Written by rokky

28 Dec 2013

OK, everyone who is on this site are sex mad!!! Why else would you be on here? What I have to tell you now may improve your sex life 10 fold!!! Seriously, it happened to me. At 40 years of age and single after a few on and off relationships I do have a very high sex drive! Without boasting, I am not bad looking, and a fit and healthy male who works in the kind of environment where I get a lot of chances. But we all know that sometimes we do not get these chances! whether it be at a night club, a party, or even in a relationship....sex does not always follow on. I was away in America on business for a large leisure company, conferences and meetings and a few meet and greet party types of things. It was one of those times where you do not have the time for sex or even masturbation! Sad but true, and this does happen. Then being a highly sexed person at meetings with Lovely female reps who are flirtatious and sexy!!!OMG!!! The after work party I was assure would offer some sexcitement! You know...lot's of very attractive sexy Ladies, a very nice large hotel suite to myself! But no, one of them times where I ended up going to my room alone!!! Horrible feeling! And sometimes you just know that masturbation will not hit the spot! In my room I tried a few mobile escorts, but no luck! a bust night in LA and they were too bust to even offer you a time! So I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when I dropped the toothpaste, on bending down to pick it up I spotted a booklet under the bathroom cabinet. I picked it up and opened the first page, it was about , and I quote the words 'most amazing masturbation ever!' I stripped off and got into the large king-size bed. The booklet was a study report done at a famous American University. It started with the why we need to masturbate, and it taught me that it was actually a physical need and not just a sexual release. the next pages advised me to run a nice bubble bath and have a soak, of which I did! Now soaking in a lovely warm bubble bath I continued reading the booklet, It was telling me that a man through masturbation can achieve a far stronger and better ejaculation then with any partner. I was intrigued? could this be true? It went on to tell me to massage my testicles and rub the slit of my cock. My cock was now very hard and my balls felt heavy and full. I had quite a lot of pre-cum seeping from my raging red knob, and my sexual awareness was really kicking in. I was advised to pull and twist my nipples, and to also rub my anus, my soapy fingers were slipping in quite easier than I had ever done before, and I was getting so turned on. The next page brought me to relax my mind and not to think of any sexual moment either male or female, to have no porn material available, and to close my eyes tight. I was thinking how the hell am I going to continue to read this, when I opened my eyes and I felt an amazing feeling in my lower abdomen! The booklet then went on to explain what this was, and it explained it as your penis pump getting primed and lubricated. It was now on a chapter about controlling my breathing with sharp breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. I was feeling amazingly horny and I was then advised to very slowly start pulling my cock with my fingers. It explained to do this very tightly. And it was a stop and start procedure, at this point I can only describe the pleasure as out of this world. Seriously...I had never felt like this in all my years of sexual relations. I was now told to start tuning into my desire to cum, and to start squeezing my cock pump, this is done not physically but mentally and is quite difficult to do. To be honest I was starting to worry at this point because although I was not trying to do this physically but mentally I thought I was not going to get to the stage of feeling able to control and squeeze the cock pump as they explained it in the booklet. But then I suddenly felt it! I can only describe it as wanting a wee desperately but not from your penis! My stomach was a haven of butterflies and excitement ready to explode. My legs were like jelly and my whole body was in a state of sexual excitement. I was advised to really slow down, put the book away and massage my balls and rub the end of my red hot knob, which has never ever released as much pre-cum, it was actually coming out in thick blurting blobs, and even this felt like mini orgasms! Then The feeling grew so strong, my spunk was travelling from my balls up towards my cock, and I could actually feel the pumping sensation right through my fingers. I started to groan as it was pain and ecstasy together, believe it or not I started to weep as I came....and oh my lord how I came, seriously it was thick creamy gushes of hot thick spunk, and it was jetting out of my cock, the end wall was collecting jet after jet of it, and it went on for well over a minute, possible more. I was absolutely shattered after this, my balls felt empty and I have never ever felt as relaxed. I got out of the bath and cleaned my mess up, and I was so amazed at the heavy load I had produced. I fell into bed shattered and shaky, and fell asleep within minutes. When I awoke the next morning. I could not believe what had happened. I have since repeated this with two fuck buddies, who are very sexy females and had thought the next day that I had used some kind of stimulant on myself and them! They also came so much, and one of them Katherine said at one point she came like she was pissing herself after drinking a few pints of water! I am going to organise an Adult party with the theme being a mutual masturbation session using this technique! Just have plenty of tissue, the warm bath really helps as I have tried it without and it does not work as good! Please feel free to try this, and let me know your results! Just use the details provide in this true story, and remember......squeeze the pump! You will know what I mean!