18 Sep 2016

Ok so i am a 36 year old woman and have teenage boys.So this one day i got a bbm from one of the boys friends asking me about my profile pic(face),telling me ive got a very seductive look.Hes 19 so i am shocked,next thing he sends me a bbm like a questionare thingy of how i would rate him.Well let me tell u hes got a six pack and well hung(28cm) to be exact,so i told him that hes any girls dream.

This one day he decided to come from work early so he came around to say hi,i was still in my pjs and i could see hes getting a hard on..i stood up and brushed against him.Its like a magnetic force that just drew us together,he kissed me as he was rubbing my tits.I could feel how his cock was begging for attention and i unzipped him..wow ive mever seen such a huge cock in real life,i went down on my knees and starter to suck him,my pussy aching for him by now,he pulled me up and led me back to my bed.I was soaking wet and wanted him in me so bad,i thought well this wont last long since hes so young,boy was i wrong,we fucked,we made love,we did all the styles,he had stamina like u cant believe,he made me cum and cum again,he then turned be on my back and made love to me untill he exploded in me...wow he was amazing...well he moved in for a while and we had amazing times,unfortuanatly he ket a girl his own age and they are a couple now...i must say i miss him alot,he woke up a beast in me