14 Aug 2018

After a long day of work. Getting all the kids sorted and supper done. We retreated to our room. I took my wine with me and enjoyed a warm and relaxing bath. Hubby was attending to some messages and emails. Enjoying social media, I entered the chat room on SH. There were quite some conversation going and endless greetings. I did not greet the room or chat in the main pool. I was just observing who was there. Waiting if any interesting conversation popped up.

My screen flashed yellow. A Ricky said Hello. Before responding to the message, I opened the profile and saw it was a blank member only private pic. Profile does not say much. A profile I would normally not even respond to. But every now and then I humour myself. Hello I said back. I like your profile, sexy pics. I might be in Jeffrey’s Bay next week, would you two perhaps like to meet?

Short to the point. Usually I would ask way more questions. But I guess what caught my attention, was the fact that he said you two. Treating us as a couple. Not singling me out on my own. So, I replied that he does not have any pics, or his profile does not say much. He replied done and sent his private folder to us. As I was in the chatroom on my mobile I did not look at his picks yet. I said well best is to send a message to our profile requesting to meet. There my hubby is also in the loop as not as much on chat. He said Done and see you next week. He left the room. I thought he had quite a nerve. See you next week pffffffttt. As I was clearly having a not so good day and not being quite interested in most of the singles hanging around I did not give him much thought. As I left the chat room I saw his private folder. He looked great, but experience has told me that many pics are deceiving. I replied just nice and sexy pics also. And that we will not be in J Bay in the week as work has us in PE and Uitenhage. He replied pity we will not get to meet. I left it at that.

The next afternoon when I logged into the site. I saw my husband replied to the message before I could even mention my conversation with Rick. He said hay it is only 85km apart. Sure, we can plan. Long messaging short. I kind of pushed it aside. Having met some freaky men lately I was at the point to change our profile no more single men. Hubby and Rick spoke, and Monday morning went on to WhatsApp. WTF. Who meets on a Monday. Rick said he would be there for 2 days or so. I said we could only meet Monday late as we have responsibilities. Kind of trying to can this meet. My husband however thought otherwise. I know he enjoys MFM. He loves to watch a man ravish me and fuck me hard. He enjoys being part of all that. That might cloud his judgement I thought.

Late Monday afternoon hubby made a WhatsApp group as to meet Rick. He lied about his real name. Strike two. At this point my husband would usually can the meet. But for some reason he did not. Rick apologised and said he would explain once we met. He sent a selfie with J Bay beach behind him. He said he was off to surf and agreed to meet later that eve at a pub in J Bay. At this point nothing he did to that point impressed me. He suggested we meet at his lodge as he has a nice deck and a mini bar. No, a public place I replied. Only meeting. Please don’t have any expectations. All good he sent back and that he understands. When hubby arrived home, the kids were sorted for the night I just got in the shower when hubby joined me. Kissing me and talking dirty in my ear as how he loves to have other men play with me. We had rough and hard sex. He spun me around with my palms to the cold tiles. He was just so fucking hard. For some reason it hurt a bit and I was not sure to say halt or not. As I enjoyed it. When he let go and I could get dressed and we were ready to head out to J Bay for drinks with Rick. Hubby laughed as he read my message to him. I said do not suggest more than drinks. We are just meeting. I was dressed in Jeans, low heels and a slight low top. Not my usual lingerie and sexy dress. Not having any intention to let this night lead to more. On our way to J Bay I said to hubby I was done with singles and changing our profile. Just keeping our regulars. But they all stay far away, and we only get to meet now and then when possible. When we arrived at the pub, we took up a usual spot we liked. We used to frequent the pub. Rick was not there yet. But he sent a message stating that he was on his way. We ordered some drinks and chatted about our day. The pub chairs are high. Once I bounced up on the seat being short. I settled with my one foot under my legs. Sipping my cosmopolitan and relaxing. I laughed about something hubby said and as I looked to my right a tall and handsome gent entered the pub. He gave me that sexy boyish smile and headed our way. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He greeted my husband and turned my way. Kissed me slightly and sat down. Then he gave us his real name and explained his reasons for being overly cautious. We exchanged some stories. I could not keep my greedy eyes to myself. From the side I had him scanned a little. The fact that he smelled good was not helping at all. But I did make the call No expectations. Sticking to it. He sat across from me and hubby removed something off my blouse. I saw Rick’s eye’s following my hubby’s hand, but his eyes stayed focused on my breasts when hubby removed his hand. Dammit that alone made my blood pressure rise. Palms sweat and now me babbling to get a conversation going. As it was running quite late we said that it was time to go. Rick asked so are you following me to the lodge. I said no, and hubby just laughed. As hubby opened the door for me he said to Rick you will see if we follow. By now I know he sees right through me. No point in even trying to deny this. I was panting and lusting this sexy man. Something about him look a bit dark and dangerous.

