so much as it is to find out about some other woman, and whether what they will or won’t do is normal/typical etc.

I am not sure that this has much validity, as I would not hold myself to be typical of a normal woman (if there is such a thing!), but I get asked anyway.

This week I was asked by a guy I met here whether I allow guys to cum inside me.

I said yes, but only with a condom, and then only by exception - if I know the guy or if it is difficult to avoid (sometimes I guess one gets so caught up in the moment that it just happens!) Also, I don’t allow it without a condom ever unless I really know the guy well - and that means I am either dating him (in the past) or at least knew him well enough to trust that it was safe.

However, that was not always the case - when I was much younger, I took chances like I imagine many young people do, and I allowed it much more. The question reminded me of a weekend in Venice when I first moved there over 10 years ago, when I was 20. I thought that you might find the story interesting, so here it is!

(This diary contains sex without protection. It’s not recommended! This took place many years ago, and in a different country - don’t try this at home!)

I had finished my studies in the UK, and had done 2 yacht charters, using my hospitality training as a basis. I really enjoyed the work, and it seemed that there was quite a lot of it. The main problem was that I lived near London, and the yachts were all moored and worked from the Med.

When I travelled to the yachts, I had stayed in Venice on both occasions (for no other reason than both those yachts started their charter there) and I loved the city.

I then decided to move to Italy, and live in Venice if I could afford it, and base myself there.

I was young, single, no family other than my Dad in Cape Town, and had some money, so why not? I went there for 3 days to look around, staying in a cute ancient hotel just off the Piazza San Marco, down a side street so narrow that 2 people could barely pass each other.

I found several apartments advertised to share (rent is horrifically expensive there - unless you are VERY rich, no single person lives on their own), and I signed to share a beautiful apartment near the hotel I was staying at. It was originally 2 bedroom, lounge, dining room kitchen and one and a half baths, but the dining room had been changed into a third bedroom. The apartment was owned by the parents of the one girl, a Spanish art student.

Maria was then 19, dark-haired, big brown eyes, and a delightful curvy figure, maybe a bit plump, but very curvy and sexy (I thought so anyway).

The other tenant was older, a Bulgarian woman, then 30 (so OLD it seemed!) who was an air hostess on a small domestic airline, and was away a lot of the time. Simona had a mass of auburn/red hair, quite tall and quite slender with high cheek-bones and slightly oriental eyes. When I first met her she was wearing just a tracksuit pants and a vest, and I could see that she had very nice boobs - they seemed very firm and shapely. (Also a nice tight bum – jealously reared its head!)

The third girl had got pregnant, and had been called home in disgrace by her parents in France.

(Maria showed me a photo of her (Francine) - she was stunning - a voluptuous blonde, slightly overweight but with huge boobs and a pretty face. Maria said that she doubted that Francine knew who the father was! She always had at least 3 boyfriends, and on more than one occasion two of them would be seen leaving Francine’s room in the early hours of a morning)

I gave notice in London, and moved there a month later.

Life was great there - lots to explore, lots of bars, clubs and restaurants, and I was getting lots of jobs on the yachts, so I was away almost as much as Simona.

I had lived with other people, boys and girls before, so I was used to sharing a flat or a house. I had never lived with just girls though, and I was delighted to find that both Maria and Simona were as relaxed about their bodies as I was. If one of us wanted to get something from the kitchen for example in the evening, provided there were no boys visiting, we would happily walk nude to the kitchen - there were no hang-ups.

We were also very open with each other about the boys we saw, what we did, when we wanted the apartment to ourselves and why etc.

Simona in particular had a very active sex life. She had a boyfriend in Bulgaria, who she saw every so often, but she also had guys in Venice she would see, and she said that she was fucking the Captain of one of the aircraft. What the Captain didn’t know was that she was also fucking his First Officer!

Maria was more conservative (well compared to Simona anyway). She had no boyfriend, but did sleep with 2 guys she dated on and off. It surprised me to find out that she loved anal sex. Most girls don’t, but she did. It was almost her preferred sexual position! She said that it was because, in Spain, it was a huge issue if a girl was not a virgin, so many girls who wanted to keep their boyfriend happy, got very good at blow-jobs and anal sex! (I am not sure that this is what the church meant by "being a virgin"!)

