Written by Jaswolf

12 May 2014

Hi again all,

The stories seem to come slower and slower. To the ones that try thank you. let us all send out at least one!

- - - - - - - -

I invited a swinging friend to a local swingers club the other day. she has a lesbian GF, her actual GF. although she is Bi and likes a little fun with the opposite sex on regular occasions. the lesbian GF is totally anti men. lets call them Bi and GF to make the distinction between them. Bi asked if she can bring GF along for us to meet and let her experience the club for herself. I agree of course no worries.

lets get to the point.

Set up to meet them at 21H30at the club, I arrive at 21H00 and their is a good crowd in. I know some of the patrons that I played with and some that I have just chatted to. have a drink at the bar and start mingling. 22H00 and still no BI or GF.

Give them a call, no they have car trouble as their starter gave in. but is organising another car not to worry they will find their way in by them self's. GREAT!!

By now I have walked the rooms and their is some nice action happening, and I'm Horny as hell. go back to the bar for another drink and wait. comes one of my friends asking would I not mind joining them in one of the rooms, they know I'm waiting but surly it will be fine. I give BI a call and say wait at the bar I just had an invite! she says sweet they will be in around 23H00 they Just got another car. Happiness

So I Join the couple and another male friend. She is hungry for Cock and first takes the friend and sucks him wildly, while I lick her lovely pussy! she Really likes that. Hubby is watching and sucking on her breasts, my turn to get my dick sucked and the friend is eating her pussy. Hubby still busy with her nipples.

The friend straps on a condom and really fuckes her hard wile she is sucking my cock and wanking hubby. The friend finishes off and bacons me to stand closer. she is sucking hubby hard now. I pull her to the side of the bed standing her feet past my ears, condom on, I have to be quick as my next date is surly close to arriving. I enter her and fucking her hard wile the friend id rubbing her clit with his fingers hubby is literally fucking her mouth.

She orgasms and a really her eyes are turning in her head she is holding the friends cock so tight he is gasping. Hubbies turn to fuck, I pull of the condom and over my dick to her she sucks it wild! and I start deep troughting her like hubby. I'm about to cum and I let her know she, still just offers her mouth and I cum deep in her trought. I wipe off and say my good bye's she smiles and says enjoy your date. The other two is still busy. Quickly in the shower!

Put the towel around and head to the bar, they just walked in! happiness!

Great Bi with a nice kiss and then GF as well. Bi asked if I enjoyed myself, I said of course I did!! well GF is not entirely comfortable with the set up. So we have a couple of drinks and shooters, we talk about sex, and their is a porn movie playing on the screen right by our table. GF relaxes and BI & GF start making out in a big way. Wile I'm basically finger fucking BI while they are making out and Bi is doing the same to GF.

We relax and have another shot and I tell BI lets get a Private room as GF will not play in public, and I was not allowed to touch until invited, all agreed so off we go.

Get to the room and they are seriously going for it ripping of clothes and kissing. I sat on the side of side of the bed close to them they were kissing and fingering and muffing it was an awesome site to watch I was naked of course. Bi came closer to me after about 30min and rubbed her ass and pussy literally in my face with out GF seeing.

I did not wait for a second invitation. and stuck my tongue in get asshole, she pushed back. and then I slapped her ass a little and put my fingers in her pussy. Again pushing back hard. Now of course GF was fully aware of what was going on. But did not protest.

so I continued to ply with BI and eventually gas under her licking her pussy and she sucking my dick wile fingering GF. we swapped positions a couple of times both girls by now had had multiple orgasms. I have not touched GF at this stage except for when changing positions by rubbing against each other.

Then BI came up from kissing GF and fingering her wile I was sticking my tongue in her Asshole. I have not fucked BI yet by this stage. we must have been busy for an hour already. BI came to my ear and said would I not please finger GF, I jumped tat the opportunity but made sure of the rules my way by saying. Well if I'm going to Finger fuck her I might as well Lick your clit as well and play with your breasts. all agreed and off we go. Now ladies I can move my tongue.

Damm, GF's pussy was nice (some info she is 22) nice and young. I fingered her licked her clit and sucked her breasts and kissed her mouth! it was awesome, while this was happening BI was pleasuring me in so many ways I don't even remember it all. we swapped around a couple of times. but now I was allowed to pleasure both Ladies and they me. still no penetration at all gents!!!

Swapping again I was back at GF's Clit and pussy. BI kissing her lips and pinching her nipples, my fingers deep in her pussy and I tasted the little bit of squirt she was dripping in my mouth with every lick I gave over her swollen clit. GF was hitting the bed!!!! how is this possible she was screaming!!! BI just smiled and said I told u he was good. GF looked up and told me now u have to fuck her and I wana watch!! well I obliged and pulled BI in to a doggy position and ordered GF to lay under her do that BI could play with GF. and I fucked her hard! she orgasimed and we changed positions so that GF was facing me but sitting on BI's face, and looing at me penetrate BI's pussy. I sucked GF's breast every now and then. I cam during this. but I was still hard and BI sucked me dry later on. we still continued fingering sucking and playing for at least another hour. Till the owner cam knocking on the door asking as to finish up as they were closing the club. this was at 4AM

I came Twice, the girls each maybe 5 or 6 times I did not try t count they knew how to pleasure each other with out me. it was bloody awesome. I have had many 3somes and moresomes boys and girls this was probably one of my best ever.

we were all in skink and really knew what to do and no jealousy between us. BI told me after her and GF discussed it and that it was their best ever too. Plus next time that I would get to fuck GF to. I cant wait truly.