01 Feb 2016

I had thought about writing this as a chapter in my novel, because it was such a strange and surrealistic weekend. But it is real, and it did happen, so I think I will just write it as a diary.

I was reminded about a very strange weekend function in the UK, when I received an email from a girl I Iast saw 13 years ago when we studied together in London.

I was fresh out of school, living in London and studying at Hotel School.

I was not very experienced sexually, although I was by no means a virgin, but I guess my experiences were confined to people I knew really well- I had no real exposure to the wider world of other people’s activities.

In terms of sharing partners, my experience was limited to two occasions.

The first- a year of two before I went to London, I was dating a guy for about 6 months. My best friend was dating his best friend, so we went on lots of double-dates. One evening, after everyone had too much to drink, she and I somehow got onto the subject of swinging- I can’t remember why- and she said she wondered what it would be like to fuck my boyfriend and me fuck hers. We giggled hysterically for a while, but the idea took hold. Neither of us was serious about our boyfriends- they were just good fun at the time, so no damage would be done to any long-term relationship. My date and I were going to sleep at her house (where we were) that night and not drive home because we had all been drinking, so it seemed like a perfect time to try it out.

We giggled some more, then called the guys into the kitchen to give them the news.

Surprisingly, they were not all that keen! They both felt it would undermine their relationship with each of us. (So maybe they took the relationship more seriously than we did!)

However, our minds were made up. My friend put on some music, and we each took the others boyfriend and started dancing- very provocatively and close! Not long before I could feel his cock getting hard. As we danced, I reached down and stated to rub it over his pants.

Well, that was all it took- about 15 mins later he suggested we go to the bedroom, which we did. She went to the other bedroom with my date a while later.

I went to the bathroom, freshened up, put my nighty on, and went back to the bedroom. He was already under the covers, looking intently at me, my boobs clearly visible under the thin nighty. I pulled the bedclothes back- he had a very nice cock- long and thick, and very hard! I straddled him, and the rest, as they say, is history.

We fucked three times that night, and in the morning we all met for breakfast. The guys could hardly look at each other, but my friend and I were in fits of laughter.

Later she told me that my date had eaten her for ages, and she came twice while he did so. Then they fucked again and again, with him cumming twice.

I was really pee’d off- I think she got the better deal- her guy just fucked normally, and I hardly even gave him a blowjob.

The second and only other experience with swinging was when I was about to leave South Africa. I had a guy, quite a lot older than me, who I had been seeing on and off for a while. He was a surf-lifesaver at Clifton- very fit, tanned, muscular. And a really nice guy.

He had a friend who had got divorced recently- also a lifesaver at Clifton- and a real hunk.

One night the three of us had been to dinner, and were at my guy’s house for coffee. I cant recall why, but we were alone for a while in the lounge with the lights low, music playing and the doors to the garden open, a warm summer breeze drifting in. My guy and I started getting quite amorous- we were kissing, his hand under my blouse, and my hand on his cock over his pants. This went on for what seemed like a while, and we were both getting turned on.

His friend came back in, and we stopped fooling around. I remember my guy saying something like” he really could do with what I have right now!” (Meaning because of his divorce he had no partner)

Without really thinking where this would go, I said to him

”come sit this side of me- I am ambidextrous” or some such silly remark.

No sooner said than done, my guy nodded at him, he got up and sat next to me on the other side.

We laughed and joked a bit, but I was really turned on already, and having two hunks next to I just added to it.

I turned to his friend and started French-kissing him, putting my hand on his crotch. My other hand, I put on my guys crotch.

One thing led to another, and before long we were naked, with me giving them a blowjob side by side.

We went upstairs to the bedroom, and after some hesitation, they both started playing with me, and I with them. When it got serious, they did not fuck me at the same time- when the one did, the other would just play with my boobs, or stroke my back, until it was his ”turn”.

The next morning was funny though- we all slept in a huge bed, me in the middle.

When I woke, I felt a rock-hard cock pressing into my bum-a real morning glory! I reached behind me and fondled it. My guy put on a condom, and slid his cock into me from the back. He didn’t take long, and with slow gentle thrusts he came quickly.

As he withdrew, his friend, whom I was facing, tapped me on the shoulder, and with a grin pulled on my hip to roll me over. He had an equally hard cock, and he fucked me hard and fast for a short time before cumming inside me, in the condom.

It was a fun way to wake up!

In any case, that was the extent of my experience of swinging, which you will see the relevance of later.

This girl who e-mailed me is Yael, an Israeli girl who was at college with me.