As we got to the Lodge, Rick gave a big smile and said he was glad I changed my mind. Once inside he offered us some drinks. He opened the big sliding doors and one could hear the waves crashing. Much like my resistance. The way he looked at me made me feel already naked. But I could feel the hurt in my lip from biting on it. He sat across from me and slid his leg up mine. It felt like I had to lock my knees to keep them shut. Hubby took the que and pulled me up from the chair and kissed me in such a hungry manner to let all my guards fall away. Rick being not new to this. Got behind me and boxed me in between them. As hubby was kissing me from my lips to my ears and Rick pining my hair between his fingers starting to kiss my neck. The feel of both men’s warm lips against my feverish skin made my legs weak. I felt a hand slip up under my blouse lifting it. Without a winch I lifted my arms. As my blouse hit the floor both men’s hands and mouths were all over me. I looked up and hubby gave me a deadly naughty smile. Giving me his assurance, he was enjoying this moment. As I turned around and caught Rick’s eyes. His expression was dark and hungry. I wanted to feed that. Hubby flipped the top half of my corset bra down and exposed my highly aroused breasts to Rick. He cupped them and gently nibbled from one to the other. With one man suckling my breast and the other kissing and caressing my neck and shoulders I could not contain my moans anymore. That alone can make me orgasm. Losing some memory of the exact moment. But somehow, I got to the bed flat on my back. Shoes and Jeans off. Hubby clipped loose the bottom piece of my lingerie and started to lick my sex. He has a magic tongue and mouth skill. Rick was kissing me and caressing my breasts wile my hands explored a little more of his body. Both men still wearing their undies. I never know how to explain all the sensations running through my body when to men are on deck. It is just and incredible sensation. I can never control or contain an orgasm leading into another one. By this time Rick was hard and erect and started to feed me his cock. I do just love the feel of a man’s cock in my mouth pulsing. But he has control and when I reached another orgasm and was soaking. Hubby said she is ready! The men exchanged places and rick slid on a condom. He was gentle at first and only slipped the head of his penis in and out. Hubby stepped back and gave us some time to adjust to one another. Rick said. Fuck you are so slick and thrusted in. He left me grasping for a breath at the sudden filling. His expression in dark look in his eyes melted with mine. After thrusting a wile my husband approached kissing me. His expression was my dark wild beast soul mate dancing with my beast at a ball. The feeling of letting go and feeling trust was there. I had another orgasm, But the clenching and pushing motion I pushed Rick out. Hubby said I should turn around and he laid on the bed. Rick was getting ready to enter me and hubby had my mouth to the base of his cock. I felt every pulse rushing through his body. The sound of his breath catching drove me crazy. Rick said fuck you are so tight. My pussy hugging his cock. I crawled forward needing to feel my husband’s hard and raging cock inside me. As I sat on him and rode him those sweet melodies of his deep beast made me wild. Rick approached and took my face giving me a kiss then fucking my face. When he was close he pulled back. I was still on top of hubby fucking him like a stranger. He made me cum so hard my body collapsed on top of him. Flipping me over and fucking me now chasing his. Rick kissed and fondled with my breasts. Feeling quite a sting below but not caring. As hubby came he pulsed deep inside me. As I cradled on top of him, Rick pulled me back and thrusted into me from behind. Fucking me hard and pressing my head hard into the bed. Wile he was thrusting hubby said yes fuck her hard. And so, he did. As he came I collapsed being soaked sweaty and out of breath. The men made turns to go the the bathroom and freshen up. When I finally got to lift myself, I noticed that the bed sheets were soaked mixed with blood. I kind of freaked out. Embarrassed. It is not that time no way. Going to the bathroom and washing up. Brushing teeth etc. There was nothing. No blood. Were did that come from? As I did not plan a play I had nothing to wear but my clothes. Hubby gave me his T Shirt. So, I sat on the balcony sipping some wine and catching my breath.

When I entered the room, Rick was laying on his back on the bed exposing his entire body. His cock was semi hard on his leg. That made me know he was not done. And knowing my husband neither was he. Hubby was being the good soul he is and sparing me the embarrassment and soaking the sheets. I laid across the bottom of the bed chatting to the two men a while when I crawled up and kissed Rick. His lips were soft and kind. He apologised for hurting me, thinking they tore me. I commented well it could be any one of you two. Being with two bulls in one room is quite the task. He flipped me over and was on top of me. I want to fuck you again! I was not going to say No!!!! Hubby commented out of the bathroom. “Hay I am washing sheets and you two are at it again.”

This time he went slower and more careful. Hubby joined, and they traded places. Now hubby is in play mode. He was chasing my orgasm. And easy task for the man. I sucked Rick till I felt his cock pulsing and sprayed his warm cum over my hands and his belly. So sexy to slide in. I glided my breasts over him. Soaking up each drop. Hubby pulled me back and turned me around. Mixing the smell of raw sex between us and making love to me. After I came he let go. The dark and lust and love in my man’s eyes never gets old. When his body relaxed on mine it took a wile to adjust.

It was in the Morning hours already. We had a quick shower and head home. I slept all the way home. Hubby did what he always does. He cared for me till I was safe in bed. Wrapped in his arms. Telling me how he loves and cares for me.

But our insatiable appetite got the better of us again. He made love to me. Claiming every part of my body again. I love that. My body one with his curling up and sleeping at peace. Our beasts fed to the brim.

By 8am he had me a doctor’s appointment. Just to be safe. Who knew that the vagina has vericose veins that can burst. (Blush) So the sting in the shower was the warning.

That led to 2 weeks of taking it slow and a Doc that said tell hubby to not be that rough. (Double blush)