I met and dated a few guys, and one or two girls, and I met one girl who I really liked, and who later became my GF, Gabi - but that’s another story.

Anyway, now to the purpose of this diary -

One Saturday night, the three of us were at a loose end, so we decided to go to a new club not too far from where we lived.

We had heard from friends that it was very good, and that a lot of wealthy, suave, single guys hung out there - it was the latest "in" place in the old town area.

None of us had a current boyfriend - Maria was between boyfriends, as was I, and Simona had dumped her boyfriend (who was getting too possessive), only to find a week later that her pilot-friend's wife had found out about her (she found Simona’s g-string in his luggage - he had wanted it as a souvenir after he had made her very wet on a flight by fingering her in the cockpit while the First Officer was having a meal in the galley).

He was now "forced" by his wife to fly a different route to Simona’s, and he had taken his First Officer with him! So from 3 guys to fuck she was down to zero in a week!

We were all in the mood for a bit of a flirtation, so we dressed up and went to the club.

Italians typically eat and go out very late, so we only got there at 22h30. The club was pumping - very full, and very classy. There was a long line outside, but three girls in mini-skirts and tiny crop-tops/ designer vests etc., showing a lot of leg and boob could always get in, and we did! (Maria triggered it by the simple trick of talking to the security guy, then bending down to pick up something, letting him have a long, good look at her bra-less big boobs inside her top - that did the trick, and we were in!)

Inside, the club was noisy, but with a few glass-walled private booths where groups were sitting with drinks and snacks. The VIP area on the mezzanine floor overlooked the dance floor, but seemed to be fully enclosed to deaden the sound.

We found a table near the back, and Maria went to get us drinks. We didn’t see anyone we knew, so the three of us danced together when we wanted to. After the second time we did this, two guys came up to us and started chatting. I danced a few dances with the one guy, but when he wouldn’t stop trying to put his hands under my skirt I said no the next time he asked, and went to sit with the others.

One of the waiters arrived with a tray of shooters - we said we had not ordered any, but he said that they were from the guys in the VIP area. We looked up, to see a group of guys waving at us, signalling for us to join them. We discussed it for a moment, and then went upstairs. We were allowed in, and one of the guys from the group came to meet us.

In the most atrocious Italian he asked us to join him. I looked at Maria, who looked at Simona.

"Wouldn’t you be more comfortable speaking English?" I asked him.

He burst out laughing - "thank God! " he said. "I am the only one who speaks some Italian - we were wondering how we were going to talk to the three of you!"

He had a strong American accent, with a pronounced drawl. He took us over to the others, and said to them in a loud voice "they don’t speak any English, so I will just chat to them, for you-all."

Maria started chatting happily to them in Spanish, Simona in Bulgarian and me in Afrikaans. There were 8 or 10 guys, who all just stared at us.

We almost fell about laughing.

"We all speak fluent English" I said to the guys. "I am Tammy, this is Maria, and this is Simona."

The guys introduced themselves. They were all from a University in South Carolina, and were part of a football team on a cultural tour of Europe.

That explained their looks! They were all huge, crew-cut, clean-shaven and very muscular-looking. At first I had though they may be military, but football explained it.

We sat with them, danced with most of them, and had a great time. They were very polite, very attentive and respectful to us, and it was a great party.

I particularly enjoyed the company of a Mitch - he said he was a "linebacker", whatever that is, and was hoping to play professional football when he graduated the next year. He had already had try-outs with 2 professional teams. He was very sweet, very good-looking and immensely muscular - it was like dancing with a stone statue when we danced, he was that solid and hard. At one stage he picked me up by my waist and twirled me around. I am not the most petite person, even then, but he swung me around like I was a baby, with no effort at all.

Simona and Maria also seemed to have found a favourite, and although we danced with most of the guys, we kept returning to the three who interested us most.

At about 2 am, we said we must be getting home - we didn’t have work the next day, but we each had things to do (Maria, being a good Catholic girl, always went to church on Sunday, to atone for her sexual activities the night before, as she always said!).

The three guys, Mitch, Randy and Seb, offered to walk us home. The three of us went to the bathroom, where we discussed this. We each knew what the guys were hoping for, but we wanted to make sure that the others were in agreement.