A little bit about Yael: she was 19 at the time, and we met at college. She lived quite near where I was staying, and we went to gym together after college 3 times a week.

Yael was a lot more sexually experienced that I was, although we were more or less the same age. She was stunning- quite slim and a bit taller than me, with an olive complexion and big dark eyes. I had seen her nude at gym often, and was amazed at her boobs- they were not that big, maybe 34 B or C, but firm as a teenage girl’s. They had a beautiful shape, with big brown nipples. They were so firm that I once asked her if she had had them done. She said no, and told me to feel them. I did, and they were natural! Even when she lay down they stood straight up, round and firm.

Yael was very well toned, with a flat, hard tummy and long legs.

She usually wore a very light bra, but whether she had it on or off it made no difference m her boobs stayed the same!

Yael had been the “’mistress”” of a French/Israeli man since she was 17. He bought an apartment in Tel Aviv for her, and although she lived with her parents, when he was in town she went to live there with him.

He introduced her to all kinds of sexual activities, including “”lending”” her to a friend or two now and again for an evening of group-fucking.

Yael was not bi, but she said she had on occasion fucked with a woman, mostly when her lover arranged for a prostitute to join them, and Yael would be asked to fuck her while her lover and his friends watched, and later joined in.

I must admit I was a bit horrified when she told me this- but she seemed cool with it, so who was I to comment? After all, most people would regard my first sexual encounters with horror, and I was even younger!

The college often got requests from people to provide staff for functions, seeing that we were studying hotel-school; I guess they thought we would at least be comfortable with guests. These jobs were put up on the notice board, and you wrote your name on it if you were interested. The school then selected who they wanted, and you got the job. As we were always short of money, it was a very welcome source of income, and the higher-paying jobs were in huge demand

One week, an advert went up for waitresses/hostesses for a 3 day event – salary, food and accommodation provided. The salary was great, and for 3 days it worked out to a lot of money.

Yael and I both put our names down, as did everyone else!

A few days later, the Dept. head called Yael and me to her office, and said we had got the job!!

She explained it was at one of the”” stately homes”” a few hours from London. The Earl, who lived there, was hosting a dinner one night, followed by a hunt the next morning, and a poker evening that night.

We would be waitresses for the dinner and the poker night, and would have the day off while the hunt was on.

We were to wear a black skirt, no shorter than mid-thigh and a white blouse .We were to take the train, and would be met at the station by a car to take us to the house.

The weekend arrived, and we left by train, arriving there at the station around 11h00. A man in a uniform was standing at the small station with the school’s name on it. We followed him to a huge black Jaguar- the big kind, not like the smaller one we get here now.

We got in, to find another girl already there. She introduced herself as Stacy. I later learned it was actually Staci- short for Anastasia. She was Russian- pale, white-blond, with pale ice-blue eyes- almost colourless. The effect when she looked at you was startling- like those Husky dogs. She seemed to be quite tall, very slim, and not very friendly, so we left her alone for the drive.

She did say that she had done several of these functions, and knew the Earl and the staff from that. We said we had not done one there before, at which she raised her eyebrows and said “it’s very interesting” and then kept quiet.

We turned off the narrow country road into a side road. I was surprised to see that the side-road had a gate, until I realised that it wasn’t a side-road- it was the driveway to the house.

When it came into view, I just stared- my mouth open. To call it a house is like calling Table Mountain a little hill. It was HUGE- think Downton Abbey, but smaller.

We drove around the house to the back, where we stopped and got out.

We were shown to our rooms in the “”servant’s quarters””. Yael and I shared own room, which was bigger than most hotel rooms, with an en-suite bathroom.

We were told to be in the kitchen at 15h00 to be briefed, then to go and get changed, ready to start serving cocktails and snacks at 18h00.

When Yael and I got to the kitchen at 15h00, Staci was there already- looking stunning in a very tight t shirt and very short shorts! She WAS tall, and very slim.

An older guy came in and Staci ran up to him and gave him a big kiss and a hug- the first sign of emotion I had seen from her. He came over to us and introduced himself as Liam, the barman. He was Irish, with a wicked sense of humour, and a delightful accent. He had done several events with Staci he said.

The Household Head arrived- a very warm and friendly Scotsman, around 60 I guessed. He briefed us, we signed the usual non-disclosure forms, and we went upstairs to change.

At 17h30 we were back downstairs, served drinks and snack, then dinner, and then cleared up while the guests went to the lounge or smoking lounge, or sat outside on the veranda.

There were 12 couples and 2 single men, including the Earl and his wife, all around 50 or 60, except for one or two who seemed younger. After a while, a few of the couples who were not staying over left, and the remaining 4 couples and the one single man went to the Library for a nightcap.

