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21 Feb 2016

Submissive sister-in-law Part 2


2 minute read

In part one I described how my sister-in-law and I started off. Since then we have met a couple of times and have enjoyed oral sex and masturbating each other etc. Also fucked her a couple of times. She loves being submissive and likes it when one treats her like a slut, calling her degrading names etc. Not sure why but that is not for me to be critical about but to enjoy. What I do find exciting is playing with her when her husband or my wife is near, must be the adrenalin pumping because of the possibility of being caught in the act. She came to visit my wife the other day and at one stage my wife went out to give the gardener some instructions and show him what to do. I immediately had my sister-in-law on her knees and pushed my already stiff cock into her mouth. Enjoyed having her suck me while I watched my wife through the lounge window. We have also started playing other sexy games. A couple of nights ago we visited them and there were other present as well. At one stage I whispered to her how I would love to fuck my whore and she said that she was soaking wet. I told her to go to the bathroom and play with herself, wipe her soaking cunt with her panties and leave them in the laundry basket for me. When she came back from "going to the toilet" she winked at me. About 15 minutes later, I excused myself and made my way to the bathroom where I retrieved her juice covered panties to smell and taste them. Also wanked and came onto them. Then placed them back in the laundry basket. When we left later I whispered to her that there is a present for her and that her wet panties had some cum if she wanted a taste. When we kissed goodbye she slipped me some tongue which was a bit dangerous as our spouses were just on the other side of the car, although it being so dark I doubt whether they could have seen . The next day she phoned me and we had some steamy phone sex with her telling me how she enjoyed licking my cum from her panties.

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