Written by Mathony

13 Apr 2017

In Kimberley for business... I saw Abi for the first time. I had a drink in the lounge.... but I could not take take my eyes of her even though she was chatting some guys. she had a plain short dress on .... I undressed he with my eyes craving eye contact.... she must have noticed me but only looked when my eyes not glaring at her face for the contact possibly when I scaled her smooth legs with my whole attention....

I carefully timed her as she left for her room I followed suite.. We met on our way to our rooms a few doors apart. The conversation took us from my suite to hers.. That's when she told it was her birthday I wished herwell and kissed her held held her body body closed to mine. a second kiss passionately kissing her lips our tongues changed places.. I would double up with her tongue in my mouth and visa versa... Soon my hands would slip down to feel her tight rear.... massaging it ever so appreciatively... than stopped to not come across as to over do it..... leaving her on a high..

We started chatting getting to know her better... showering her with complimentary word and flattering language meaning it because that's what I could reflect in my lust her sexy body.

Being in her late thirties she still had the body of teen tight and luscious. I probed on how her belly looked beneath the dress.... She obliged to prove that it was not as I assumed... and she was wrong because because I was blown over by her sexy physique...... I asked to touch her and place my hairy stomach against hers smooth sexy frame. standing up with my eight inch semi erect I held her lightly and slightly moving my body against hers. caressing her bare back from the neck down her shoulder blades lingering a bit along the muscle slowly moving down her spinal muscle approaching her tight booty.... stimulating the area just above it and back to the top in similar motion. Now dropping my mouth to her neck caressing it with my lips and tongue..... dropping both my hands down to wards her tight but with my fingers caressing the slit towards her anus and down towards the area between the anus and virginal entry. by that time my 8 inch was fully erected rubbing the shaft against her clit ever so lightly......

She called me to a holt and requested that I give her time to rake a shower.....

Ideally I slipped out to purchase condoms and freshen up.

On my return she was refreshed with only her briefs and sexy breast with erect nipples.

I reminded her its her birthday and I wanted to treat her.. I took my clothes off and she assisted. I requested that she make herself comfortable and I worked her up from head to toes and back to her luscious vulva lip (pussy) and clit she was very relaxed and wet down under I slipped my two fingers into the condom and worked her g-spot and clit to the point of her squirting time and time again 5 times in total..... till her body quivered over and over again and she asked that she return the favour.... she carest my penis squeezed my balls placed a condom over my penis sucked me gently and pushed me back and climbed onto me.penetrating her deep to a point the O could feel the based of her pussy..... shouting "oh its so long" spitting her legs wide open I could feel her pussy gripping my penis tightly with her thrusting movements ... she rode my shaft like only she coulds fast and slowing down and deep then making it pressure her pussy walls. we changed styles and I released my firts load ... I took my over time in and out of that tight pussy.... Miss you Abi. Oh what a night she apparently lives in Witbank.