Written by Jaswolf

01 Mar 2014

Well I was invited as a last minute add on to a private house party by one of our site friends! she had arranged a sleepover play date with one of her old friends.

She also invited her best friend to join (not a swinger) and needless to say she needed a companion for the friend (me)

Get to the party a small Braai and some drinks Music you all know the set up right! the friend was a looker with a lovely face and big boobs thin waste and great legs

After an eventful evening of fun sexy chatting and laughter. we hug kiss and head to our respective bedrooms.

in the bedroom we kiss and clothes start flying off very quickly. I had brought my massage oils and have the Friend spread out and I'm giving her a nice massage while just teasing her a little by rubbing my fingers just over her lovely pussy lips kissing her neck and my very hard dick rubbing every now and then on her naked body and bum.

she is already wet, and I finger her a little and put the massage oils away, dry her back a bit turn her around and lick that awesome shaved pussy. It tastes so good

Get out the condoms, and she reaches for my Dick and shoves it in her mouth dam it feels great!!! licking me rubbing my balls sucking it like its her "fav" toy.

I put the condom on get on top of her and the kissing is great. Her Breasts are awesome licking those nipples and man I'm deep inside her.

I' fucking her hard she is so wet and I go back to taste the pussy and wham bang thank you mam I'm drenched in squirt!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!

I pull her to the side of the bed!!! her on her back and me standing I'm ramming her hard no and the neighbours must have heard smack smack smack as out body's hit each other squirting again and again!!! the floor is a puddle the bed is soaking

I pull out and she climbs on top, taking my dick head and rubbing her clit she squirts all over me in rivers!! fucks me hard.

She gets of and sucks me till I cum in her mouth she spits my cum all over my cock.

we go take a shower together washing each other, I fuck her doggy in the shower and then back to bed and we continue the evening it was another 3 hours guys and girls!