Written by Ordinary_Sexual

02 Jun 2015

Went to my friend geronomo last night after work. It's always amazing, intense..helps when chemistry is just there.

Freezing we get under covers and after some chat warming up we kiss slowly as usual, eyes locked from time to time, his hand feeling me...it does not take long for me to say "I'm running already" and his hand gos down to my shaven pussy and he feels what i mean. Not that it is unfamliar to him but he says "I forgot how wet you get"....luckily he had put a towell on his bed beforehand.

His fingers literally slip & slide over my clit and getting more aroused I grab at his back like I want all of him on me & in me. He puts his finger inside and rubs my gspot for a while driving me over the edge.

He pushes me on to my back & puts his cock in me...I love feeling him in me and we fuck & kiss, moaning and talking how we love fucking each other. I thrust back while he thrusts down...my cum just flowing down my bum.

He turns around and I suck him....his darker cock in my white mouth and pink tongue licking his tip underneath, taking him in completely and come back to the tip when I the tip of his cock has gone down my throat too many times.

I cannot wait any longer, I need to be on top. He easily slides in and I ride his cock slowly first sitting up so it's as deep as jt can. Then I lie forward, kissing him and just moving my bum up and down so his cock moves frantically inside my pussy but only my lower body moves, his hands on my hips.....and then...faster I go with a moan and screams coz I can feel I am squirting, gushing down his cock. He moans & says "oooh fuck yes, I felt that." but i am not done...i carry n fucking him hard and fast....gushing doen him 2more times....him saying the towel under him is soaked now. i ride him more and he starts cumming...and as if everything wasn't soaked enough it becomes slippery again and warm. He stays hard and i slowly keep riding til he stops moaning.

We smile at the mess we made, him saying "just when i think you can't amaze me anymore you are just better everytime,"

We clean up & just lie kissing, cuddling, talking about other chats/dates etc...every now and then he just says "that was awesome" his warm lips touching my chest