Written by watching wife

16 Jun 2016

some yrs ago i had a transport co , we also did break downs for other companys , so i was on the road a lot, i had a number of my own trucks. my trucks always returned to the yard on frydays. my office was above the workshop office, the floor in my office had a plank floor which slits between the planks , i could see what was going on below if i pulled the carpet to one side. the plank also covered the toilet , i used to watch the office ladies often go to the toilet, saw some good pussy at times. even watched them changing pads and tampons. my ex wife used to visit the workshop some times, she was a well built women with big tits a good fat pussy and a large black bush she love cock so much that was hard to keep up with her . . after a good bottle of wine she would really want a fuck , a number of my friend fucked her while she was drunk. it was one friday when the trucks came in that she was at the workshop. that nite she told me that she had seen one of the drivers having a pee next to his truck she said that she had never see such a big cock before ,about 3 week later on a friday afternoon she was at the work shop i got a call out for a break down ,i packed the bakkie and left a few km down the road i realised that i didnt have my driver licence ,that it was in my office. i turned back to fetch it, i got back to the workshop . i went up stairs dont know why but i looked into the toilet from above ,and ther on the toilet was my wife sitting with no pantis on and legs wide open , and door wide open, was not long when david my driver walked into the office to put paper on the desk , he looked straight into the toilet, saw my wife and turned to leave , my wife called him , he turned and looked at her , she said come here , he went into the toilet looked at her on pused his hand between her leg and started to rub her hairy pussy, i watch how he fingered until she was cumming like a fountain, she pulled off all her clothes, david pushed a number of finger into her took her cum on rubed it on her tit and them sucked it off she was still siting on the toilet he went onto his knees and started to suck her white pussy. he stood up and pulled off his cloths to show off the biggest black cock i have ever seen , the picked the up carried her to the desk and layed her on it he the felt fo her pussy and started to push his hugh cock in hert pussy i watched as he streched her wide open, she moaned saying u have such a good cock fuck me hard ,he did that for some time ,i them saw him thrust hard into her and so deep and then keep still . ehen he pulled out of her pussy his cum came gushing out of her