Written by mmametsa123

16 Oct 2014

It had been a long weekend of partying. We went to a few clubs since were all of legal age. We were all tired, hangover, cranky, and hungry. We had to fit six people into a small car on the ride back fine.

We had no idea how we were all gonna fit with all the baggage as the trunk was already full. We figured my roommates girlfriend would sit on the center console up front but then we realized we had to put the bags there seeing the trunk was already full.

She of course got upset and wondered how she was gonna get home. I suggested she could sit on my lap in the passenger seat. She was hesitant at first but eventually gave in. Now my roommate's girlfriend is quite sexy. Long legs, round butt cute face and beautiful feet with her toes painted a nice red color. I had always fantasized about sinking my cock inside her. I knew this was my chance.

She was wearing a medium length skirt that went down to he knees. We finally all crammed in and first it wasn't a problem having her on my lap. She was sitting mostly on my left leg.

She wasn't very heavy. Everyone was talking and singing to pass the time. After about 45 minutes though i could feel the pressure building up on my leg so I asked her if she could adjust for just a second. She popped up and I adjusted myself so she was now fully on top of me. When she sat back down I felt her slightly wiggle her ass to get more comfortable. I began to stir down there. My cock was now getting rock hard moving against her ass. It had gotten very warm and I was getting hot. I don't know if she purposely put her warm slightly wet crotch near my cock but i was starting to get excited. And judging by how her foot was caressing my leg so was she. She was sliding her foot up and down my leg practically begging me to make a move.

My cock was now bulging under her and she felt it too as she leaned forward, with the bags still blocking her from view and slowly started sliding her panties down her legs. I was now super horny and began to rub her pussy with one of my fingers. She was dripping wet and her pussy was so tight. I slid my fingers in and out of her wet tight pussy. With the music playing it was hard to hear her tiny little moans. I wanted, no I needed to fuck her.

The anticipation was killing me. I again asked her to sit up because she was "crushing my leg" and when she did i I nonchalantly slipped out my rock hard penis out from my shorts and aimed it towards her moist wet hole. When she sat back down her warm pussy completely engulfed my cock. I almost came immediately, it felt so good. We tried to stay as still as possible but she began to bounce slowly on my cock. Her cunt began to quiver as she squirmed on my lap. My bare cock in her pussy was the best feeling I ever had. She was riding my cock and she could feel every inch of me inside her. I told myself that if I ever got a chance like this I needed to take it. My orgasm was building. I was getting close to filling her pussy up with my seed.

I felt a stirring in my balls and began to cum deep inside her pussy. It was dripping out onto my leg. We were now completely spent after orgasming. We both sat there for a few minutes with my shrinking cock still buried in her. I pulled my cock out from inside her freshly fucked and cum filled pussy. We eventually got dressed up and started up a conversation with everyone like nothing had happened. And the best part was we still had another two hours in the car. I filled her pussy up with my cum two more times before we arrived home.

Later that day we arrived home and she called me and told me to come over to her apartment. I walked in the door and she was laying completely naked with her legs spread and her pussy lips open. I dropped my shorts and immediately began fucking her slutty little pussy. She started telling me how she's never fucked anyone but me without a condom before and how good it felt without one. She moaned out that she wanted to be my bareback creampie slut. She wasn't on the pill either, I think deep down she wanted me to get her pregnant. Whenever I needed to cum she wanted it to be inside her pussy. Over the next 6 months I fucked and filled her pussy nearly every day. Then she moved away with her boyfriend. He still has no idea she was my little whore.