Written by Cinnamon_Sugar

10 Apr 2016

I, Sugar, (the female) have done FMF'S, MFM's, FMFM's & with Cinnamon (male) MFM, FMFMMM & FMFM soft. Thus the experience of all is there over the yrs...except FF & women have never made me cum or taken the time to reciprocate oral in a group setting.

I got in contact with a 36yr old coloured voluptious female from another site weeks ago & met for drinks. She made it clear she does not do couples and prefer women.

So, with Cinnamon's knowledge she came to me this past Sat afternoon. I gave her wine and half a glass in I asked her if she wants to go to the bedroom (she admitted all though "rough" on chats she can't make the 1st move, but once I initiate she will be all over me).

I kissed her, her mouth more tender than a man's, lips soft without the familiar "roughness" of a man's. She kissed my neck and my hand stroked her full breast. Her breathing became slightly more heavier than before, so I took off my top & bra, to which she pushed me over and found my nipple with her mouth. I aske her if her clothes are not coming off. We both took everything off and she took control again, on top of me. We kissed again, her skin soft, full, her breasts heavy on mine. She quickly moved down, licking my tummy and down to my waxed pussy. Her tongue darted inside me, almost poking my clit to which i gasped and opened my legs wider, spreading myself to her searching tongue.

Her skills were apparent...flicking my clit, suckling it, bobbing her head up & down, almost like her enclosed lips were giving my aroused clit a blowjob, her tongue putting pressure on my clit, swirling in circles on my clit but her lips not moving off my pussy. The moans that erupted from me spurred her on that she grabbed my hips and pulled me into her face even more, her ass in the air. I imagined Cinnamon fucking her from behind, looking at my face as i struggled to focus on his with my eyes rolling back.

She lay on her side, putting her fingers inside me...I gasped again as I love having both gspot & clit stimulated. She swirled her fingers around inside my wet pussy, almost like she's scooping out cream from a jar repeatedly, all whilst her tongue and mouth worked and sucked my clit. I started gyrating against her mouth, indicating the rythm i want to go in...she started fucking me with her fingers and continued rubbing her mouth on my clit.

I erupted into a very loud orgasm, clamping down on her fingers. When it subsided i said i should play with her, but she said she's not done yet. So what i think was at least 30min, this woman had massaged my clit sofly while being sensitive, to repeating all the above few times as i would build up. Asking me in between "you like that."

When too sensitive i told her to flip over. Suddenly the woman taking control became shy, conscious, hardly opening her legs. So i took my finger & lightly used the flat tip of my middle finger and stroked slowly up & down her clit, & she was wet, sticky cum over her pussy lips. She moaned and once she put her head back i opened her legs and lowered y mouth to her pussy. I stroked her clit with my tongue, going side to side, up and down, not lifting my lips from her pussy while my tongue kept circling her clit with pressure so i could feel her clit moving under my mouth.

She said "oh, don't stop what you are doing now" She started gyrating and i had to keep up with her rythm. Within 3-4min she became warmer in her pussy, moaning louder, wetter....and erupted into orgasm, to which she pushed my head away slightly. I asked her if she is sensitive and she said "yes very, i came so quick"

I kissed her. We sipped wine and chatted. I asked her if i can/should play with her more, as she only came once. She said no, once is enough for her, and she gets a kick out of making a woman cum over and over.

Today, Sun, she sent me a message.....wanting to meet up again sometime