The guys were nice, friendly and from far away, so we figured why not, and when we went back we agreed that they could walk us home.

We walked with our arms around the guy we were with, and we got back to our apartment about 30 mins later. We invited the guys in, and put some coffee on while we went to get changed.

I took off my mini skirt and tank-top, and put on a pair of very chic Janet Reger track-suit pants, and a t -shirt. After looking in the mirror, I took off my bra, and then went to the lounge. Maria was already there, sitting on the arm of an easy-chair, her arms around Randy, who was sitting in the chair. She had a pair of pyjama shorts on and a sleeveless vest with no bra. I thought she was making it a bit obvious that she was ready for bed, but said nothing.

I sat next to Mitch on the couch, and Simona came in wearing a one-piece jump-suit - and it was clear that she also had no bra and probably no panties, as the suit was quite transparent against the passage light as she came in.

Of course, one thing led to another, and soon the three guys were getting into the three girls.

It wasn’t a heavy romantic scene - we were all joking with each other, and the mood was quite light, even though the guys mostly had their hands under our clothes in one way or another.

Mitch had lifted my top, and my boobs were exposed. He sucked on my nipples, and I saw the other guys glancing at us now and then. Maria had taken her top off, and her big boobs were firm and her nipples erect, with Randy fondling her nipples, her hand on his crotch.

Simona had unzipped her suit, and Seb had his hands under it, cupping her boobs.

Seb said something to Simona, and she looked around at us, and said "no, we can stay here for now. We are all adults, we can have fun together here."

That was ok with me. I had fucked a guy with Maria in the room a few times when she had her guy there, and Simona would also fuck in a room with others - I had seen her at a party we had had with a guy in a corner, her skirt lifted up and his cock in her from the back, standing behind a couch!

We were all laughing and getting flirty - it was early in the morning, and a beautiful warm night with no clouds. The windows and the balcony door were open, and the sounds of Venice waking up could be heard - the bakery van leaving down the road, the gondoliers walking down to the tourist areas and the flower-sellers making their way to Piazza San Marco, to sit outside the Cathedral.

Maria said to Randy "we should go to my room - it will be light soon and you guys will need your sleep."

"Hun" he said, "we can go all night. With three such beautiful girls, we could each have you twice and still not be tired."

Simona caught the last part of this remark.

"You could each have us twice? Each guy two times? In your dreams. You will collapse!"

What I don’t think we had realised was exactly how competitive these guys were. Any challenge no matter about what, became something to be taken on and won! It didn’t matter whether it was drinking, sport, girls, whatever - no sooner had one of the team issued a challenge, than the rest would feel duty-bound to try it and prove that they could do it.

Simona’s reply fell into this category - a challenge.

There was much laughter but underlying it now was a measure of sexual tension and excitement - this challenge had meaning!

Randy stopped playing with Maria’s boobs, and looked at all of us.

"So, are you girls up for it? "

I looked at Maria, and we both looked at Simona. She shrugged.

"Why not?" she said. "Let’s see if they can do what they say. But they have to perform - each has to cum two times, yes? Not just play."

I wasn’t sure that this was possible, unless we took a really long time, but what the hell, it would be fun trying! Also, none of us had any particular attachment to any of the guys, we each just ended up with the guy we were with and would never see them again, so swapping would not create any relationship issues.

Anyway, the game appeared to be on. I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen, but I was happy to let things just develop.

Mitch continued to play with my boobs - he seemed very taken by them, and spent a long time arousing me by licking, sucking and playing with them - underneath, on the sides, the nipples, everywhere.

I felt for his cock - he was very hard already, his cock filling his jeans, making it difficult to unzip him, but I managed to, and pulled down his underpants. He had a large uncut cock, thick, shaved and smooth.

I played with it, stroking it and taking his balls out of his jeans. I took my top off, and leaned over him, taking his cock in my mouth. He pushed in and out a bit, and seemed quite turned on already.

I sucked him a while, feeling his cock grow harder and bigger - it really was a nice size - quite long. He played some more with my boobs, then put his hand between my legs feeling for my pussy. He found the lips, and pulled the material to make a camel-toe, tickling the lips on either side of the seam. I got very wet very quickly - not sure why, and he must have felt the wetness on the fabric, because he pushed his hand under the waistband, and slid his finger along my wet slit.

