Written by Tsepo

15 Jan 2018

We met a coupler times. Right from the beginning I could sense that we so wanted each other badly but had to behave and do a bit of the knowing each other first thing.

She is obviously thick, with a beautiful smile, full hands, big boobs and a voluptuous figure. Her butt and legs are worth kneeling for.

Finally she decided to visit for a relaxed Sunday afternoon. We set, kept talking and kissing in between while enjoying drinks and food with lots of laughter.

Soon enough the kissing got a bit intense then touching.... damn could not wait to suck her heavy boobs. When I got there she was so excited, sucked both nipples at a time as she was stroking my hard dick with warm thick hands. She demanded to go down on me while on her knees sucking my dick so hard.

When we started started fucking.... felt so wow getting her to cum on my dick, squirting in between. Sucked her tiny clit she came in my mouth. She rode my hard rod so good, locking eyes with me like she was seeking validation that she is doing me good. As she looked at me I said nje baby, Ke ya gao fuck it with that wet pussy.... oh spanking her big ass got her screaming for more.

What fun we had!!!!