Written by Bokvirsports

06 Apr 2017

I write this chapter with a sense of sadness, a sense of loss... this will also be the last chaper.

After little more than a year of having a great adventure, with a very special girl, that became my girlfriend, the time has come where our paths seperate. Not because of problems between us, but she needs to get on with her life. It was a time in my life for adventure, learning new things, getting to know new people. And for that she will be forever a part of my life, even when we dont see one another anymore.

The wife and I have come to love, care and admire this girlfriend of mine. Sharing special times together, as well as sad times. New doors have opened for her, and she needs to move on... with the knowledge that I will always be just that one message away. For me, a new opportunity for discovery and finding a new girl that can become that special someone in my life, and of course... someone the wife can be friends with.

A new adventure awaits me in the next few months. Seaching....

For those of you who read the previous chapters, giving comments of it being such a great arrangment... This is the not so nice part of loving two girls. The emptyness, the feeling that you have actually lost a special friend. Even the wife said that she is going to miss my girlfriend, her friend... The adventure we as a married couple enjoyed in this relationship was amazing, but now, as we all say goodbye to one another, we all feel that empyness.

For her, I really feel the worst. Not having anyone to turn to as she leaves. For myself and the wife, we have each other to lean on.

With love