22 Aug 2015

One of those cold wet grey sky days pondering how to spend the evening when I went onto the site and there a message invite to meet. Jine I thought miles away how does he propose we do thism replied in town. Why not I decided to meet with no expectations. Meeting arranged at his hotel for a drink before heading to a pub for drinks and dinner. We enjoyed each others company. Skipping dinner we went bock to his hotel room. The idea of having fun with someone I just met got me all horny.m he sat me down on the bed after a long kiss and started undressing me starting with the boots working his way up slowly until I lay naked on the bed. Nipples hardening with his touch, his kisses leaving a tingling trail as he moved down my body to my rose bud. Teasing me with his soft lips above my clit and around my lips. I am so wet. He softly licks my clit making my body shiver with pleasure, with each lick and suck I moan as I feel my orgasm building up, arching my back as I cum. We undress him take his cock into my hand and gently start stroking him while I tease his head with my tongue and lips. He gently layes me down on the bed ass off the bed and gently enters my wet pussy feeling thw warmth of him sliding in and out. I rest on my elbows and watch his cock sliding in and out both of us moaning with pleasure, I'm near cuming again and slide his cock out of my wetness. I lay him down on the bed sucking his nipples moving down to his manhood licking and sucking his cock down to his balls sucking his balls one at a time moving up to his head and deep throat him getting aroused by his moans I straddle I'm cowgirl on the balls of my feet, slide his cock in my wet slit and ride him deep and hard. I feel my orgams building up again moaning with each deep stroke, I shiver and explode squirting on his cock and us while he watches my cum escaping with each stroke. Panting I slide out of him. He waits for me to get my breath back gently rubbing my clit and outside of my lips arousing me again.standing in feont of me I take his hard cock in my mouth and suck and nibble enjoying his moans feeling him slide his fingers into my wet slit in and out. Heaven I'm in Heaven. Bending side ways over me he finger fucks me looking as his fingers move faster harder my orgasm is building up and he can feel it is close moaning back arching body shivering while wanking his cock I let out a load moan and explode into a squirt. Seeing and hearing the sound of the wetness drives me another and another squirt. I go down on him and deep throat him before he orgasms he enters me fom behind and fucks me deep anf hard ramming my hips into him, we both give out a cry and cum. What an amazing end to a cold wet grey day!!! Hoping for a repeat before he jets off