28 May 2017

I was recently in Singapore on a short holiday.You cant help but be impressed with the city.Everything works..there is a drawback..its very expensive..expect to pay about R80 for a beer..but on the upside the woman are very good looking or at least i think so.

While here in Cape Town i had googled looking for a swing site in Singapore..must admit it was not easy but eventually found one.I joined and put up a profile..said i would be on holiday and was looking for a female who was seeking a male partner to play with a couple.To be honest i did not hold out much hope(dont think i would have a got any response here on this site)thought the best that would happen was that i would find a single lady who wanted to play.

To my surprise i got quiet a few responses...a few were quiet young..but two seemed very promising..both were keen to meet,but it turned out the one would be away when i was there so i was left with Joyce who i felt quiet drawn to in any case.She was 45..divorced(her ex liked young woman) worked in finance and had been in the lifestyle for a few years..she liked white men.

When i got to Singapore phoned Joyce who sounded pleased to hear from me.Told me later she loved my accent.She arranged to meet me later at my hotel as she said we would be going out for dinner.Joyce arrived and was looking really good..nice top showing just a bit of cleavage...and what i would call a sensible skirt haha and was very friendly..was like meeting an old friend..she said we would be eating at Clarkes Key which was about a 15 min walk down the river

The resturant had a good view of the river...Joyce seemed to know it well and suggested what we should have...we settled down and after about 10 min she was waving at a couple and asked me if i minded if they joined us.Turns out that Tan..long black hair..perky tits and her aussie husband Clive stocky guy were going to be our playmates for the evening(i had no idea)...the girls were soon chatting away and not all in english..Clive started telling me about life in Singapore...he had a good job with a investment company(and said not to worry his company would pick up the tab.it was not cheap there)..we had a great evening lots of chatter and quiet a bit of wine..apart from a few touches of my leg under the table there was no indication of what was to follow..I really thought we were having dinner alone and that Joyce had just bumped into Tan and Clive

As we left the resturant Clive suggested we go to there apartment for a night cap..we all thought it was a good idea)i still had no idea..in fact i was wondering how i was going to get Joyce back to my hotel room)..they had a great apartment with good views of the river and the city..Clive was in the kitchen sorting out the drinks and Joyce had gone to the lady's room..Tan looked at me and said do you like what you see becouse i do..her legs were slightly apart..the penny had finally dropped..she laughed and opened her legs wider..no panties..shaved with a nice lady strip just above her clit..i was hardening very quickly

Joyce returned and i quickly noticed that she had removed her bra and that she had large nipples...she was clearly ready for action..she sat down next to me and straight away had her hand on my now hard cock...this seemed to excite Tan who had really opened her legs to reveal her neatly shaved pussy...clive returned with the drinks and started complaining that we had started with out him

Joyce whispered in my ear that she wanted to watch me fuck her friend but she first wanted to suck my cock..she leaned in and gave me a deep kiss..i looked up saw Tan slipping out of her skirt and watching me intensly..Joyce had got my cock out and began to slowly deep throat me and then running her tongue up and down my shaft while she gently stroked my balls ..i love a good blow job...and joyce knew what she was doing..i was watching tan playing with her rock hard nipples with one hand while the other hand was rubbing her clit

Clive was stroking his cock while looking hard at Joyce..it was time to swop..Tans nipples were now rock hard and she sighed as i gently took them in my mouth...she whispered that she been waiting the whole night for me to lick her..said i was lucky she was not sitting nect to me at dinner ...i had forgotton about Clive and Joyce but now heard her cry out fuck me fuck me..i looked up to see Clive pounding her from behind..this sweet and inocent looking lady was like a wild woman gasping and pushing hips backwards as Clive fuck her

Tan pulled my face down and my tongue quickly found her hard clit...she was soaking wet and making quiet moaning noises as i gently nibbled on her clit...Clive and Joyce were still going at it and she was getting louder and louder which was making Tan wild....Please fuck me she mouthed...i dont think i could have stopped if i tried...she had her legs wide open as i slowly put my cock into her..she gasped and immediatly wrapped her legs around me holding me tight...we were soon into a good rythem...me pounding for a few strokes and pausing and then pounding again...Joyce had come with a loud yes yes this seemed to spur Tan on and she began gasping and came suddenly her body shaking..as i pulled out there was was Joyce face quickly took off the condom and came in her face..both woman had that content look..exhausted she lay in my arms she seemed a happy camper..when do i get to fuck you..later she whispered..found out later that Clive could only manage it once a night...

We said our goodbye's but not before Tan gave me a big kiss and grabbed my cock as we left..she laughed as she saw my hard on..Joyce was back in her good girl mode as we walked back along the river(btw is very safe to walk around at night)..we chatted about everything except what had just happened....i was wondering if she was going to come up to my room but i should not have worried ..she did not even hesitate when we got to the hotel..straight into the lift looked at me ran her hands over her big nipples and smiled

I was already hard as we entered the room..Joyce did not waste time ..she had her skirt and top off immediatly ..i turned her around so that she was leaning over the couch..she began pushing as soon as i entered her..i normally like to build up a good rythem but she was in a big hurry..she wanted it hard and fast...i turned her over..lay her on the bed and pushed her legs up towards her face..her pussy was glissling and throbbing and she began to gasp as soon as i entered her..i was fucking her hard now..love the slushing sound as i went in and out...she began crying out and wriggling her hips and came with a loud sigh...i followed very soon after..she was holding me tight

The wild woman was soon back to the good girl..she did not want to spend the night as she had to work in the morning..i saw Joyce 3 more times once with Tan and Clive(no dinner this time hahaha) and 2 more times alone....the sex just got better and better..we were just a good fit

I have very good memories about Singapore

Swinging here is very different to what i experienced in Singapore...hooking up here seems much harder especially as a single man..my feeling is that sh is not really a swinging site...there are way to many people that have no intention of ever meeting up and think many of the profiles the wives dont know about...swinging as single man is very difficult here..is there any woman out there that would like to prove me wrong hahahahahah

thanks for reading my adventure