24 Apr 2017

I was tired. My legs were a little shaky going down the stairs, my hair plastered down and my shirt hung heavy and cold

against my body. I felt good, though, because the workout had been just what I needed to work some of the kinks out of my arms and shoulders. It seemed odd to walk through the gym when it was dark outside, the skylights black and foreboding. I'm usually a morning workout person, but this morning was crazy at work. I was glad that I'd come, even though I'd debated just turning on the TV and fixing some dinner. Now I was looking forward to a long soak in the steam room, the real reason thatI'd decided to go ahead and work out on this cold winter night.

The locker room was deserted when I undressed. Mine was the only coat on the rack by the door and it was such a departure from the bustling morning crowd. The steam rolled out and the heat rushed at me when I opened the door. I stepped inside the small room and spread my folded over towel on the top bench. The odor of the steam and the hot, damp wood was soothing. I sat on the towel and leaned back, briefly hissing at the heat of the wall on my shoulders, but slowly relaxing and accommodating. I slouched some and closed my eyes. The heat was intense and sweat quickly began to glisten on my naked body. I could feel individual droplets forming and running down, meeting other droplets and continuing. The gentle hissing of the steam lulled me and i quickly started to drift off...

Opening my eyes quickly I realized that I had drifted off in the hot swirling mists of the steam room. Looking over, I saw

that I now had company. It was a rather handsome man of about my age, perhaps a few years younger. He looked to be in good shape with a well toned body enveloped in a sheen of moisture. He was sitting on the same level as I and was quarter turned and facing me. With a start I realized that he was lazily running his fingertips over a generous semi-erect penis I

looked up at his face and he smiled.

"Hello," he said. "Hi," I replied, not quite sure what to say to a man so shamelessly stroking himself.

"They must have been nice thoughts," he said, still smiling.I must have given him a complete deadpan because he just smiled more broadly and let his gaze drop. Suddenly comprehending, I followed his gaze knowing what I'd find. I looked up, embarrassed. "Don't be ashamed, you have a beautiful cock," he said."May I touch it?" he asked.

In the swirling heat of the moment I found myself nodding my head, eager for him to stroke my cock too. He moved over and still lightly stroking himself he reached out with his left hand and cupped my penis near its base, wrapping his fingers firmly around the shaft. His touch electrified me and I felt my lust notch up to a new intensity.

"Yes," he said rather absently, his voice becoming thicker, "it is a wonderful cock. So thick and solid. Seven inches?" he

asked. "Seven and a half?" I just nodded my assent, overcome with the suddenness of this transformation, the way I longed for him to do more than just touch. "A good length," he continued,"but so thick..."

As his voice trailed off, his hand slid up toward the head of my cock, almost exactly mimicking the way I move my own hand

as I start to masturbate. I felt a low, almost disembodied,groan of pleasure escape my lips. It was firm and confident; he knew precisely how to stimulate me. I closed my eyes and let me head roll back. His hand was moving more quickly, firmly stroking my length. Incredibly, I could feel by testicles already contracting and I knew that I was rushing headlong into orgasm. I groaned again, now anticipating the release. Just as I was expecting the first spurt of come his

hand suddenly stopped, grasping me tightly at the base of my cock. To my amazement, my orgasm died in an instant, evaporating into the swirling steam. Guttural lust rushed to fill the void. I opened my eyes and saw him grinning warmly. "You were close..." he said. "Mmmm," was all I could muster for a reply. "You'll have your chance," he said. "First you have to do me, though." He smiled again.

