Written by Plugged

10 Feb 2013

I lay back on the double bed in my chalet in Dar Es Salaam savouring the sweet fragrance of Chinta’s hair treatment that covered the pillow.

I was still slightly out of breath following my massive ejaculation after Chinta’s beautiful full black velvet lips had slid up and down my shaft till I couldn’t hold it back anymore. What an amazing experience! I could smell the musky odour of her sweet fanny juice where it was spread all over my face as I gave her beautiful black pussy a last lingering kiss and a lick before she left with the words of great promise – “later....!”

I stood up and looked down at the bed and the perfect round imprint of Chinta’s sexy well-rounded butt was clearly visible on the bed. I bent down placing my face on the imprint and inhaled deeply to savour the musky sweet fragrance of Chinta’s fanny juice where it had run down between her shiny black thighs onto the bedcover while I had my face and tongue buried deep inside her fanny.

The next morning I woke with a splitting headache and some fever. The security guard called me at a little after 10:00 advising me that my friends had arrived. I looked out and saw Chinta walking towards me wearing a very sexy pair of shorts that showed of her glistening shapely thighs to perfection. Chinta had the perfect African figure with firm well defined muscular legs and thighs supporting hips that were slightly narrower than the thighs and a slim waist running up to the perfectly rounded and rock hard size 38 breasts. A sight to behold and I could watch the fluid movement of those sexy legs as she glided towards me all day long, but my attention was drawn to the crotch of the tight shorts where it snuggled tightly over her full fanny lips. My headache miraculously disappeared as I watched Chinta approach with her friend Debby just behind her.

Chinta walked up to me and I savoured her full lips as she kissed me. I leant over and gave Debby a welcoming hug and a kiss. Debby was a slim girl with the distinctive long shapely African neck and small boobs, with a small pert round butt that quivered when she walked. Debby was a really fine looking African girl with a beautiful dark complexion. My appreciative gaze was disturbed by Chinta taking my hand to place a condom in the palm of my hand while she smiled sweetly at me. I was suddenly aware of Chinta’s almost over-powering musky odour escaping from her fanny. I needed no further encouragement and started up the stairs after Chinta into the chalet. I looked back apologetically at Debby, but she smiled and settled down in a chair to wait.

Inside the chalet I undressed Chinta slowly, savouring the feel of her velvet black skin and firm well rounded body. Her firm boobs quivered as I pulled the tight t-shirt over her head. I unbuttoned the sexy shorts and I was immediately rewarded with her beautiful musky fragrance escaping from the confines of the clothing to tantalize my senses. I kneeled down in front of Chinta and slowly moved the shorts down over her firm butt and thighs till they dropped to the floor. Chinta was wearing a beautiful pair of white boy-shorts knickers with the words “Kiss Me” emblazoned in red across her prominent mound and the slight camel-toe underneath where the full fanny lips protruded so invitingly. I reached back to the table searching for my camera to record this most beautiful sight, but Chinta opened her legs a little more and all thoughts of a photograph were quickly forgotten.

I reached up and started rolling the white knickers down over her butt and Chinta’s sweet, fragrant fanny juices made long threads to the knickers as they slid down her glistening black thighs. I leant forward and covered her beautiful hairless fanny with my mouth while I slowly slid my tongue in between the swollen wet fanny lips. She pushed her fanny forward into my face and placed her hands behind my head before starting to rock slowly up and down so that my chin and nose all but disappeared into her welcoming pussy at every stroke. I was in heaven!

I opened the condom and slid it on to my rock hard dick while I continued to lap up the sweet fanny juice flooding out of Chinta’s hairless pussy. I pushed her back onto the bed and opened her legs so that I could study her beautiful black, shiny fanny. I placed the head of my dick between the swollen fanny lips and moved it up to the protruding clit and then down to her anus where I applied a little pressure till she pinched her ring tightly closed. I continued teasing Chinta in this way as her breathing quickened and became raspy.

I slowly slid my 20 cm dick into her tight pussy till it was buried up to the balls. Chinta sucked in her breath as my dick slid into her wet pussy and her body quivered before she let out a stifled scream. I withdrew all the way out and re-entered her tight pussy slowly before ramming it home to another scream. I put her legs over my shoulders and started ramming my swollen dick into her wet fanny, harder and faster. Chinta grabbed my arms and pulled me into her urging me on. We rocked in unison increasing the tempo till Chinta’s eyes and mouth opened wide in a silent scream and she jolted her pelvis upward and squirted her fragrant nectar all over my belly. I exploded into her with such force that my legs buckled and I had to hold onto the bed to stay upright. I felt Chinta’s tight fanny muscles rippling up and down my shaft as she climaxed again and again.

I fell over sideways to lie next to Chinta with my dick still buried deep inside her pulsing fanny. We were drenched in sweat and I was reaching for a towel to dry us off when I noticed Debby standing in the doorway with her hand buried down the front of her shorts. Chinta was also looking at Debby and she smiled at me as I slowly pulled my still hard dick out of her tight black fanny. I moved the three steps quickly to kneel in front if Debby and I started unbuttoning her shorts. I pulled down her shorts to reveal a pair of soaking wet red nylon knickers. I pulled the top of the knickers down and stuck my tongue straight in between her wet and willing fanny lips.

Debby pushed me back onto the bed. I landed with my head on Chinta’s lower belly and I could savour Chinta’s musky fragrance as Debby grabbed my still semi-hard dick and started licking the head slowly all the way around. She licked all my come and Chinta’s juices off my dick before she spun around into the 69 position. I licked her quivering pussy lips and Debby jerked away every time I reached her clit. Debby moved down my torso and lifted her wet pussy over my dick and slid down on my shaft slowly. Chinta had moved around to my feet and she went down on Debby’s clit licking it furiously avery time Debby lifted her pussy off my shaft. Debby’s pussy was so tight and the walls quivered as she enjoyed the attention of Chinta’s tongue on her clit. Chinta took my balls in her hand and started licking them slowly and then up onto the sensitive clit sliding down my shaft.

I lasted all of a few minutes before blasting my load deep into Debby’s pulsing fanny. She pushed down on me and quivered as Chinta continued to lick her clit vigorously. My head was throbbing after all this excitement and I watched as the girls donned their sexy shorts before waving goodbye as they went out the door.

Later that afternoon I went off to the clinic to check on my headache and fever only to be admitted to hospital for the next 5 days with malaria. I could only dream of what could have happened over the next few days with the sexy Chinta and her friend.