Written by Bokvirsports

07 Mar 2017

Wow. What a response to the first story I wrote... thanks for reading.

So, having read the first part, you probably still have a few questions? Well, lets see what I can do about that. A few people actually replied to the story and commented on how lucky we are, and how they wish it was them... let me tell you, it doesnt come easy.

As a loving husband, with a very sexy and bubbly wife ( remember, we dont play together.... at all) a lot of people asked me, why look for someone else. The answer... we do everything together, and I mean... everything. Married, check. Working together, at the same comany, in the same building, in the same office... hell, we do the same job there...get the picture...

So ask yourself, how long before you got absolutely nothing to say to the love of your life. She is part of your life... as it is happening, and I am part of hers... everyday of the week.....24/7.

So the day she came up with a "solution" to our growing problem, was the day we started living again. And what better way to start living again than finding someone you can share all those happenings in your life.

Yes, it was weird in the beginning, having my girlfriend, a friend of my wife, and her boyfriend, a friend of mine, come over to visit and chat. Soon we discovered that we still get jealous when they come to visit, and one of us are around.... Mmm, that was becoming a problem. Time to change a few things, rules.... So, to save the jealousy and still be able to visit, we decided to let one have the house, and the other must go out for the night. Wow, problem solved, and it works like a charm. No more jealousy. Yes, of course we trade up on the house thing, you cant hog the house everytime, so when she got plans to play, I get kicked out for the night...lol. and vice versa.

So how does this help our relationship you ask? Easy. We started to talk about what we did for the day, how we talked, and had a lekker braai, watched t.v. went out to the zoo. Normal everyday things that seemed so senseless when we as a married couple did them. We could actually sit down and talk for hours on end about our day with our boyfriend/girlfriend. And the sex you ask? What about the sex? Its great, having another woman in my life, being able to experiment with sex. It gave new insight into our own sexlife as a married couple. And the wife brings her side as well...lol

Having two women in your life gives me time to be creative. When I am with my girlfriend, we go out looking for adventure, seeking out other couples, other girls. Having fun times together. But sometimes, just sitting on the sofa, holding hands, sipping on a glass of wine while watching a movie, is just as rewarding for us. And when I go home, I know I can share my day with the girl I married, and depending on what the girlfriend andI did, the wife and I might just end up doing the same...

I hope you guys like this story, as we have never had the courage to tell our story to anyone before. Being on this site has given us a chance to express ourselves in a way only open minded people will understand.

Soon to come... chapter 3.