The library has its own little bar at one end, and a big fireplace, and Liam went there to serve. Staci collected the drinks, while Yael and I brought some cheese and biscuits from the kitchen.

When I got there, the Earl and his wife and two of the couples were sitting on the couches. The wife from one couple was standing at the fireplace talking to the single guy, her husband in deep conversation with the Earl. This wife was one of the younger women there- maybe 40, with very blonde hair, a porcelain complexion and a very slim figure- she had not smiled all evening as far as I could tell, and seemed a real ice-queen- but very good looking and immaculately groomed and dressed in a full-length, very low-back, black halter-neck gown which glittered with jewels of some sort. The guy she was talking to, one of the two single guys, was also a bit younger than the rest, probably also around 40. The woman’s husband was older, around the Earls age- 60 or 65.

There was soft music playing; only the side-lamps were on, and the room smelled of cigars, port and leather.

I stood at the side near the husband of the blonde, the Earl and his wife. On the couch next to them was another older couple. Yael stood at the other side of the room near the older couple, and Staci and Liam were at the bar.

After a while, I noticed that the man and the blonde at the fireplace were standing very close together, almost touching. The man put his arm around her waist, and they began to sway in time to the jazz music. I looked at her husband, who was watching them while talking to the Earl. Every so often they would both look at the blonde and the guy and say something to each other- but the husband did not seem at all concerned.

The man and the blonde kept dancing, his hands lower and lower on her back, until he had both his hands on her bum. Her husband looked, and said something to the Earls wife, who laughed.

The man took the blondes face in his hand, tilted her head back, and began to kiss her on her mouth. She opened her mouth, and they French-kissed for long time, his hand roaming up and down her back and bum all the time.

I was amazed. This was getting really interesting!

The other 2 couples were drinking their liqueurs, talking and watching every so often.

As they danced slowly, the man reached behind the blonde’s neck, and undid the halter-top. He held the two ends in front of her, and then slowly took them down, peeling the top off her, leaving her topless.

The others just watched and the Earl clapped his hands, laughing. The blonde had no reaction to this- she stood there, topless, waiting, looking at the man. She had very small boobs, like a little girl, with small dark erect nipples.

The man leaned forward and sucked first one and then the other nipple. She tilted her head back, her eyes closed, and one hand supporting her on the mantelpiece of the fireplace.

It was an incredibly erotic scene. The contrast of the formal evening dress of the people, in that very formal library setting, to the blonde, topless but still in her gown having her nipples sucked was surrealistic.

Yael was staring at them, riveted, her mouth open, excited. I could see her nipples were hard, two points sticking out clearly under her blouse.

Staci was standing in front of Liam at the bar. They were also watching the couple at the fireplace. Liam’s arms were around Staci’s waist, and he was nuzzling her neck.

He let his hands slide down Staci’s sides, to the hem of her skirt, and then slid them slowly up her legs, lifting her skirt and he did so, exposing her long legs. She pushed her bum back against him a bit, and he lifted her skirt higher, until his hands were on her hips, the skirt bunched around her, so that I could almost see her panties.

The Earl, next to me, waved a hand at Liam, indicating for him to come closer. Liam took Staci by the hand, and walked over to where the Earl and his wife sat next to me. They stood right in front of the Earl, Liam again behind Staci.

Liam lifted Staci’s skirt up, but now held it bunched around her waist. Her panties were now completely exposed to the Earl and his wife.

Holding her skirt there, Liam reached between Staci’s legs from the back, and began to stroke her pussy over her thin panties, making a camel –toe. Neither the Earl nor his wife did anything- they just looked and smiled at Liam. Liam unbuttoned Staci’s blouse, and took it off, then unclipped her bra and took it off also. She had small but firm boobs with big brown nipples. Without waiting Liam unzipped Staci’s skirt and she stepped out of it.

Still standing behind her, Liam began to arouse her, tweaking her nipples, stroking her pussy over her panties, and her sides, and kissing her neck.

I was stunned- Staci and Liam were putting on a sex-show for the Earl and his guests! Maybe this is what she meant by “it is interesting!”

The husband of the blonde at the fireplace moved from when he had been sitting next to the Earl, and went to sit in a chair closer to where his topless wife and the man were. He sat, facing them, a smile on his face.

The man stood in front of the blond woman. Her pale boobs and flat tummy looked very sexy in the soft lighting. He unzipped the side zip on her gown, and she stepped out of it, still without looking at anyone

She had a very nice body- slim to the point of being thin, but toned and firm.

