Written by orangeswing

07 Apr 2014

Wyfie and I spent the Sunday afternoon with Eric and his wife Celine.

Kids home with their gran, it was an all adult afternoon.

Greetings and cocktails, cool jazzy music and two lusty men in the company of two very desirable woman made for a great sexual apetite.

It didn't take long to see Eric standing behind wyfie, hands over her front and rubbing her pussy over her spring dress. Not feeling left out, I caressed Celine's round, firm athletic ass, relaxing her, and her asshole....which I was planning on enjoying more than her pussy.

Wyfie and Eric French kissing and Celine enjoying my fingers slipping into her panty, finding her clean shaven cunt with smooth velvet lips! Gave her crotch a cup and a squeeze, she moaned. I moved us to the couch, helped Celine take of her skirt and top, her panty and then had her mount me, but I raised her so she had her crotch in my face. I slowly dined on her now moist pussy. I kissed her sex lovingly, dragging the tongue between her lips and sucking in her clit, then dragging it below and probing her fuckhole. She just held my head, threw her head back and moaned, especially when my middle finger broke through her sphincter!

On the other side, from what I could see, wyfie sat on the edge of the couch, Eric had his cock in her mouth and his hand around her neck, other hand in her hair. I flicked Celine's clit side to side while probing her asshole deeper. The effect of finger in her asshole propelled her pussy further onto my tongue while I tongue fucked her, inbetween flicking her clit back and forth. I soon had her body en a tremor and her orgasm rippled through her, her pussy now flowing it's sex onto my tongue and I could reach it with tongue and yank it out of her. Drove her crazy and she used her hip to fuck my mouth. I let her do as she pleased until her satisfaction was total and complete. Then I just nursed her clit, licked her pussy, kissed it, sank my tongue into it and gave her insides a good tongue worship. Celine moaned then lowered herself and kissed the mouth she just fucked. I kissed her hard and made certain she tasted herself. then I swapped positions with her, she on her back on the couch, I raised her legs and knelt to her ....first stroke directly and deeply into her pussy, pulling it out, my cock was smeared with her sex and then I pressed it against her asshole. I watched her puckered ring resist then slowly give way, until all but my balls was inside her asshole. Deep in and assured that she was feeling it, I leaned forward and engulfed her breasts, then kissed her again, while I made slow movements. My cock moved slowly inside her, until her asshole relaxed enough, so I fucked her freely with the shaft back and forth inside her. She screamed while I fucked her, grunting as my cock split her rear end. Legs held back, I gave Eric a clean view of my cock doing duty in his wife's ass.

On the other end, wyfie was on her knee's holding the couch, Eric's cock ramming her pussy into it's second orgasm, his semen already flooded inside her from the previous orgasm, was now dripping down over his own balls. "Fuck her Eric, put that spunk inside her", I told him. Eric smiled back at me. His cock worked harder, sounds of escaping air from her deeply fucked cunt and his balls slapping her clit soon had her in an intense orgasmic state, at which point he went deep, groaned and gave her ovaries a semen shower. He held his cock deep, his hands clasped around the back of her neck. He jerked his cock into her, making sure he shot it deep and pushed it all back up her tubes. Spent, Eric, picked her and walked over. He moved in front of me and straddled his wife's chest, feeding his semi-erect cum smeared cock to his wife's mouth. He ushered wyfie to her knees then pulled his cock from Celine's mouth and gave wyfie her share to suck.

As I worked Celine's ass, it was now well fucked. I could pull out and it wouldn't close up immediately. That let me tease her, pulling my cock out completely before shoving it back balls deep. Eric, was hard again, and he came below. We switched cocks so now he was fucking Celine's ass. I worked wyfie's position so she went 69 over Celine. While she nibbled C's clit and C licked wyfie's clit, I got behind and slowly worked my throbbing cock into wyfie's asshole. thankfully Eric probed her with his finger, so she didn't need much time before I sank it inside her. Again, I fucked her slowly, but this time because I was afraid of blowing it too soon. I was close when Eric asked to share Celine's ass, so I had to do it all over again....but in a way that let me fuck wyfie's asshole enough to make it an experience for her too. I couldn't hold any longer, went deep and fired it all inside her. I reached below, caressed C's head and turned it to my advantage, then pulling the cock from wyfie, I ran it over C's lips. The good little French bitch opened her mouth and I needed no second bidding. In it went and I let her suck out the last drops of semen.

Eric pulled his cock from C's asshole, held wyfie's face and drizzled his ejaculate over her chin, her lips, her cheek, then he penetrated her mouth.....

Eric and smiled at each other. We were having fun with them.....