Written by giant

31 May 2014

This is a true storey that took place a few years ago!!!

I was on a chat site and busy chatting with a female who I learned lived within 5km from me! And the conversation got so heated that we deciided to meet @ her place! I get ther within 30 mins and honestly expectes to find sumone that wasn't my cup of tea! But fortunately she was above average... Well in my opinion!!!

We get chatting about ourselves and realise that we click and our likes and dislikes are on the same wavelenght,

Anyway I noticed that this lady looked very uncomfortable as she sat ther and spoke with me! And I had to ask what the issue was! And the reply, as I expected, was that she had pain in her neck and back! And I offered to have. A look or rather a feel! She agreed and that was my "golden oppertunity" to have a little bit of my way! I knew that as soon as get my hands on her shoulders, she would be puty in my hands!

She had moved from her couch and sat next to me, ith her back to me and I felt the back of her neck! And I could feel that there were a few stress lumps which I massaged and sorted! I then started moving my big hands down her back, slowly, and she allowed me to! I undid her bra strap and again she didn't mind! Infact what she did, surprised me and I as in awe @ this! Sho got up turned to me and said ' let me put something a little more comfortable' and I agreed but obviously asked if she was fine with it!

She returned after 5 mins with just a short robe... Wow! She looked lekka! With just a short robe I got to see what lovely legs she had! And I didn't miss the oppertunity to compliment her on her legs! I then sat astride and asked her to sit between my legs, as it would also ensure that I am comfortable and also at the fact that I was slowly becoming hard!

I got back to work on her shoulders, and I had to tell her that she had lovely soft skin and all that I said to her was whispers into her ear! Needless to say this was turning her on! After a while I asked her to stand and I then stood behind her and "mistakely" let the robe fall off her shoulders! And then as it feel to her hip I grabbed it! Not to make it look like it was purposely done! I admit it was the intention!!!

She then said its fine! ... So here I am standing behind this lovely lady basically topless with very nice tits soft skin and massaging her shoulders and back and @ the same time talking into her ear! Wow its givn me a hard on right now!

Then as I did all this she lifted her head or rather tilded it and my lips kinda met her neck, and mmmmmm she smelt sooooo gooooood! And I had to verbalise this! And I asked if I could taste her neck to which the reply came! " Baby, you can do anything you like!" WOW

So I softly kissed her neck and rubbed her entire back! She enjoyed that and low n behold my hands lost controll and startd to explore! Needless to ay that the robe was on the floor and she stands ther with jist a little g-string, a cute little g-string!

I then turned her face to me and kissed her! Omg she kissed me aswell and her tounge just made me more horny!!!

My hands fond their way under her g-string and all I could feel was that she was sopping wet! And the realisation set in that this little sext thing was hot as hell!

Next thing we in her bedroom I ripped that g-string off and I just wanted to taste her juices! She tasted good! I was just licking that tight pussy and I could feel that she is about to orgasm, but the most unexpected thing happen and it was the 1st time I've ever seen this! As she orgasmed it looked like she had urinated and I was like WTF! And she said that I'd made her squirt and it was her 1st time aswell! Nway she then said that she wants me in her! So I obliged! And as I went in gently I could feel how tight she was and she tells me go fast baby! So I was like yeah baby!

I've never before made a lady orgasm more than a few times in one 'session' and she just orgasmed after orgasm! We started on the bed I fucked her hard and whaen she was satisfied she asked me to sit on a chair and saddled me! While deep in her she leaned back and rode me! By this time I was so excited that I couldn't hold mysef and shot a load deep into her!

That was the beginning of a relationship where I call her and she knows what's cumn! And that is we both! We enjoy the sex! And it has been going on for the last 4 years and our partners have no idea that we meet @least twice a week and fuck like therss no 2morro