She was wearing a tiny pair of high-leg white panties, very sheer, through which I could see a triangle of dark pubic hair.

She stood with her back to the fireplace, and the man knelt in front of her, caressed her thighs, and hooked his thumbs into the panties and pulled them down. Her dark pubic hair was trimmed in a bikini, and it was a stark contrast to her pale skin and very blonde hair.

Still kneeling in front of her, her parted her legs with his hands, leaned forward and buried his face in her crotch, pulling her closer to him as he did so.

She stood immobile at first, then opened her legs wider, and pulled his head closer to her cunt. His head bobbed up and down as he licked and sucked at her cunt. One hand was behind her, near her bum somewhere, and by the movement it may have been fingering her bum.

He ate her for ages, moving his head this was and that. Her husband watched all the time, one hand holding his glass of port, the other stroking on his crotch, feeling his cock no doubt.

The blonde began to tremble and gasp, and the man put one hand between her legs, took his mouth away, and started to finger her hard, driving several fingers deep into her cunt. She came with a series of small shrieks, shaking her head and quivering. He kept fingering her until she grabbed his hand and pulled it away, at which time he sat back on his heels and looked at her, grinning.

He was still fully dressed in his white shirt, bow-tie and pants; although he had kicked off his patent-leather shoes off at some point. As he turned, I could see a huge bulge in his pants though- so he was clearly aroused also!

Staci and Liam were still standing in front of the Earl and his wife. After the blonde woman came, the attention shifted to them. He had been fondling her all over, and had removed her panties in the meantime.

Her shaved cunt was wet- I could see the lips swollen and puffy. Looking at the Earl directly, she lifted one leg and put it onto the seat he was sitting on, next to his leg.

Her cunt was gaping open at him, and both he and his wife looked closely at it. Liam slid a finger into her cunt from the back, played with her a while, and then unzipped his pants.

Letting then drop to his ankles, he took his cock out of his underpants, and pulled them down also.

He had a very big cock- long and very thick. He positioned it at her cunt from the back, and she reached between her legs and slid it in.

Her one leg was still up on the couch, her knee bent, and the Earl and his wife had a grandstand view of Liam’s cock sliding in and out of her cunt. He did not have a condom on, and I wondered where he was going to cum without is landing on the Earl!

He drove into her cunt hard for a while. The she began to flex her hips backwards and forwards, getting excited.

She took the Earls hand, and put it between her legs. He felt her cunt as Liam’s cock went in and out, and once or twice fondled Liam’s balls as well, which he did not seem to mind at all.

Just as Staci seemed she was going to cum, Liam rammed his cock really hard into her, slamming her forward, the Early fingering her hard also. She came as he came in her cunt, the two of them jerking and thrusting, grunting and panting.

As they slowed, he pulled hard on her nipples, making her cry out, and she seemed to cum a little again.

Liam withdrew his cock, and pulled up his pants. Staci remained like that, her leg on the couch, for a moment.

Then she took the Earls hand, and rubbed it hard and deep in her pussy. Liam’s cum and her juices coating his hand. She took his hand and pushed it to his mouth. He opened his mouth and sucked her juice and Liam’s cum off his fingers, smiling at her.

She knelt in front of him. I was right next to him, and I could almost smell the desire coming from him. Staci was kneeling, her legs spread wide apart, letting him and his wife look deep into her swollen and wet cunt lips.

She unzipped his flies, pulled the pants down a bit, and extracted his cock.

It wasn’t hard yet, but was quite thick.

I thought she was going to suck him, but she wiped her hand again between her legs, and with the juice and cum on it, began to masturbate him, making his cock harder.

I felt his hand on the back of my thigh. I wasn’t going to fuck him, but I figured he could at least get a feel. I let him slide his hand up as Staci jerked him off. His hand got to my panties, and I felt his thick fingers probe my slit over the panties, then burrow their way under, touching my lips. Just as his finger parted my lips and started going into my cunt he jerked his hips a few times, and came over Staci’s hand in a little spurt of cum.

She let him finish, then leaned forward and licked his cock clean, swallowing the little bit of cum on his cock and in his pubic hair.

I moved away a bit and he slid his hand out from under my skirt.

I was so turned on I almost wet myself. I had never seen something like that- not with adults anyway!

The blonde had knelt on the rug in front of the fireplace on all fours. The man had taken off his pants and mounted her, and was crouched behind her, fucking her hard.

Within a minute he came, slamming his cock into her so that she moved along on the rug. They stood up, and got dressed without a word. She pulled on her dress, putting her panties in her bag, and went to the bar where she poured some water, and went to sit next to her husband. He gave her a kiss on the cheek, and a hug!

