Written by The cuckold

06 Apr 2018

I travel a fair amount for work. My wife J and I have indulged in the open relationship / swinging for a fairly long time now. However we have always played together with other couples (or so I thought). Something has changed over the last few months and only now after this encounter did I actually realise the significance of these changes.

I found J watching porn on more than one occasion on this site there were chats that I only saw later on with single guys and women and other couples. However my surprise came the week before last on a Thursday

I was away for work and arrived a day earlier as the matter had been settled. I thought not to call and surprise J as it was a local trip nothing strange. I arrive at our place around 19:00 or so there is another car parked in the driveway. Nothing new J sees clients at her home office a lot and it could also be one of her friends. The house is unlocked as usual as we stay in a pretty safe Estate. I went through the scullery/laundry as I usually just drop my bag off there and kick my shoes off. No one in the house “they must be in the office” so I go upstairs ready to catch a shower. As I round the landing atop the stairs I hear those sounds “adult sounds”. I walk quicker, heart racing already thinking wtf! I get to the door and freeze! There is J on our bed on all fours naked as the day she was born with some muscled guy that’s looks about 21years old. I want to say something but my mouth is dry as the desert sand. Her head is I. The pillows and he has his hands gripped on her hips and is pounding away. I can actually here his balls slapping against her as he pounds into her. J has always been rather verbal and loves to talk dirty but when she did utter words and not moans it was “Fuck me” “make me cum again””stretch me with your fat cock” the last one broke me.

Mr M tells her he wants to cum, she pulls away and turns and then there it is ! She sees me by the door! Wtf she takes his cock right in her mouth and smiles at me. He is transfixed on her and she is seems to be choking on his cock “which honestly is not that much bigger than my own”. He cums calling her a slut and a good little bitch. With cum on her lips and on her tits she says Wayne this is my husband. He looked a bit taken aback but I could see it wasn’t his first husband he had met under these circumstances. Then his age became transparent to me “Hey what’s up Bru”. Is that anyway to greet a guy when you have just banged his wife!!

Honestly I have mixed feelings but I must say I was harder than ever and J and I had our own sessions afterwards. I am in two minds at the moment only time will tell