Written by LickSuck69

06 Apr 2017

In the early eighties it was most young men and women who were party animals a great thrill to live in Hillbrow as it was the hub of night life as well. I had lived there for years but worked in the city, so did not get to meet or make many friends from the area. So when I was informed that I would be transferred to liquor store in Hillbrow, I was over the moon, as now I would be mixing with the people all day long, and get to meet plenty of new people leading into friends. Little did I know or even think of all the dangers there would be. Life became very interesting, as no day or person was the same, I fitted into the store very well, been young, vibrant, tall, well tanned,with long blond hair and big green eyes, and most of all very friendly, and easy to approach and converse with the customers of the store. Little did I know, with every interesting personality there will also be a very weird personality as well, which I was about to find out very soon.

Life was becoming more and more interesting, and working very more enjoyable as there was never a dull moment during the day, from having Drunks to deal with, and been approached by Cougars, Milfs, Bored Housewives, or gay guys entering the store, but learn't quickly to not let these hassles to get you down. Little did I know that I was been stalked every day. The phone would ring and there would be no voice on the other side, the more and more you say hello, all you would hear was someone breathing on the other side of the phone, slamming down the phone and say have you nothing better to do. This started getting worse and worse from day to day, but did not bother me, or little did I know how far the person would go. So after a few weeks of the game over the phone, I said to my assistant from now you will answer the phone as this might put and end to the game. But this did not deter them form stalking me over the phone as they would ask for the manager as I answered the phone no one would be there except the sound of breathing, so down would go the phone. Then suddenly there was pattern change, instead of keeping quiet on the phone, they started making passes at me over the phone, and would tell me of everyone of my moves during the day. Still not worried or living in fear, I though oh shame this must be a shy little lady with nothing better to do, and was this her way of living out her fantasy. Noticing a rather very strange looking car parked out side the store a Pink Mercedes, I wanted to see who the owner was or how weird the driver could be, but never saw when the car would leave the parking, it would be parked when I opened and when I locked up in the evening, so never had a chance to see who the car belonged too.

It was mid-morning and the phone rings and my assistant answers and come to me and say the person on the phone would like a delivery, I said to him tell the person we do not do deliveries, coming back to me again he says the customer would like to speak to me, getting to the phone I tried to explain to the person on the other end we do not do deliveries, the more she tries to persuade me to help her as she is an old lady just living two blocks from the store and she needs three bottles of Pink Champagne for her bridge club that evening, so I gave in and said ok we will deliver for you. Given the address 152 Idelwild in Kaptien Street, I send the shop assistant to deliver the champagne, telling him to have a good look at what the Lady looks like, on returning he says to me I could not see what she looked like because she only opened the door wide enough to take the champagne and give me the money.This order started becoming a very regular occurrence, three times a week, always with the same voice sounding like an old lady out of breath, saying it's me again, may I have the same. Went on for weeks, until one evening just before closing time, the old lady phones wanting an order for that day, telling her that would be impossible as the shop assistant has gone home already and there was no one to deliver the three bottles of champagne, she says surely I can help her as she has her bridge evening and has no champagne to serve her friends. Knowing that I pass that building on my way home in the evening, I said if 6.30 would be fine I will deliver it on my way home, sounding very happy she says that will be very kind of you, and can't wait to meet you and puts the phone down. Closing up shop and leaving as the delivery boy I go, entering the building taking the elevator to the fifteenth floor flat no two. Knock...knock.... on the door, the door opens with the sight of a sexy clad lady in front of me, saying many thanks, just bring it in, walking in she closes the door behind me, putting the cold champagne on the table and scratching in her hand bag for the money, she says the least I can do is offer you a drink for been so kind for me, been single and no one at home it was very easy for me to accept her offer, which I did.

Taking a seat on the couch as I normally do was a great mistake by me, the lady takes a seat next to me and says I am Santi and you must be Peter-John, I know a lot about you....... Thinking how, I have never met her before so where does she know me from. Putting two and two together very quickly, in my mind I say this must be the lady who was stalking me on the phone, not letting her know I have realized who she is, we start chatting. Chatting and chatting and drinking wine, and her body is becoming more and more sexy to me, her hands start wondering all over me, from through my long hair, down my neck, along my chest and onto my thighs, not touching my crotch purposely, knowingly she was driving me crazy........ Looking into her eyes, wondering what is going through her mind, she grabs me round my neck and pulls my head close to hers and starts kissing me passionately, forcing her tongue into my mouth and driving me wild with desire to fuck her over and over again. Taking her tongue out of my mouth she pushes my head back and looks into my eyes and says, you don't know how long I have been waiting for this evening and says, I was the lady who was stalking you on the phone. The rest of the story will continue shortly............