Liam and Staci also got dressed and left the room.

Yael was talking to the other older couple on the other side of the room. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but she turned to face the man. His wife said something to Yael, and she smiled, unbuttoned her blouse, and unzipped her skirt. She took them off, and stood in her bra and panties facing the couple.

After a brief pause, she undid her bra, and her wonderful firm breasts were exposed. Both the couple in front of her and the couple alongside them gave a murmur of appreciation. She grinned, and stepped out of her panties. Her flat mound showed her cunt, fully waxed, the puffy line of her slit like a girls.

The woman in front of her reached out, and Yael moved forward. The woman touched Yael’s slit, tracing her finger along it.

Then she turned to her husband, and unzipped his pants. Taking his rather nice cock in her hand, she said something to Yael.

Yael turned slightly so that she faced the husband fully, and began to masturbate herself, her fingers first rubbing her cunt and her clit, then sliding into her cunt.

The woman masturbated her husband hard and fast. In no more than a minute he began to squirm, and shot a long jet of cum over his wife’s hand and his pants, some onto the carpet.

Yael kept playing with herself until he stopped, then got back into her clothes, other than the bra and panties, which she put behind the bar.

Everyone went back to talking as though nothing had happened.

Yael and I stayed a while longer, and then went to bed.

I was so turned on; I just had to masturbate before I could sleep.

We had turned the lights off and I had just started, quietly I thought, when Yael said

“”can I help with that? I am also very horny?””

I said yes, and she climbed into bed with me.

We lay facing each other, kissing a bit and fingering each other until we came. Then we went to sleep like that, holding each other.

The next morning bright and early we were up to serve the riders before they left for the hunt. I had never seen a hunt before, and it was quite a sight- all the riders in their riding gear, the drinks being passed around, the dogs( I was told to call them hounds, not dogs!) yelping , and lots of people from the village around to watch.

The blonde woman was there on her horse. She looked stunning- very regal and elegant- it was hard to picture her on all fours last night getting fucked in the library in front of all these people!

The guy she had fucked was also there, talking to a young girl on a horse. The girl was no more than 18 or so, very pretty with very big boobs- from his intense conversation I guessed that she would be the lucky recipient of his tongue and cock that night!

The Earl and his wife were also there, but not riding, just seeing the hunt off.

With the horn blaring they rode off, the hounds going mad with barking.

Yael , Staci Liam and I were not needed till that nights poker games, so we got the driver to take us into the village, where we shopped and had lunch in a very quant ancient pub- exactly like what you see on TV!

I took the opportunity to ask Staci about the night- being careful not to sound like I was amazed or judgmental.

She explained.

The dinner and hunt were held twice a year. She had been there 4 times to serve.

The guests varied, but some were there more than others. As far as the sex goes, she explained, sometimes nothing at all goes on, sometimes it turns into full orgy with everyone fucking everyone, and sometimes its like last night- some playing, but not all.

She and Liam started what they did by accident. One night, when there was a lot of fucking going on, Liam and she got into it. The Earl saw them, and came over with a friend to watch. They let them watch, making it as erotic and extreme as they could, just for fun-oral, anal, facial etc. The next day the Early sent for her, and asked if she minded what happened. She said she was fine with it, and he said that maybe if she worked there the next dinner, she could do it with Liam so more could watch.

So that’s how it started.

She said she had offered to fuck him, but he didn’t want to- he was content for her to jerk him off. Liam had however fucked his wife one night, but Staci wasn’t sure if the Early knew about it as he had gone to bed by then.

Liam laughed when she said this- he said the woman’s cunt was so big that he wanted to get another guy to do a double in her cunt just to fill the space so he could feel something!

Liam said the blonde woman was another story. She was at every dinner they had been to. She was Lady …., her husband’s third wife. She virtually never smiled or talked, but she would fuck whoever she wanted whenever she wanted, and in front of whoever wanted to look- she felt nothing.

Last year, the evening ended in the snooker room, where there was her, her husband, the Earls son and his wife, and 4 other couples playing snooker.

She started by stripping off her clothes and fucking the Earls son on the one snooker table while his wife of 6 months watched, then stood facing the table, bent forward, and took each of the other men in succession- fucking 5 guys, (6 including her husband,) in the space of an hour. She didn’t allow any of them to use a condom, and each came inside her one after another.

When they were all done, she stayed naked for the entire evening, and got one of the other women to also strip. As she walked around, the cum ran down her legs, leaving long marks all down to her ankles eventually.

