28 Apr 2018

So Friday was a public holiday and somehow i got my hubby roped into going shopping with me? He hates malls but the shops weren’t to busy as yet. He had that sad look on his face. I decided to treat him a bit as I was wearing a skirt which lifts easily when I bend over. I asked him to look at some shirts and while doing so I bent over in his face. My round butt and g string on full display. He stuttered a bit but said I was flashing him, I just looked back and said you like it don’t you!! He got an instant smile on his face and proceeded to take a step forward pushing himself into me. I was telling him that if he wanted we could go to the change room and have some fun. To my surprise up popped another lady on the other side of the clothes rack that we had not been aware of. She must of heard us and just had this look on her face as to say well that gonna be fun. I blushed and she said “Don’t worry we all feel that way sometimes. Hubby just grabbed some clothes and headed straight for the change rooms. I still tried to explain to the lady but she said go he is in a rush.

Next thing we in the changing stall me on my knees with hubbies cock in my mouth and he is fondling and squeezing my boobs. I was still licking his shaft from base to tip when there was a knock at the stall. Hubby says “Yes it’s occupied”, and there is a hushed response from a soft voice. Can I watch? Hubby is like watch what? The reply the fun!!

I immediately think do they have cameras or something what the heck. Hubby puts away his cock and opens and there is the lady from earlier. Hubby looks at me and I shrug my shoulders she is a bit older but still very attractive. Hubby opens and she steps in bags and all. The stalls are thankfully big. She sits on the stool to the side and hubby pulls his cock out again and rubs it on my lips. I haven’t done this under such circumstances before. But I start to play with hubby and forget about her and hubby seems to like the attention. She comments wow it’s hard and gosh you look gorgeous. Hubby tells me he is gonna cum I tell carry on squeezing his cock then he explodes into my mouth and the cum makes me gag a bit but not too much. Some cum is on my lip and the lady is like wow that was something else.

We don’t even know her name ! She never asked if she could touch or taste or anything she simply wanted to watch! Perhaps she is on this site well next time please join in