I could feel my lust and desire like a fire in my belly, threatening to consume me. I looked at his shimmering body, his fine musculature, his thatch of pubic hair and his glorious uncut cock, now fully erect, the foreskin drawn taut over the head of it. My only conscious thought was that I wanted to have that cock in my mouth, I wanted to feel his excitement, to

control his stimulation and to feel the sensation of his cock spasming and pulsating his hot cum into my eager

mouth. I twisted around and stepped off the first tier onto the floor. I turned and faced him and he leaned forward a bit to try and gauge my reaction. I planted both hands palm first and fingers spread firmly onto his chest and decisively pushed him back against the wall behind him. Kneeling on the first tier put my face within inches of his cock. I looked at it with wonder, the beauty of it surprising. I reached out with my right hand and touched it tentatively, as if I'd never touched an erect penis before. But this was so different from touching myself! The skin was soft and silky, hot to the touch and covered in a sheen of steam and sweat. I tried to encircle his cock just behind the head and found that I could not reach all the way around him. I pulled my hand slowly and firmly toward the base and watched with fascination as his foreskin retracted over the glans, now revealing a glistening and darker head than my own cock. A drop of precum appeared at the tip. He was so big! Perhaps there are many men of this size when erect, but even soft he'd looked larger than most. Now that he was erect his penis must have been at least nine inches long and three inches in diameter, perhaps four.

Slowly, and I sure tantalizingly for him, I lowered my mouth to this heavenly appendage. I wanted so badly to have him fill

me. My tongue extended from my lips and touched him first, lifting the drop of precum from his tip. I tasted my first bit

of cum, it was different than I'd expected, somehow sweeter. Suddenly I found that I had half the head between my lips, which stretched to accommodate him. I was mindful not to let my teethscrape him and I eased the entire head into my mouth. It was warm and salty with a slightly musky aroma. I let my tongue play over the underside of the head and felt him stiffen a little as I first brushed over his sensitive spot, then concentrated upon it. Like when he had stroked me, I knew instinctively how to please him. It was a new and heady feeling, knowing exactly how to gives such intense pleasure and I found myself rapidly swept up in it.

I pulled the lovely head from between my lips and moved to the base of his cock, then, as if licking a drip from an ice

cream cone, I ran my tongue the length of him along the underside, stopping again on the spot. My hands began to explore

his testicles, hefting and gently squeezing them. Like his cock, they seemed larger than life. Moving further down, I let my

tongue run over his wrinkled scrotum. I suckled his right testicle into my mouth, running my tongue over it, feeling him

squirm yet more with pleasure. Liberating his testicle, I let my mouth trail down further, towards the base of his scrotum. His legs spread wider and he angled his pelvis up to give me access as I let my tongue trail down the crevice to his pink anus. As I ran my tongue around it, the sphincter muscles contracted, puckering the delicate structure. It was his turn to groan, a low guttural noise and I was pleased to hear that. For all the pleasure I was giving him with my exploration, I wanted his cock back into my mouth. Moving away from his anus, wrapped my right hand around his girth and firmly held him, feeling the strong pulsations as the blood coursed through him. I brought my mouth back to him and engulfed him, now moving my tongue rapidly and concentratedly around the base of his glans. My left hand joined

my right hand and both began to stroke his amazing length. Quickly I felt him beginning to stiffen, his leg muscles becoming taut cords. I quickened the pace of my stroking, my tongue nowmoving at a frenzied pace, driving into his sensitive spot as I let my lips slide back and forth over the edge of his glans.

Suddenly he came. At the same instant that I felt him spasm between my lips I felt his hot semen crash the back of my throat and suddenly his cock was dancing between my lips and my mouth was flooded with his thick, pungent juice. In the intense excitement of the moment, I felt my own balls heave. I was beginning to gag, the volume of his cum was overwhelming. Instinctively, I swallowed, again and again until finally his incredible stream abated. Finally, I released him from my mouth and watched as he slowly began to soften.

I slowly stood and immediately became lightheaded, my vision becoming near black before flooding back. As my eyes refocused, I saw him looking at me with a mixture of gratitude and concern. "Are you all right?" he inquired. "Yes," I managed to croak, "but I think I've been in the steam too long. I've got to get out."

"But you deserve to cum," he replied with a smile. "That was fantastic head, I owe you at least that much."

"No," I said as I moved toward the door. "I really have to get out of here before I faint." I paused for a moment, looking

at the first tier where I'd knelt before his marvelous cock. "Besides," I added, "I enjoyed it immensely." He followed my

look downward and saw the puddle of my semen at his feet and looked up beaming. "Catch you later," he called as I opened the door. "Definitely," I said as the cool air rushed over my body.