Then about 2 hours later she lined up 2 of the other women up on their knees next to her, and each of the guys had to move along the “”row”” getting a blowjob from each of the women, with her at the end.

By the time each guy got to her, they were ready to cum- and she sucked each till he came, swallowing the cum of each in turn.

So she had 6 loads of cum in her cunt and 6 in her mouth in one night!

I was speechless- I had never heard of this type of behaviour- little did I know that I would do something similar one day!

Liam said that the rumour in the village was that she had two men hired to “help” at her mansion- and that their only real qualification for the job was that they had to have huge cocks, and be willing to fuck her when and how she wanted, usually while her husband (and sometimes a friend or two of his) watched.

Staci said that the group that night would probably be a bit different, with younger couples, but that it often got really wild. The Earls son, Daniel, and his wife Donna, an American, would be there also. He was sweet, she said, very friendly and warm. His wife was a real little fireball- short, a bit plump with HUGE natural boobs, she was game for anything, and Daniel and Donna were part of a group that regularly swopped partners.

He, Staci said, was “well-endowed to put it mildly”’. I didn’t ask her how she knew!

Anyway, we finished our lunch and took the bus back to the house.

Yael and I had a sleep, and by 18h00 we were in the hall to serve drinks as the guests arrived.

The dinner was less formal, but still very smart- the men in suits or elegant casual wear, the women in cocktail dresses- some long, some short, some very short!

I saw the Earls son and his wife arrive- he was a stocky, good looking man, about 40 I guess, maybe late 30’s. She was short, with dark blonde hair, a very pretty face, and a bit plump, but not much. What she did have was a really big pair of boobs- the dress she was wearing was very low in front, and her huge boobs were on display- she must have been at least a 38 D I would imagine.

She made a point of saying hello to all the staff, as Americans do, and she seemed very nice.

After the dinner, the guests split up into several groups- some played poker, some played snooker, some sat and chatted and drank.

I was assigned to the snooker room downstairs.

Daniel and Donna were there, with another 3 couples- one about the same age as Daniel, the other two older, about 50 or 60. The women were although older, were still very good-looking, very well groomed and elegant.

Staci, Yael and I didn’t see each other at all, and Liam was in the main drawing room at the bar.

About 1a.m. they stopped playing snooker, and sat chatting.

I stood in the corner and waited to be asked to serve something.

Donna was sitting next to one of the older guys in the corner on a two-seater couch. They seemed in very deep conversation. I saw his hand resting on her thigh, as her dress had pulled up quite a bit. From where I was standing, I could see up her dress, and to me her panties were clearly visible, a white triangle against the dark blue of her dress.

After a while his hand moved up, and in doing so pulled her dress up further. The couple sitting opposite them could also now see her panties, but did not seem interested.

Daniel came over to where I was. Instead of ordering something, he just chatted, asked about South Africa, my studies and so on. He said it seemed we had had a festive evening the night before.

I said it had been very interesting.

‘’Was I not shocked?’’, he asked

‘’No’’, I said. ‘’It’s difficult to shock me- I am very broad minded’’.

He seemed satisfied with that, and we chatted about other things.

He was standing next to me, and I could see that he looked at his wife every so often- everyone could now see her pussy, her dress was so high up, although the man’s hand was not actually on her pussy at all.

His arm was on the wall-rail behind me, and as we spoke I felt him rest his hand on my shoulder lightly. I left it there, and soon he had it firmly on my shoulder, stroking my neck a bit.

I went to serve drinks, and when I came back he was still there. He immediately put his arm back around me, but now his hand was much lower in front, touching the top of my breast.

Not long after, one of the men asked Daniel if they didn’t all want to have a drink in the hot-tub.

Daniel asked the others, and everyone wanted to, so I started to clear up, as they were going to leave the snooker room. I asked Daniel whether they would want bar service at the tub (wherever it was!)

He laughed and said no, they would just take a few bottles and glasses with them. He said it was indoors and the whole area was heated, on the same level as the snooker room.

‘’would you like to join us?’’ he asked’’ you have worked enough for one night’’

‘’that’s very kind of you’’ I said’’ but I don’t have any swimming gear with me’’

He laughed.

’’ That’s not a problem- we don’t wear costumes in the hot-tub- we do as the Europeans do- sauna and hot-tub are nude’’

I thought for a moment, and then decided.

‘’my colleague will also be finished now. May I ask Yael to join us?’’

