Written by Anonymous

09 Mar 2019

It was around 05:00 when I joined the chat room. I received a PM from a whites only couple. It was the lady chatting. She said tgat she is horny and she asked if I would like to fuck her. I asked her if she knew that i am coloured, She said yes. Fortunately i work flexi hours and agreed to meet her.

She gave me her cell phone number. She told me her hubby leaves at 6 and asked that I come around 06:15. Upon arrival at their house I entered and joined her in the bedroom. She was naked. We greeted. I undressed and join her in bed with a semi hardon.

We kissed an touched each other. As I slide two fingers in her wet pussy, she gave a slight moan. I moved downwards, kissing her neck, still finger fucking her wet pussy. I start licking her nipples, first the one than the other. Her pussy juice flowed freely and I got excited by the sloppy sounds.

I kissed down her tummy towards her wet pussy, still finger fucking her. I slide a third finger in her as i start licking her clit. Within seconds she reached a thunderous orgasm. Very vocal with her whole body shaking. I continued licking her pussy and clit. I used her pussy juice to lubricate her anus. Still eating pussy I slide first one and than two fingers in her anus. While having her ass finger fucked and pussy licked she had a second orgasm. By now I was rock hard and ready to fuck her.

I moved towards her face and she took my cock into her mouth. I rubbed her pussy while she sucked my cock. She stopped sucking, looked into my eyes and said, I want to feel your dark cock in my white pussy. She took a condom from the bedside table and rolled it over my rock hard cock. As I entered her she moaned and pulled me towards her. Kissing and fucking she reached a third orgasm. I asked her to get on top and ride me cowboy style. I could feel my orgasm approaching and asked her to stop. I guided her off me, kissed her and told her to get on her knees. We fucked doggy style and not long into that position she got her fourth orgasm and I blew my load into the condom. When I removed the condom she said, don't clean it, I'll use my mouth for that. She used her tongue to clean my cock and balls.

We cuddled, I used her dildo on her and was allowed to fist her. We enjoyed another round of pussy and anal penetration. . At 09:00 I jumped in the shower and left for work. She said to me no one must know about this. I promised. We never met again but I was allowed to take some photo's. I did later hook up with one of her friends but neither knows about the interracial sessions of the other,

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