26 Jul 2018

This encounter started on Tinder. I swiped right for a sexy looking gal whose profile didn’t indicate that she wanted to have a hookup... but I seem to have caught her on the right day. I was at work, we matched on tinder and I immediately told her I’m only there for fun and clean hookups. She was game and agreed to meet me half an hour later.

I met her in town and after assessing whether we are both not dodgy she got into my car and we drove up to the foot of Table mountain at about 7:30pm.

We admired the view while I pressed my hard cock against her ass and held her tits as I kissed her neck. She turned around and started kissing me while grabbing my cock and balls.

People were driving past and she didn’t care... she unzipped me and held my cock as we kissed.

We got into my car and I took off her panties. Her pussy was dripping wet. Her tits were about 36C and nipples erect at this point. I finger fucked her for about half an hour while I licked her clit. She laid back and just enjoyed every second of it. The windows were steamed up. Until she came hard on my fingers.

Breathless... she decided to take of my pants and suck my cock until I came in her mouth. I enjoyed her ball licking the most. The use of tongue was amazing.

We both enjoyed some soft touching after this and dressed up. I drove her back to her car and that was that.

Amazing encounter and unforgettable.