06 Aug 2018

I have been working at this institution for the past 5 years.Because it's a technical enviroment; no lady has ever worked there ; traditional it was always only been men. Our section head decided that we needed a partime lady who will assist with the admin side of things and she was transferred in.It took a while for all the guys to get use to the idea that a lady is in our midst. It wasn't long ; we started to get used to the idea that she is there and it brought a whole different dimension to the whole work enviroment.Most of the older guys were drooling all over her and some of the younger guys just felt intimidated by her.She is in her mid forties, married with teenage children.She is quite attractive ; slim ; tall ; long black hair with big Brown eyes. On this specific day ; A Friday ; we were alone in the workshop ; most of the other staff were either off or busy with other offsite duties.I almost took the day off myself because I knew that it was only going to be me and her and I don't have time for her somewhat boring conversation.We were sitting in an office just chatting.Usually we chat about our families ; our children and our partners.Somehow the conversation turns into a sexuall direction; but just general things ; like how many time we have sex with our partners in a week etc.I jokingly told her that as a man ; I sometimes turns sex down when I'm not in the mood.My wife understands and we try having at great sex at least twice a week.She told me that her husband is constantly away working and she is lucky to have sex twice a month and they are married for 22years.All of a sudden she broke down and cried ; I don't know for what reason ; but I tried comforting her ; it felt strange embracing her. She started kissing me out of nowhere ; stunned I tried to object ; but I felt weak for a moment.I broke free when reality hit me ; what are you doing I ask myself ; but when I looked into her big Brown eyes ; I couldn't resist.I grabbed her and passionately kissed her on the lips.I started to undress her slowly as I gaze into her eyes until she only had her matching lace bra and panties on.I put her on the workstation desk ; kissing her intimately ; her neck ; her naked shoulders and moved down to her tits.She hastily took her bra of and directed my lips to her tits.First concentrating on one breast kissing and it and move my tongue slowly and gently on her tight nipple while I stroke the other breast with my hand.She was directing me towards the spots she wanted me to concentrate on ; and I was following her every lead.She took my right hand and firmly placed it on her now soaking wet pussy.She still had her panties on ; but she was almost dripping wet.I stroked it gently .I couldn't wait any longer ; I had to put my tongue on that soaking wet pussy.She lifts her buttocks in order for me to take of her panties.She leaned backwards on the desk and offered her clean shaven pussy to me.I slowly started working it with the tip of my tongue ; licking and moving it on her pussy lips and clitoris.As I got into a motion licking; sucking and putting my tongue as far as I possibly can in her pussy.Tongue fucking her.She moaned and groaned.She grab my head and pressing it onto her pussy.She came in my mouth.Squirting all over my face and I couldn't resist the taste of her cum.I swallowed every drop.Damn ; It tasted good.I was in overdrive now.My penis was as hard as a rock.I took off my trackpants to expose my bulging manhood to Her.She got down from the desk went down on her knees and took my cock into her mouth.Damn ; It felt like my cock will go down her throat. She suck the hell out of my cock; while I stroke her hair and neck.She could sense I was very near the tipping point and let go of my cock.She turned around bending over the desk.I entered her slowly from behind.I could feel the Shivers down her spine.I started slowly and pick up pace as I go ; She started to moan and it felt that her pussy was locking my penis ; as I'm pounding her harder and deeper ; I felt the wave of her coming again and again.What a beautiful feeling.It just felt that my cock gets harder and harder as I go along.And then I felt that the damwall is going to break.As I pound her beautiful pussy ; I felt that she was also close before her next wave.I fucked her deeper and faster.We reach our climax simultaneously...Vim was dripping out of her wet pussy.I turned her around and lay on top of her ; my cock still semi hard ; I entered her while kissing her erotically all over her neck ;lips and tits.We continued our session for another 20 minutes and she came about five times.I held her in my arms and not one of us had a word to say.We just smiled and kissed.Afterwards we took a shower individually ...Yeah that was the best sex I ever had.