‘’she is the Israeli girl? ’He asked

‘’yes’’ I said. ‘’We study together’’

‘’sure she can join us- go and ask her, and then come to the hot tub area beyond those doors. The men usually change first, then the women, as there is only one change room. See you there’’

I went upstairs to find Yael. She was sitting in the kitchen, having finished already. I told her about the hot-tub, and her reaction was the same as mine- no costume- so I enlightened her. She was very keen, and came with at once.

We got the hot-tub, and the men were all in the tub already, laughing and chatting. Daniel pointed out the change room, and Yael and I went in.

The other three women were there, changing. The two older women were nude already. The one was slim, with nice boobs for an older woman. The other was plumper, with quite big boobs, but not firm. Both were clean-shaven.

Donna was in the process of changing. She greeted us, and took off her dress.

Yael and I had a hard time not staring- her boobs were huge- really really big, and quite firm, with small hard nipples.

They swung when she walked, but were no soft at all. She was a little plump, with a rounded tummy above a triangle of dark pubic hair on a very prominent pubic mound, but her legs were firm and her bum was nice. She looked like a centrefold model in miniature!

The others went out to the tub, with a towel around them.

Yael and I got changed, and I went out as Yael said she wanted to use the bathroom first.

I went to the tub with my towel around me, put it on a chair, and got into the steaming water

Daniel motioned to me to come and sit next to him, which I did.

Donna was sitting opposite him, next to an older guy, with the plump older woman on her other side.

There was a buzz of conversation and laughter in the tub- everyone had a drink, and it was warm and relaxing.

Yael walked out from the change room, and the conversation stopped.


She had obviously decided that it was a waste of time to wrap the towel around her only to take it off again, so she walked out naked, her amazing boobs stuck out in front of her, her nipples rock-hard, and she walked with a sort of model-walk to the tub, put her towel down, and got in next to me.

I swear you could hear four erections rise up hard under the water.

Not a single man there did not have an immediate image of her under him, her legs wide open and his cock in her.

Little did they know, I thought, that one or two of them may actually get it right!

Anyway, we chatted in the tub for a while. The water-jets were on, so I couldn’t see what was going on under the water, not could I see Daniels cock, but I could see that things were getting frisky.

Donna had her hand under the water in the lap of the man next to her, and from the movement, it looked like she was masturbating him. His wife, on the other side of Donna, had her hand under the water in Donna’s lap, and it seemed she was feeling Donna’s pussy.

The other two couples were on each side of the tub. The one man motioned to the other man, and the two women got up, walked across the tub, and sat down next to the others woman’s husband.

The older man stood up, his cock rigid, and sat on the side of the tub. The other man’s wife, the plump one, who had just walked to him, kneeled in front of him and took his cock in her mouth without hesitation, taking it all in and holding it deep in her throat.

The slimmer older woman sat on the side of the tub. The man parted her legs, and buried his face in her cunt, one hand on his cock.

So, I thought, now we will see what will happen!

Daniel patted the seat next to him, and Yael got up from next to me, and sat next to him on the other side. He immediately put his arm around her, and reached forward to feel the top of her boob. She turned to make it easier, and his hand cupped her boob, feeling its firmness and the hard nipple.

I didn’t want to be left out, and I was getting really turned on but the sight of the two couples eating each other’s partners.

I reached under the water, and felt for Daniels cock. I found it, and Staci had not exaggerated- it was very big. Maybe the biggest I had felt up to that stage, although since I have seen and had much bigger.

I stroked it, and his other hand went straight to my pussy, feeling for my slit. I parted my legs, and he found it, running his finger along it, opening it a bit.

I felt Yael’s hand on mine around his cock. I let her feel it, watching her reaction as she felt the length and thickness of it. She looked at me and winked.

Daniel took his arm from around Yael, and put it between her legs also. She opened her legs very wide, almost doing the splits, and I could see his hand move up and down as he found and entered her cunt.

Donna stood up, her huge boobs gleaming from the water, got out of the tub, and knelt on the side of it, her bum facing us. I could see her cunt, open and swollen, and her puckered bum-hole gaping a bit.

The woman who was next to her moved between her legs, looked up, and started to lick at Donna’s cunt. Her husband stood up behind Donna, placed his cock at the lips of her cunt, and thrust in deeply in one movement.

He began to fuck her fast, with deep strokes, while his wife ate Donna from below.

Daniels cock grew harder still, throbbing under the water as he watched his wife being eaten and fucked.

Yael was so turned on that she grabbed Daniels hand and mashed it against her cunt, pushing it hard against her clit, and she came in a sudden rush, crossing her legs to keep his hand there as she rode it for ages.

