23 Feb 2019

The sudden sound of a loud bang, and a car goes crashing into the side of my car sending mine flying into the air, an me lying unconscious on the floor.Many hours had passed and finally I awoke up in the I.C.U., which would be my home for the next few days, before been released to the ward and me just wanting to return home, and me been spoilt by a few friends.

The days were passing by at a snails pace, and the sound of nurses voices shouting, morning mister.....how are you this morning, and did you have a peaceful evening, or wake up sir it is time for your meds, was driving me crazy, all I wanted was the feel of my own soft bed, but I knew it would be a week or two before I would be returning home. Finally the doctor came in and said, " You will be going home this morning. Smiling, the doctor looked at me and said, "Who will be looking after you." Looking at the doctor, I said, " Don't worry I have many friends." Taking hold of my cell phone I phone my friend Tommy and said, " You won't guess, I am going home this morning, so can you arrange a lift home for me." Tommy burst out laughing, Ha ha so hop a long Cassidy will be at my mercy.....So there was silence, then Tommy said, " Don't worry I will be there soon."

Me sitting in my wheelchair, with my broken leg and my baggage, waiting for Tommy to collect me.....In walked a lady into the foyer of the hospital and shouted out, "Hi Billy, finally homeward bound you will be going." Looking at her and smiling I shout, " Hi Tammy." Tammy was Tommy's wife, with whom we had had many evenings of fun. The porter took hold of my baggage while Tammy pushed my wheelchair to the car which was parked right outside the the front door. The baggage in the trunk and the patient safely buckled in the front seat, and Tammy the taxi driver behind the controls, down the road we went. Firstly there was silence, as Tammy was not sure should she talk about the accident, or should she joke about me been hop along Cassidy with my one broken leg......Suddenly the silence was broken, when I saw an unfortunate person at the robot in a wheelchair begging, looking at him I said, " Tammy that could be me." Tammy looked at me and smiled and said, " she could drop me off if I wanted her too." Laughing I said, " Tammy could you imagine me sitting there all day long." So the laughter carried on all the way home. Finally we arrived at 183....

The front door wide open, and me battling on my crutches, and Tammy lugging the baggage into the lounge, finally I collapsed into an arm chair. Panting and out of breath, Tammy looked at me and said, " Billy, just like Tommy said, you will be needing plenty of T.L.C." I burst out laughing , is that why Tommy sent you to collect me. Tammy looked at me and said, "We will have to wait and see."

Both of us sipping on the wine which had been in the fridge since before the accident, so it was really chilled for the occasion, and Tammy sitting on the arm of the armchair, Tammy slowly started run her fingers through my hair, which was letting many naughty thoughts running through my head, but knowing all to well that it would be months before I could be action again. My leg might of been badly broken, yes in three places, but there was nothing wrong with my middle leg, yes it was getting an erection again. Tammy seen what was happening, stopped running her fingers through my hair and said, "How cruel of me," knowing that fucking or making love to me is out of the question for you Billy. Smiling at Tammy, I had to say no more, down went my shorts, and into her hands went my cock, yes my semi erect cock, Tammy started to run her one hand up and down the shaft of my cock, and her other hand fondling with my balls, squeezing them every know and then, which nearly brought tears to my eyes. Precum started to make it ways through the slit on the top of the head of my cock. Tammy started to rub the precum with her finger tips, before yelling, Billy your mushroom needs more of me.

Bending over, into her mouth went my mushroom, sucking on the head of my cock, and biting on the head every now and then, was driving me crazy, knowing that Tammy was not a lady that was a wham bang lady, but a lady who like to have a great time of foreplay, so I would have to hold back, holding back was not very easy, slowly Tammy released my cock from her mouth, and looked at me and said, Billy, " You must be really horny after been in hospital for the last few week." Blushing, I said to Tammy, "surely you could feel how my cock was weeping." Tammy looked at my cock,and into her mouth went my cock again, deeper deeper into her mouth went my cock, reaching against her throat, Tammy started to gag on my cock, with her saliva dripping out of her mouth all over my balls, but Tammy was not letting up on my cock, biting on my shaft just above my balls, causing me to scream more from pleasure than from pain. The throbbing feeling was just getting the better of me, and my balls were bursting from all the cum, so finally I could not hold back any more, and out shot a stream of hot sticky cum against the back of Tammy's mouth and down her throat causing Tammy to choke, before collapsing with her face on my lap. Tammy's mouth still filled with my cum, Tammy slowly lifted her head, and cum slowly dripped from her mouth, Tammy sucked on my cock again before swallowing every single drop of cum. With most of the cum in Tammy's tummy Tammy slowly released my cock from her mouth, running her tongue up and down my shaft licking off the last of my cum. Now with my cock still moist from her saliva, and Tammy running her tongue over the slit on the head of my cock, and her hands fondling with my ball, Tammy looked at me and said, your nurse will be back more more.

My Readers must of wondered what had happened to me.......Am back....So the stories will follow soon.