Written by Ordinary_Sexual

10 Jan 2018

So being in the lifestyle 4+ yrs on and off I have reacquainted with a few people from before again over chats or drinks etc, all very happy I'm on my own again and (& according to them) a lot more sex appeal than when i was with someone.

Anyway so my evening didn't pan out as it should have and I am annoyed at the feeling of being shoved aside again. The couple (let's call them Melissa & Dean) invite me for drinks. "Don't worry we know you don't necessarily play with couples and whom you don't connect with. it's a vanilla Braai at friends"

I arrive and Dean says "you're sleeping here girlie, kids are away. Anyway we're going to these friends' flat as their car broke down. You can drive with us."

Knowing myself and my own time, I ask where it is and I'll drive behind them. "It's in Pinelands"....great...I think....almost rolling my eyes like the area now holds a huge irritation to me. "I'll drive behind you, I know the place"

Then the fucking most unbelievable thing happens...they take a certain road and the heat rises up in my face. And then...they stop by a gate and my heart jumps to my throat, I sweat, I feel nauseous, my mouth is dry. I want to speed off, not wanting to enter this complex like I'm trespassing and will be shunned. I've been here 50 times before, memories rush through my mind..I want to throw up to keep my tears down. But I can't exactly speed off like a crazy person with them in front of me.

I do however instinctively look for a certain car, it's not there but it could be in the garage. I don't know what to do. I am scared shitless being seen here and confronted or simply the awkwardness and hate that will emanate between us most likely. Or maybe I'll burst out crying as I can't scream. All this goes through my head in 3seconds.

There's no parking on that side and they point me to the other entrance.

I'm literally praying for 1st time in months "please God let their flat be on the other side, please"

I greet the other couple and they lead us to their flat. All the time I'm looking around me like I'm in fear of myself, him, us, this place

We enter their flat but I am so uncomfortable and close to tears. "Mel I should go. I can't be here" she can hear my voice shaking and the tears lying on the rim of my eyelids. She doesn't ask me why but shoves 2 tequilas in my hands..typical her..

I'm there half an hr, looking over my shoulder when we move outside and I down shooter after shooter....and then....I'm drunk.

Soon the conversation goes to swinging and I say "i thought you said they're vanilla friends?" Mel says "no we said it's a vanilla evening". The conversation is constantly on their recent experiences and they ask me about mine if any.

2 hrs later we're all drunk and the lady from the other couple touches my arms and legs just a bit too much. I ask her straight out if she is horny and interested in me. She says "i think you're stunning"

I didn't really find them my type but I'm drunk and so tense & close to tears still from the familiar surroundings and memories constantly playing over in my head that makes me want to scream.

I go to the kitchen to get ice and she follows. At the fridge she pushes me against the counter and her whisky tasting tongue darts into my mouth. I respond half way not really clear on what I want to do. Her hands find my breasts and she moans into my mouth "I love breasts". My head is spinning and I can hardly stand up whole time and I lean against the counter. She sees this as an invitation and puts her hand on my pussy. She's wearing a dress and takes my hand to hers. I'm basically numb and drunk and just mechanically go with it. I notice the others seeing us but not interfering. My finger instinctively reaches past her panties and into her wet slit. She widens her legs slightly and I start rubbing her clit.

"Oh my fuck you're so good" and she holds on to me to stabilise herself. I use my middle finger to rub her clit with my palm facing up as I know this allows the flat side of my finger to stimulate her with good pressure but not making her sensitive. She is moaning and riding my finger now. I insert my finger but not too deep so that my palm hits her clit continuously as I'm fingering her. She then starts moaning louder and shudders, grabbing on to my shoulders. Bit with her one hand she takes my fingers into her and fucks herself deep with my hand. She squirts over my hand and on to the floor.

The others have watched the last bit. And I know...here comes trouble. They all start kissing me and each other. The other lady says "I want to fuck her so bad, she's mine"

I pull back. "Guys..I'm sorry....I don't mean to upset anyone, but I honestly cannot play in this physical or mental state. I'm really sorry"

The mood is killed....we chat for 2 more hours while I'm drinking just water.

She does however say "please come visit us again"...& I say "if you ever move from here sure"...but I know she has no clue what I mean.

I walk out, looking over my shoulder again constantly like I'm expecting to be pulled down in the dark....and go home....