I knew that she could come very easily, and very often, so this was just the beginning. She had told me that with her lover (and particularly when his friends were also there) she could come easily 10-15 times in a night with all the fucking and sucking she got. She was one of those women who could come by riding a bicycle, and I had seen her actually do that in the gym, on a stationary bike next to me!

While I was happy to play with Daniel, I wasn’t really ready to do so in public like that. THAT would come later in life. But I WAS horny as hell, and his cock felt amazingly big.

I don’t think he knew where to start- Yael on one side, me on the other.

After a while he motioned to me to sit on his lap, I guess to put his cock in me like that.

I said ‘’not here like that. Where is more private?’’

He said ‘’come, I will show you girls’’

He stood up- his cock was big, with a big head and veins, and rock-hard.

He took Yael’s hand as well, but she said “I will be there in a minute’’, so Daniel and I walked to the end of the deck, where there were some sun-beds.

It was warm, and I was hot from the tub.

We got to the sun-beds, where it was a bit darker. I sat down, unsure what to do next.

He stood in front of me, aware of the size of his cock.

He gently pushed me onto my back, and sat at my feet. Taking my legs in his hands, he opened my legs wide, and lifted them up in the air, so my cunt and bum was facing him. My legs were resting on his chest, and as he bent forward they slid over his shoulders.

I felt his mouth on my pussy, then his tongue probing my lips, opening them. His fingers felt along the sides of my slit as his tongue entered me, licking and lapping at my lips, up and down, round and round my clit. It grew hard as a button, and he sucked on it while sliding a finger into my cunt, deeper and deeper, massaging my g -spot expertly.

I was incredibly aroused, my cunt dripping wet and slick. He couldn’t get more than one finger in, because my pussy was, and is, quite tight, so he started to move his finger in and out smoothly.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled my legs off him, and sat up. I knelt on the floor as he sat there, and took his cock in my hands. It needed two hands to massage it properly, so I started to do so, then opened my mouth wide and put the head in, sucking gently.

As I got more comfortable with it, I took more and more of it into my mouth, rubbing the rest of the shaft with my hands.

He was as hard as could be, his cock throbbing as I sucked on it.

I suddenly realised that I didn’t have my bag there, and did not have a condom.

I said so, and he grinned, reached under the bed and took out a plastic box with condoms.

‘We are always ready’’ he said with a laugh.

I took one, slid it with difficulty and his help onto the huge cock, and pushed him back in the bed, got on top of him, and put the head at my pussy.

I lowered myself very slowly, feeling it stretch and pull at my cunt. I don’t know how much went in, but when I felt that it started to hurt, I stopped, and rode up and down from there.

‘’don’t push up suddenly please’’ I gasped.

‘’I won’t’’ he said’’ I know it can hurt you’’

It didn’t take long and I felt that I was going to orgasm.

I clenched my pussy a bit, and rode him faster as I felt the orgasm build,

It rushed through me, my cunt tingling, my legs like jelly and I came and came, and he kept thrusting, my juices streaming down his cock and into his trimmed pubic hair

When I had finished, I was weak with the effect of it.

I rolled off him, and onto my back.

‘’very slowly’’ I said to him. Don’t thrust’’

He did as I asked, his cock sliding in , a bit more with every stroke, but when I felt it was enough I just put my hand around the base, amazed at how much was still outside, and stooped it going further when he went in and out.

He began to fuck faster, grunting, the sweat dripping off him.

‘’can I cum on you?’’ he asked.

‘’yes’’ I said, ’just not in my hair or on my face’’

He fucked more and soon gave a series of short hard thrusts.

Grabbing his cock as he withdrew, he pulled the condom off, jerked his cock a few times, and huge squirts of cum shot over me, hitting my chin, my boobs, one or two past my head, the rest in a big puddle on my tummy.

It was fantastic! The warmth of the tub area, and his hot cum on me was so erotic.

I waited for him to finish, then wiped him down with a towel, and wiped myself also.

We walked to the tub, and went to the change room to clean up.

I had had enough, and didn’t want to get pressured into sex with more people, as I knew would happen if I went back.

I got dressed, and slipped out the room back to our bedroom.

We left the next day early. Yael was exhausted- she told me a bit about her evening, before falling asleep on the train all the way back.

She had ended up fucking every guy there, including Daniel, and said she could hardly walk when they were done.

She said that Donna had had the two older men fuck her analy, one after another; both cumming in her, before Daniel decided she had had enough and they all went to bed.

So, that was my introduction to that sort of evening. Over the years, I have been to dozens of such parties, some organised swinger parties, some more spontaneous, but that one remains as the strangest one of all.