I slid down a bit, opened my legs, and he slid a finger into my pussy, making me even wetter. He played with my pussy for a while, and I played with his cock. Then he stood up, and took off his shirt and jeans. He had a remarkable figure - huge muscles, no fat, and a great shape. His cock was even bigger than I had thought, and it made a great sight standing rigid and erect as he took his clothes off.

I pulled him onto the couch, stood up, took my pants off, and straddled him, lowering myself onto his cock, facing him. He took my nipples in his hands and pulled on them a little as I let his cock slide into me. I was quite tight then, and it took a while for me to get comfortable with the size of his cock.

I began to ride him, feeling his cock fill my pussy all the way up, pressing on my clit.

Simona, across the room, said:

"Remember girls, we need proof of cumming from each of them!"

Maria and I both laughed and said "sure".

Maria was bending over an easy-chair, her legs spread, with Randy standing behind her. He had his cock in her pussy, and was slowly fucking her, groping her huge boobs with his hands around her. She spread her legs even further apart, and began to thrust back at him harder.

Simona was lying on her back on the carpet, with Seb kneeling over her, his cock in her mouth. He was fucking her face quite hard holding the back of her head up, while she fondled his balls. All I could see was his back, but that was quite enough! Like Mitch, he was superbly built, a real prime specimen of American manhood! Now I knew why cheerleaders are always smiling! The sight of his tight, muscled bum driving his cock into Simona’s mouth was wildly erotic.

As I watched them and rode up and down on Mitch’s cock, Seb started to jerk really quickly, and Simona grabbed his bum and pulled his cock hard towards her. He threw his head back, and came in her open mouth, her head bobbing back and forth as he spurted into her.

When he was done, he swung his leg over her and knelt next to her. She sat up, looked at Maria and me, opened her mouth to show a mouthful of cum, and swallowed it, licking her lips.

"Proof that number one has cum!" she said with a huge grin.

I laughed so much I forgot to keep moving, and Mitch signalled how close he was by jerking his hips up at my pussy. I drove down on him, and ground my hips from side to side, and round and round. I had found that guys loved that feeling more than just straight up and down - I have been told that the circular motion of the girl's cunt when she sits on them is exquisite.

Mitch pulled hard on my nipples, grabbed my bum-cheeks and pulled me down as far as I could go, and I felt the first spurt of cum shoot into my cunt, then spurt after spurt followed, his cock sliding rapidly with all the cum and my juices. He gave a few more thrusts, and then stopped.

I climbed off him, and stood up. I felt his cum running down inside my pussy, and then onto my thigh.

I faced Simona, and opened my legs a bit. I pointed at my pussy, where some cum was leaking out.

"Number two!" I said with a laugh.

Maria was now on her back on the floor, her legs resting on Randy’s shoulders. He was fucking her hard, and soon came in her, her legs spread wide across his shoulders.

As he got off her, she lowered her legs, bending her knees, and touched her cunt, where a small stream of cum was, holding up her fingers to see the cum.

So that was "round one"! We all fell about laughing, and I must admit that I was not that sure that the guys would be able to resume soon, and we couldn’t wait all night!

We all got cleaned up, and everyone had a few drinks. The guys were all nude, and it was quite a sight for sore eyes - all this perfect male physique on display. I was wearing my tracksuit pants again, but no top, Simona had her jump-suit folded down to her waist, her perky full boobs on show, and Maria was nude.

(Maria also had the cutest pussy - because she was young and a little plump, it was a perfect, quite a big mound, hairless and puffy, with a neat slit with gorgeous lips - she looked like a young teen girl at times).

We sat and lay around for a while. Simona put some music on, and it was a relaxing and nice place to be.

Mitch had gone to the bathroom, and Randy came and sat next to me. He was taller than the others, with wide shoulders and slim hips, and amazing pecs - like carved marble, and a ripped six-pack tapering to his pubic area in a clear V. I chatted to him a bit, glancing at his cock. I had not really seen it when he was fucking Maria, but when we went to get cleaned up, she remarked that he was very big, and knew how to use it!

