Written by janilse

21 Dec 2014

The sms comes in from friends of ours. We’ve known each other for ages, even skinny dipped together but never gone beyond the “nudity allowed” party. (Lets call her A and him B)

A…”I have decided to try the bi thing but we trust only you, have hubby’s permission okay?. Wow! Surprise!

I (my wife) is always game, so a couple of weeks later they are here and after a few drinks to calm her nerves… the ladies are off to the shower, B is eager to peep but I keep him calm and leave the ladies time to bond.

B starts to get agitated and want’s to watch the ladies, so I ask permission to come in, the next moment the door is open and the ladies already at it. The shower is still running and the shower big enough to use the floor as a bed. 69 and each lady is trying to out eat the other.

I suggest they move to the bedroom but A see’s my video camera and decides that she likes to be in the lime light. So a photo shoot later the ladies (and us) are in the bedroom and making out like they were long lost lovers. French kissing, 69, vibrators, strap-on, dildos. They pulled out all the stops.

I enjoyed every moment, being used to I’s bi excursions, but B had a big problem in his pants so he took them off. …..When A saw B naked she stopped dead in her tracks, gave him a look and got dressed, thanked us for a nice evening and left!

Still waiting to hear what issue was….