Written by Plugged

27 Jan 2013

I am in tourism and a few years ago my route took me through Dar Es Salaam. My tour group went off on a three day excursion and I stayed behind to get some repairs done to the tour vehicle.

I am returning to my campsite from the garage in town and I have to cross the harbour with the ferry taking vehicles across to the southern side of the harbour. When it is eventually my turn to load, I drive onto the ferry and sit watching the pedestrians coming on board and standing next the vehicles. Two beautiful young girls in their late teens are standing just in front of my vehicle. I am very impressed and study these beauties in detail. The one catches me looking at her and whispers in her friend’s ear.

The friend is a buxom girl with beautiful large, firm, prominent tits that are stretching the button-up top to the limit. She looks directly at me and I smile at her. I slowly stick out my tongue while looking at her and she does the same. WOW! This is the universal signal in rural Africa to get it on. I immediately offer them a lift using sign language and invite the girls to jump in. They trade a few words, but the buxom beauty is quick to move towards the passenger door on my vehicle.

They jump in and the buxom girl’s tits bounce up and down as she settles herself on the bench seat next to me. I am not a great fan of big tits but I am totally mesmerised by these large but very firm tits. The ferry has reached the other side and I drive off. I start chatting to the girls to find out their names. I soon realise that we have a major problem. They only speak Swahili and I speak English. I manage to establish that the buxom beauty’s name is Chinta and her friend’s name is Debby and they were 19 and 17 years old respectively.

I cannot keep my eyes off Chinta whose tight jeans have now pulled up revealing the most beautiful camel toe and the top button of the blouse has come undone revealing two beautiful dark firm mounds of boob. I can even imagine that I see a little wet patch through the material of the jeans stretched tightly over that camel toe. Using sign language and broken English I establish that they live close to the campsite and wish to get off when I turn into the campsite entrance. Being a gentleman, I did as requested but I showed them the beers that I had bought in town and invited them over. Chinta spoke to me but all I could understand was “later”. Oh well! I feasted my eyes on that beautiful firm body and the camel toe for a last time as she got out of the vehicle and imagined what could have happened for the rest of the day.

Dar Es Salaam is as hot as hell and I was resting on the double bed in my little chalet with the ceiling fan running at maximum speed when the security guard’s voice intruded on my lustful thoughts of Chinta’s beautiful fanny. I got up to see what was up and he motioned towards the gate asking if I knew these people. Wow! It was Chinta and Debby. I called them over and scrambled to get the beers out the fridge as they came in and sat on the bed.

So now what? We each had a beer in hand but we couldn’t make any conversation. I leaned over and touched Chinta’s face complementing her on her elaborate African hair style. She seemed to understand me and rewarded me with the most beautiful smile with her perfectly shaped ultra-white teeth framed by her full dark velvet lips. She leaned over and touched the pendant around my neck. I asked if she liked it and Chinta nodded her head. I took off the silver pendant and placed it around her neck. The medallion came to rest deep in her beautiful cleavage and I took the opportunity to smooth it down and touch the soft velvet skin of her boobs.

I was rewarded by Chinta pushing her boobs out further and I started unbuttoning her blouse to reveal the firmest most beautifully shaped size 38’s that I have ever seen. She had the most beautiful black nipples set on these superbly shaped boobs with hardly any dark aureole around the nipple. Chinta had a dark complexion and her skin was smooth and soft as velvet. I moved my hand down to her belly savouring her ultra smooth firm skin. Chinta was ever so slightly plump and she had a small roll with the panty elastic nestled into the groove below the roll.

Her friend Debby suddenly got up and walked out the door. That suited me fine and I started kissing Chinta but she would not allow my hand to proceed past her panty elastic. I changed tactics and caressed those beautiful tits with my tongue while I massaged her tummy with my hand. Chinta soon relaxed and I slid my hand under the panty elastic and over her very moist fanny. I slowly caressed her now firm clit and slid the tip of my finger all along her moist slit to her butt ring. She was enjoying it and opened her legs wider while kissing me passionately.

I got up and pulled off her jeans and knickers. She had the most beautiful black, smooth and perfectly hairless fanny. I bent down and covered her whole fanny with my mouth as I savoured her sweet nectar. I slid my tongue between the bulging lips of her fanny and she shook as if an electric shock had gone through her. I spread her legs wider and ran my tongue down her slit to the tightly clenched cherry butthole. I ran my tongue around her cherry and Chinta tried to pull away. I held her down and started sucking her clit before moving back down to her cherry. She didn’t resist much this time and only clenched her ring tighter. I used a lot of saliva and licked her from her cherry to the clit and back until she relaxed some more. I started fingering her gently with two fingers in her wet fanny and then slowly pushed my tongue into her ring. At first she clenched her ring and then Chinta pushed her butt onto my face so that I could push my tongue all the way up her cherry while I inserted three fingers into her fanny to finger fuck her while her sweet nectar was running all over my face.

I moved around to get my rigid throbbing dick close to Chinta’s wet fanny but she motioned that I must put on a condom. DAMN, I didn’t have one with me! Chinta gently took my dick and started sucking it. The sight of the those beautiful full dark lips sliding up and down my shaft drove me over the edge and I came all over her face. She took my hanky and wiped her face then Chinta stood up and stood in front of me with her legs spread apart so that I could lick her beautiful fanny once more before she picked up her jeans and started dressing. I protested vigorously but all Chinta said was “later” before she disappeared out of the door.

I lay back exhausted savouring this very special experience with a beautiful African maiden – and I couldn’t even talk to her! The last time Chinta said “later” to me, she came back so that I could lick the sweet nectar out of her hot, sweet fanny. I lay there thinking what would happen next since she left my room saying, ”later” ...............................

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