Written by Adventurous

03 May 2015

My day started off as any normal weekend day, chilled. My phone alerted me to a text, which led to quick planning from his side. Being spontaneous I agreed to accompany him to a resort. Why not I thought, I have nothing planned and it would be an adventure.

The adventure started while driving to our destination with him teasing my pussy with his fingers, erupting into a heavenly orgasm, him sucking my cum from his fingers. Eyes on the road babe my turn to make you explode. I undid his pants mmmm no underpants and released his now semi hard cock from the zipper. I licked his cock from top to bottom, stuck my tongue into his hole and slowly put my mouth over his hard cock and started deep throating him to orgasm.

Upon arrival at our destination we settled for a quick drink before we booked into our suit. Once in the suit we undressed each other slowly enjoying the kisses and caresses feeling our bodies unite into mad passion. We stepped into the shower, caressing each other, feeling the tingle of water drops on our bodies aroused us more. He entered me from behind slowly sliding his cock in and out of my wet wanting pussy, deeper faster, pinching my nipples, we both exploded with pleasure. We dried one another sat naked on the couch enjoying our company and teasing each other. He went down on his knees and kissed me from my nipples to my pussy, spreading my legs wider for him to to please me with his tongue and mouth moaning with the pleasure building up to an orgasm, cumming on his face. I sat him down on the couch and teased his cock with my feet, feeling his manhood grow hard . On my knees I teased him with my tongue, rimming, sucking his balls and deep throating him, loving the sounds of his moans as his orgasm built up, pulling my head down filling my mouth with his sweet tasting cum.

He left the suit to fetch our dinner while I dressed into my sexy nightie, panty and knee length stockings. His eyes eating my body up while having our dinner, seeing that lust in his beautiful eyes. The playing started all over again. He lay on the carpet with my pink panty still on over his face, he moved it aside and started teasing my clit with his tongue, me teasing his cock with my tongue and mouth. My orgasm was so intense i squirted and it just kept flowing soaking him from the face down. I removed my panty and reverse cow girled him deep and hard, we exploded with ecstasy. A short break took us back to the shower where i finger fucked his ass (his first) and deep throated his nice hard cock. WOW what an orgasm he had, I got so excited by his enjoyment that I had a heavenly squirt cum. Wasted and satisfied we jumped into bed to cuddle and rest.

The morning started off with me lying on my side, feeling his cock growing behind my back, my pussy responding immediately becoming wet. I slightly opened my legs for him to enter me from behind, slowly at first, deeper harder, our orgasms building up, both moaning with pleasure and crying out as our orgasms erupted.

Sadly all good things have to come to an end. Thank you Babe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!