25 Nov 2017

I always wanted to experience a couples tantra massage. We were invited for a tantra massage by a new couple on the site in the Spur of the moment. We said yes, and just after 8pm we arrived.

But let me first tell their story...

The sexy couple met on tinder, and on Wednesday (two days ago) met for the first time. Whilst having sex, the sexy lady gave him an awesome tantra massage. He said to her that it was his best massage ever, and she should consider it as a side business. They decided to test the waters.

Or Thursday, they created a profile on SH, and invited single guys. They encountered some bullshitters, but eventually found a serious guy to massage.

On Friday (today) we were contacted and asked if we would like a spur of the moment engagement. We opened our SH only about 17:00. We said we are game. They responded and said, they already made arrangements with a single guy, but if he chickens out then we are on.

At 18:50 we were notified that we are in. The guy seem not to have confirmed. They said we need to be at their address at 8pm. Driving their takes 40mins. So we had 20mins to get ready. We quickly arranged for the kids. Cleanliness are important to us so we bathed and got ready.

We received a call 15mins to our destination from them, saying the guy arrived. But that we are still welcome. We didn't mind, as we could meet another swinger that we can put on our speed dial.

We arrived, and the sexy lady was already busy with the guy. We chatted to her partner in the meantime. Not very long, the sexy lady emerged from the room.

She greeted us and sat next to us, drinking her wine. We chatted and enjoyed the conversation. We immediately clicked. The single guy emerged from the room, with a very big satisfying smile, saying it was awesome the best massage ever.

Soon the massage oil was heated and ready for us. We were invited by the sexy couple to the room and had to undress and lie down on the bed. They also undressed.

She started on my back massaging with long strokes. Soon she focused on my buttocks, and slit her finger through, reaching underneath between my legs pulling out my erect cock. She massaged my cock and kept the focus. As I reached climax she massaged other parts of my body, repeatedly. I was so aroused. She kept her focus and enjoyed my cock.

We were asked to turn around. I looked at how he massaged my wife, touching her all over, playing with her boobs and her pussy. I could see she was aroused. The lady massaging me also looking at that getting aroused herself.

She took my hand placed it on her breast, indicating that I need to massage it. I obeyed and massaged both. We were told not to touch below the belt. So I touched her sexy ass, and massaged it with one hand and my other hand on her breast. I could tell she enjoyed it. Checking my wife aroused me. The lady focused again on my cock.

Soon things escalated and I now see my wife us on top of the guy. The deal was no penetration. I could see the lady check if there is penetration. But I could also see that she enjoys this.

There was no penetration, but she was so aroused, me included, that we almost cross that barrier.

She continued to massage and focused intensely on my cock. My wife lied again on her back and played with herself while the guy massaged her pussy. That was so erotic.

The session soon ended, and we were left to enjoy each other. My wife was so aroused. I just knew she was satisfied. This was the best spur of the moment we ever had, and my best erotic massage ever.