About an hour had passed since the guys had cum, so I leaned my head on Randy’s shoulder, and stroked his thigh, letting my hand brush against his cock. Sure enough, it started swelling, and I took it in my hand and began to masturbate him. His cock grew big quite quickly. He pulled my tracksuit pants open at the waist and slid his hand down to my pussy. Finding that I was wet, he probed my slit with two fingers, thrusting in and out, opening my pussy more and making the outside lips wet.

I stood up to take my pants off, but before I could sit down again, he pulled me to stand on the couch, my pussy to his mouth. I stood on the couch facing him, and he began to lick my pussy, his tongue going deep into me, licking at my clit, and then poking as far as it would go into my pussy.

He massaged his cock with one hand as he licked me. He took one hand and put a finger into my pussy, then opened my bum-cheeks and felt for my arse-hole.

Finding it, he rubbed some of my juice around the hole, and then gently slid a finger into my bum, all the time licking my clit.

It was a great sensation - his tongue on my clit and his finger in my arse-hole. He probed deeper and deeper into my arse-hole, thrusting his finger in and out, deeper with each stroke.

I was very stimulated by now, feeling a tingling right through my pussy and into my tummy.

I really wanted his cock in me, so I started to lower myself onto him, but he stood up, and I lay down on my back on the couch. He positioned himself above me, and lifted my legs onto his shoulders, so I was doing a kind of "shoulder-stand". He slid his big cock into my wet pussy, and then pushed my legs as far apart as they would go, in a wide-open ‘v’.

He was quite gentle, and had a nice way of lifting his hips as he pushed in, so that his cock pushed up against the top of my pussy - it felt great!

The angle I was lying at felt very exposed and vulnerable, erotic, wild. I couldn’t move much, but he controlled the thrusting well, probing very, very deep into my pussy.

I relaxed and let the deep feeling engulf me, and as he fucked me more I felt an orgasm starting. I let it build and build, and then clenched my thighs as he sensed that I was going to cum. Just after I had cum, he withdrew his cock, and jerked himself over my pussy and tummy with several short spurts.

He stood up, lowering my legs, and I lay back, content for the time being.

Seb had gone to Maria, and they were in the middle of the room. Maria was on her hands and knees, and Seb was fucking her from behind. I watched as she moved forward to take his cock out of her cunt, and positioned it at her arse-hole.

Seb hesitated at first, but she knew what she wanted. She had her little handbag near her, and she took out a tube of lubricant, opened it, and put some on her fingers. Feeling for her bum, she rubbed some around her arse-hole, and on Seb’s cock. Spreading her knees wide, she pushed back against him, and he slowly eased his cock into her bum. He went in a little at first it seemed, and then deeper. Maria waited until he was properly in her, then, balancing on one hand she reached with her other hand between her legs and massaged her pussy as he fucked her arse-hole.

It must have been very tight for him, as he began to grunt almost immediately, and within a few minutes he gave small, hard thrusts. Maria rubbed her pussy vigorously, and she came just as he did. She let him keep fucking until he was done, and then moved so that he took his cock out of her. She stayed on her hands and knees for a moment and a small trickle of cum dribbled out of her arse-hole.

Simona had been lying next to Randy, playing with his cock. As it got harder, she pushed him onto his back, and knelt over him, her face between his legs, taking his cock in her mouth. Her cunt was above his face, and he pulled her down to him, and started to probe her cunt with his tongue, now and then inserting a finger or two.

She sucked his cock deeply, taking it all in her mouth, holding it there, and then letting it back out, licking around the head and shaft.

Randy began to thrust his cock in her mouth - Simona responded by grinding her cunt onto his face, forcing him to push her lips apart and eat her. His whole mouth was buried in her gaping cunt as she sucked him harder and harder. She started to squeal and moan, and just as she came, so did he, squirting his load in her mouth. She kept sucking, and when he was finished, opened her lips a little above his balls and let a stream of cum drip out onto his balls, swallowing the rest with a smile – her second meal of cum that night!

The guys were really spent now - despite their fitness; the almost constant fucking of the three of us was tiring. We all got cleaned up, and at about 6 am we made the guys breakfast, and they left at around 8.

We never saw them again, although Randy and Simona wrote to each other for a while, until he got engaged.

Simona and I eventually got to fuck each other now and then, until Gabi and I got serious, when I moved out and bought an apartment with Gabi, where I lived until I moved more to South Africa.