Written by Gregs25

22 Aug 2016

Some fun with S

Well we stared chatting a few weeks ago. I kept telling her that she would love to have me and that see wont be disappointed. So we started to to chat privately swapping pics. We had some very hot conversations.

We had a few meetings lined up but when it was time for the meetings something came up. So 3days ago i finished work early and i was horny as hell so i asked her if she wanted to meet. Her reply was music to my ears. She told me to get her in town... So i went there and waited. I was about to give up when she pitched up....we went to a very quiet place. There we were sitting in my car, now reality was setting in I knew things was going to get hot very quickly. Out of the blue she started to kiss me. Her mouth locked into mine.... Her hand went straight to my pants feeling my now very hard and throbbing cock,rubbing my dick through my pants. I did the same rubbing her sweet lil pussy through her now wet leggings. While she was busy rubbing my dick she started to undo my belt to set my cock free. My hand slid into her leggings rubbing her lil clit making her so so wet. She kept asking me whispering in my ear if i wanted to fuck her.

Her pussy was so so wet i loved the way it felt when i slipped a finger into her wet love hole. I was so hard and wanted to fuck her . I continued to play with her pussy for a while. Then she pushed me back in my seat and started to suck my cock. I was in heaven. It felt so so good i knew if she continued ill shoot my load in her mouth. She stopped sucking my cock and we kissed.... I started to rub her tits.... I could not wait for her to set them free. I wanted to suck them and lick her nipples. Boom she lifted her shirt and out came her lovely tits. They were perfect i would have loved to keep sucking them but we both wanted to fuck each other. We couldnt wait any longer. I got out walked to the passenger side opened the door and there she was lying on her back legs open her pussy nice and wet ready to take my dick deep into her. I rubbed my dick up and down her slit covering it with her juices.... The I positioned my dick at her glory hole and gentle start to work my dick in and out of her pussy going hard and faster with every stroke fucking her tite pussy. As we went on her climax came closer and closer. I could feel her pussy tightening around my dick. She whispered in my ear to cum in her now soaking wet pussy and then as she reached her orgasm i exploded into her pussy pumping my cum into her..... That was an amazing fuck hopefully to be repeated soon.