Written by Carl1

31 Oct 2015

Take a hike

Its 1 in the morning after a awesome evening at a swingers club and busy diving home. We did not play with anyone at the club and my partner is super horney. She tells met that she needs a good fuck while playing with her pussy.

Suddenly I see two young hitch hikers next to the road. My partner doesnt even realise I stopped and is still playing with herself.

The sliding door opens and the two youngsters slide into the rear seat. As the door shuts my partner looks around and notice the two young guys resembling rugby players. We ask what they are doing hitchhiking that time of the morning. Slightly intoxicated they reply "Was at the pub"

As I pull away she looks at me, smiles and ask "may I". I barely gave her a nod when she moves into the back seat between the two young guys. She spreads her legs and starts to rub her pussy.

The two young guys look in shock at her playing with her pussy not knowing what to do.

She takes off her top exposing her breasts. By this time the 2 young men realised what's going on and assist her in taking her mini skirt off while she rubs the bulge in their pants.

Thinking this opportunity wont last they undress as if their lives depend on it.

She grabs one cock and pull it closer to her mouth while the other guy immediately plunges his cock into her wet pussy.

I drove around for about 30 minutes while both of them ravaged her pussy.

We dropped them of a few blocks from the house with her still naked in the back seat. On the way home I could see the cum running from her pussy glistening in the dim moon light while she tells me to fuck her.

As we stop at home I got into the back seat with her giving her the fuck she deserves.

Since that night she would on a regular bases request that we take a drive around the nearby night clubs to see if we cant assist some young party animal/s to "get home safely".